#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-09-05

[01:08:29] <mhaberler> jthornton: well the missing sudo explains the causality - hope this now works
[02:19:22] <DJ9DJ> moin
[05:42:16] <kengu> afternoon
[07:49:49] <jthornton> mhaberler: it's not a missing sudo, I was showing that when I used sudo it ran the installed version of hostmot2 and when I didn't use sudo it ran the RIP version of hostmot2
[07:50:38] <jthornton> so for some reason sudo bypassed the setuid and . ./scripts/rip-environment
[07:50:41] <kengu> should i now buy the 5i25 and 7i76 for the plasma cutter.. hard
[07:51:14] <jthornton> only you can answer that question
[07:51:29] <jthornton> if it was a question?
[07:53:04] <kengu> jthornton: just an idea.. not question per se
[07:53:57] <jthornton> heh
[07:54:54] <kengu> i should as the cutter is ..umm.. just sitting there doing nothing at the moment and has been like for ..umm.. 8 months
[07:55:02] <kengu> +so
[09:06:51] <pcw_home> jthornton: did you get the 7I77 firmware updated?
[09:06:53] <pcw_home> It worked for me with RIP master as long as I did not use sudo
[09:09:20] <jthornton> no, I've not been to the shop yet
[09:09:33] <jthornton> I'll try again in a bit
[09:27:54] <archivist> anyone got money to burn ? 251333039267
[09:30:45] <skunkworks> cool
[09:50:50] <JT-Shop> I'm just short a couple of quid in the cookie jar for that
[10:36:48] <skunkworks> dad is selling another emco lathe
[10:36:57] <skunkworks> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Emco-Compact-5-PC-Personal-computer-controlled-lathe-with-linuxCNC-CNC-/251333393458?pt=BI_Lathes&hash=item3a84a33c32#shId
[10:38:31] <skunkworks> We have found that 40ipm - even though it runs at that speed - must go have some resonence issue somewhere in the 35ipm range. But 30ipm works great
[10:38:49] <jdh> nifty
[10:39:09] <skunkworks> so if you try to jog it at say 35ipm it sounds pretty rough and might stall.
[10:40:18] <jdh> my lathe project has stalled after finishing the Z. I have two different ballscrews for X but I don't like either of them that much.
[10:42:21] <skunkworks> yeck
[10:42:29] <jp_> jdh: did i hear that you have the fun job of building nuke fuel?
[10:43:00] <jdh> something of that nature
[10:43:16] <jp_> cool small world me too
[10:43:25] <jdh> where?
[10:43:37] <jp_> canada.
[10:44:13] <jdh> I'll guess.... cameco
[10:44:21] <jp_> yup
[10:44:22] <jp_> you
[10:44:35] <jdh> not cameco :)
[10:44:40] <jp_> lol
[10:44:53] <jdh> but, we might have a facility near you.
[10:45:30] <skunkworks> two people that glow in the dark... ;)
[10:45:34] <jp_> GEE let me guess?
[10:45:44] <skunkworks> heh - GE?
[10:45:48] <jp_> oh wait too many E's
[10:47:10] <skunkworks> Are you sure you guys aren't the same person?
[10:47:19] <jdh> eh?
[10:47:58] <skunkworks> both start with a J
[10:48:51] <jdh> yeah, but one isn't canadian
[10:49:23] <Tom_itx> from where i sit, you all look the same
[10:49:25] <Tom_itx> :)
[10:50:41] <skunkworks> so - is it a linuxcnc thing? I think jonE from pico systems does some sort of nuclear instumentation...
[10:51:02] <jp_> must be
[10:51:51] <jdh> or perhaps brilliant people from all areas are just drawn to linuxcnc
[10:51:55] <jdh> and us too.
[10:52:01] <skunkworks> :)
[10:52:02] <jp_> lol
[10:59:21] <jdh> he seems to make some interesting, but old-school, nuclear counting stuff
[11:00:20] <CaptHindsight> archivist: 331013565401 has two systems for less than half the price
[11:03:02] <CaptHindsight> you could still build one for less
[11:10:27] <archivist> CaptHindsight, I cannot afford any at all
[11:11:15] <archivist> I should stop having interferometer in my watch list
[11:40:11] <false> Hey all
[11:42:44] <kengu> hum. what is this pneumatic controller z that is in the plasma cutter. it does look like more of an on/off and thus not suitable as is for thc
[11:42:49] <kengu> controlled
[11:44:13] <CaptHindsight> kengu: have pics?
[11:45:38] <kengu> i do
[11:45:59] <JT-Shop> imagebin.org
[11:46:22] <kengu> in dropbox.. just need to get the link
[11:46:44] <kengu> https://www.dropbox.com/s/df09a6371rogj4b/20130904_003.jpg?m
[11:47:06] <kengu> https://www.dropbox.com/s/tiynelh9oys7xik/20130904_002.jpg?m
[11:47:26] <kengu> https://www.dropbox.com/s/jl9gvopp0ig3xw3/20130904_001.jpg?m
[11:47:30] <kengu> those I do have
[11:49:08] <pcw_home> looks like you choices are "up or down"
[11:55:50] <kengu> ok. i'll just go with mesa 5i25 and 7i76 and figure out the thc later on.. i think
[11:55:53] <kengu> (:
[11:56:36] <false> pcw_home: quick question, is it normal for actual motion to occur 7-10ms after the command started? I have tried everything but 7ms is the best I can do, that includes tweaking on the drive.
[11:57:42] <CaptHindsight> kengu: you can change the positioner to something with a ball or leadscrew
[11:59:19] <kengu> CaptHindsight: yeah. that will be then the upgrade after getting the basics to work
[11:59:50] <CaptHindsight> kengu: whats the Z travel now?
[12:01:09] <kengu> CaptHindsight: i have not seen the machine moving and ..umm.. i did not measure the z when I was close to that thing.
[12:01:51] <pcw_home> false: no, thats fairly slow
[12:02:21] <pcw_home> might be acceptable with reasonable acceleration
[12:04:26] <false> cradek was talking about my velocity loop responding poorly, this is what he was talking about right? http://tinypic.com/r/1440v9/5
[12:05:13] <false> pwmgen.00 is output to the drive
[12:06:04] <false> this is on the disconnect motor btw
[12:06:55] <CaptHindsight> archivist: I've been working on making low cost interferometers for integration into 3d printers. High res digital cameras are cheap now so it's possible.
[12:07:01] <pcw_home> Yeah thats pretty slow, may have to back off on your acceleration to get lower errors
[12:08:52] <pcw_home> if the was about a 4 IPS machine you would expect somewhere around 40 IPS/S accel
[12:08:53] <pcw_home> so a 10 ms delay gets you about 2 mill error
[12:10:34] <pcw_home> (plus limits the possible PID gain)
[12:14:01] <false> Max speed 166.67mm/sec my current acceleration is at 830mm/s/s so would reach top speed in about 0.2 seconds
[12:16:35] <pcw_home> Are you sure the velocity feedback scaling is correct? theres still somthing funny about that plot (and the earlier ones)
[12:17:57] <false> Yes, I redid the math
[12:19:10] <false> cradek pointed out the requested and actual velocity were not the same, so I redid everything, the orignal control has some strange modification on it so the scales I calculated originally were off
[12:19:53] <false> If I request 10mm/sec move, the actual velocity is also 10mm/sec
[12:22:34] <kengu> 5i25+7i76 combo ordered
[12:24:35] <archivist> CaptHindsight, depends on ones definition of cheap
[12:25:44] <CaptHindsight> BOM < $100
[12:26:26] <IchGuckLive> hi all from a sunny summerday in germany
[12:27:36] <archivist> CaptHindsight, at the current rate, even that is more than my income
[12:39:32] <IchGuckLive> archivist income is always to low
[12:40:21] <kengu> i have no income. i just buy things
[12:40:45] <IchGuckLive> that is the best
[12:40:46] <kengu> so i sort of slip or miss the "too low income" part
[12:40:56] <IchGuckLive> let blondie do the job and go shopping
[12:58:47] <reciproqc> hi jdh, still there? I tried many things to get rid of the RTAI errors I have but nothing works, I still get crashes. Can it be caused by the .ini or .hal files I use?
[12:59:09] <reciproqc> Im using a 2.6gHz p4 with 2go ram
[12:59:38] <reciproqc> seems the TSSI cannot be set or read
[12:59:42] <archivist> what error messages
[12:59:54] <reciproqc> in dmesg
[13:00:33] <reciproqc> then the RTAI module crashed and stops, says I have real time delays
[13:00:47] <IchGuckLive> reciproqc: doid you install from livecd
[13:01:11] <reciproqc> I install with the iso, livecd i think yes
[13:01:30] <IchGuckLive> did you update to 2.5.3
[13:02:09] <IchGuckLive> http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/
[13:02:29] <reciproqc> i think it did by itself first time i run synaptic
[13:02:42] <reciproqc> update what to 2.5.3?
[13:02:50] <IchGuckLive> the linuxcnc
[13:03:24] <reciproqc> yes linuxcnc is 2.5.3
[13:03:39] <IchGuckLive> lok in to synaptic what version you are on
[13:03:46] <IchGuckLive> ok+
[13:04:27] <IchGuckLive> did you check the latency this needs also RTI and it shoudt give an error
[13:05:14] <IchGuckLive> then check with a simulation mashine if the system is ok
[13:06:05] <IchGuckLive> reciproqc: are you in europ USA ...
[13:06:24] <reciproqc> im in canada :)
[13:06:47] <IchGuckLive> here is germany answering
[13:07:07] <reciproqc> sweet must be late there no?
[13:07:19] <reciproqc> is andypug still around?
[13:07:30] <IchGuckLive> yes almost dark outside
[13:07:36] <false> pcw_home: is it possible there is some sort of input filter causing the 7ms delay, the drive does not have differential inputs so could there be some sort of noise rejection circuit on the input?
[13:08:10] <reciproqc> im using this damn chinese TB6560 and man I was better with my usb cnc controller i coded myself
[13:08:35] * reciproqc sight *
[13:08:36] <IchGuckLive> reciproqc: did you modify it
[13:08:44] <reciproqc> not yet
[13:08:55] <IchGuckLive> i got 50+ of this in use and they work well
[13:09:02] <reciproqc> i see theres a power saving transistor i need to get rid of
[13:09:40] <reciproqc> change some caps and a current limit res
[13:09:44] <IchGuckLive> the 150pF at the borttem will do a 10.000 persent increse
[13:09:49] <reciproqc> but for now i want linuxcnc to be ok at least
[13:10:09] <reciproqc> ok i will rush on that
[13:10:20] <IchGuckLive> does the latency run
[13:10:42] <reciproqc> seems ok i upgraded my ram last night and it was far better
[13:10:43] <IchGuckLive> reciproqc: blue or red board
[13:10:47] <reciproqc> blue
[13:11:21] <reciproqc> latency Im in the specs, jitter is very low
[13:11:28] <IchGuckLive> zhe FR304 are a ctap
[13:11:47] <reciproqc> its surface mount also?
[13:12:01] <IchGuckLive> reciproqc: start 2 terminal with glxgears
[13:12:38] <IchGuckLive> i did UltraFast Diodes insted
[13:12:49] <reciproqc> max jitter at 4k ns for servo and 8k ns for base
[13:13:04] <IchGuckLive> plug in a usb
[13:13:39] <CaptHindsight> reciproqc: how long did you run the latency test? Those numbers are good
[13:14:02] <IchGuckLive> CaptHindsight: and for the tb china no factor
[13:14:08] <reciproqc> yeah i read about ubs stick that make it fail... i removed thumbdrive i had, but can it be caused by my usb wireless adapter?
[13:14:41] <IchGuckLive> its ok even with 50k
[13:15:01] <IchGuckLive> the problem might be your ini or hal
[13:15:08] <reciproqc> CaptHindsight: lol ok now there up to 300k and 400 in max jitter servo and base resp.k
[13:15:14] <IchGuckLive> does a simulation mashine start up
[13:15:26] <reciproqc> yes it loads
[13:15:35] <reciproqc> it runs my motors too
[13:15:41] <IchGuckLive> oh tht seams SMI
[13:15:49] <reciproqc> i get some nice movement
[13:15:55] <reciproqc> a bit noisy
[13:16:01] <archivist> that is terrible latency
[13:16:09] <IchGuckLive> the noice is the 150pF
[13:16:19] <reciproqc> ok so its like 400 ms latency?
[13:16:28] <IchGuckLive> no
[13:16:33] <reciproqc> for a 25 ms servo thread?
[13:16:41] <IchGuckLive> get the 20000 in
[13:16:55] <IchGuckLive> the ini will make 100000
[13:17:01] <CaptHindsight> reciproqc: did you look through this list? http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TroubleShooting
[13:17:03] <IchGuckLive> look in to it
[13:17:24] <reciproqc> yes
[13:17:33] <reciproqc> ive been looking at it 2 days now
[13:17:58] <IchGuckLive> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?FixingSMIIssues
[13:18:05] <reciproqc> im at 4.0 in the guide
[13:18:06] <IchGuckLive> this is done
[13:18:31] <reciproqc> oh sweet
[13:18:42] <IchGuckLive> Fixing SMI
[13:18:46] <IchGuckLive> do this
[13:18:52] <reciproqc> yeah idk what SMI is ill read that now
[13:19:17] <IchGuckLive> edit "/etc/linuxcnc/rtapi.conf "
[13:19:24] <IchGuckLive> on sudo
[13:19:48] <IchGuckLive> this will fix your probölem
[13:20:43] <IchGuckLive> MODPATH_rtai_smi=/usr/realtime-$(uname -r)/modules/rtai_smi.ko
[13:20:45] <CaptHindsight> reciproqc: what are you using for a GPU? integrated video? PCI card?
[13:21:06] <jdh> laptop?
[13:21:10] <IchGuckLive> notbooks are evel
[13:21:21] <IchGuckLive> they got the devel inside
[13:22:02] <IchGuckLive> reciproqc: you only need to change add this 2 lines
[13:22:06] <IchGuckLive> not more
[13:22:23] <IchGuckLive> ok im off By till tomorrow
[13:23:29] <CaptHindsight> reciproqc: turn off ACPI and any power management in the BIOS. What cpu and chipset by the way?
[13:24:05] <CaptHindsight> and to save us a lot of time.... is this a laptop?
[13:27:10] <CaptHindsight> maybe a checklist is needed for the latency problems wiki starting with "Is this a laptop?"
[13:28:41] <reciproqc> no its not a laptop, though I had better chance with my laptop last year
[13:28:57] <reciproqc> its a 2.5ghz p4 with 2go ram
[13:29:43] <reciproqc> so ACPI off, and power man is turned off too
[13:30:27] <reciproqc> Ich thank you
[13:30:38] <reciproqc> hes gone :(
[13:31:37] <reciproqc> edit "/etc/linuxcnc/rtapi.conf "
[13:31:52] <reciproqc> MODPATH_rtai_smi=/usr/realtime-$(uname -r)/modules/rtai_smi.ko
[13:32:21] <reciproqc> should of pm myself to the other pc
[13:32:26] <reciproqc> sry for that
[13:32:41] <CaptHindsight> we are just going by the most common issues that cause delays
[13:33:23] <mevon> sweet thanks
[13:33:29] <mevon> i will try this now
[13:33:52] <mevon> because im pretty sure that it didnt work from the install
[13:34:09] <CaptHindsight> also kill any virtualization in BIOS
[13:37:40] <reciproqc2> ok will do, changing the rtapiconf needs a reboot?
[13:38:44] <CaptHindsight> might as well while you check the BIOS settings
[13:57:45] <JT-Shop> PCW: this is the error I get http://pastebin.com/twUVDpbb
[14:02:01] <JT-Shop> and dmesg http://pastebin.com/98wEAgAv
[14:10:50] <reciproqc> CaptHindsight: think its my wireless usb adapter thats i cause here
[14:11:12] <reciproqc> all these errors in dmesg are related to wifi
[14:11:50] <reciproqc> like i always say, your not good at something unless youve done it at least 100x, reinstalling...
[14:15:05] <PCW> JT-Shop So master is broken somehow :-(
[14:16:29] <JT-Shop> what do you recon this means ERROR: Module setsserial does not exist in /proc/modules
[14:17:05] <JT-Shop> looks to me something is still looking for an installed master
[14:18:21] <PCW> I just ran update7i77 under master, worked fine
[14:18:23] <PCW> did a git pull rebuilt now broken
[14:20:06] <JT-Shop> ouch
[14:20:20] <JT-Shop> at least that explains it
[14:20:32] <JT-Shop> any idea to the date of your last pull?
[14:22:23] <JT-Shop> I'm pretty sure there is a way to back up master to some point and build a known working version
[14:22:23] <PCW> probably around the beginning of August
[14:24:28] <PCW> Must be
[14:24:30] <PCW> I cant even
[14:24:32] <PCW> halrun
[14:24:33] <PCW> halcmd: loadrt hostmot2
[14:24:35] <PCW> halcmd: loadrt hm2_pci
[14:24:36] <PCW> without it barfing
[14:24:43] <PCW> really busted
[14:25:38] <reciproqc> is andypug still around?
[14:25:48] <reciproqc> \hell save the day
[14:26:05] <dosas> i'm playing around with my touch off plate again
[14:26:21] <reciproqc> andy is my hero
[14:26:23] <dosas> this time i'm using a custum pyvcp button to call a subroutine via mdi command
[14:26:30] * reciproqc lubs andy
[14:26:51] <dosas> but i get the error unknown word starting with t
[14:27:19] <dosas> this means that i have an error in my subroutine file right?
[14:27:30] <dosas> or could this also be that he does not find the file
[14:38:45] <mrsun> Cable drag chain wire carrier 18*37mm R48 1000mm (40")
[14:38:49] <mrsun> what does R48 stand for? :)
[14:38:56] <reciproqc> seems like the not upddated version has no prob with RTAI now, still get a very high jitter max around 300k ns
[14:39:33] <mrsun> 18x37 i guess is the actual outside dimensions of the cable chain
[14:45:05] <PCW> I take it back I can get update7i77 to work with current master
[14:45:07] <PCW> the complaint about setsserial not existing in /proc/modules is what you get
[14:45:08] <PCW> if the 7I77 is not in setup mode
[14:48:22] <dosas> does anyone see an error in this file http://pastebin.com/G58AAzNC i did not?
[14:59:10] <andypugh> dosas: o<touchoff> sub is the format
[14:59:32] <dosas> i need the brackets <> !?!??
[14:59:46] <andypugh> Yes, that's how G-code delimits a string.
[15:00:07] <dosas> okay thank you
[15:02:10] <reciproqc> yes no more fear andy is here
[15:04:25] <dosas> :D
[15:18:37] <PCW> JT-Shop:
[15:18:39] <PCW> [10918.419932] hm2_5i25.0: firmware: requesting hm2/sserial/7I77DR14.BIN
[15:18:40] <PCW> [10918.423399] hm2/hm2_5i25.0: firmware hm2/sserial/7I77DR14.BIN not found
[15:18:42] <PCW> [10918.423407] Firmware Flash Failed
[15:19:10] <PCW> looks like you didn't install the firmware
[15:25:41] <false> PCW: remember the spikes at the beginning and at the end of the plots I posted?
[15:25:55] <PCW> Yeah
[15:26:20] <false> They happen as soon as I add some FF1, any thoughts? Or is this logical?
[15:27:15] <false> Without FF1 there are no spikes, but of course a large static following error
[15:27:40] <PCW> FF1 has no effect on static behaviour
[15:28:20] <PCW> FF1 just copies some amount of the commanded velocity to the PID output
[15:28:49] <false> sorry worded wrong, I mean error during cruse
[15:29:13] <false> Which is static when it's at speed
[15:29:23] <PCW> (if the PID output is normalized to machine units per second, FF1 should be 1)
[15:30:21] <false> Yes, I read you post on the forum and did that. If PID output is set to 166.667 then the output is 10000mm/min
[15:31:08] <PCW> so even open loop (no p,i,d) control will generate the correct commanded velocity at the PID components output
[15:31:27] <false> If I add FF1 then the error during cruise is gone, but the spikes (first undershoot, then overshoot) start.
[15:31:29] <false> Yes
[15:32:03] <false> via setp hm2.pwmgen.value the output to the drive is correct, and the tacho feedback is also correct, checked this with an optical tacho too
[15:32:34] <false> A request for 1000RPM gives 1000RPM so the feedback to the drive is ok
[15:33:13] <false> I am at a loss here, maybe the drives aren't gonna work for me?
[15:34:00] <PCW> sounds like the drive just wont track a proper velocity RAMP
[15:34:37] <PCW> you could try open loop (just FF1) with a bare motor
[15:35:11] <false> remove all other parameters and just set ff1 to 1?
[15:35:31] <false> Maybe the drives themselves have a ramp on them?
[15:35:54] <PCW> Yeah 0 all others. That way you are just testing the velocity feedback
[15:36:04] <false> *working
[15:36:31] <PCW> if thats not stable, there not much you will be able to do with PID tuning
[15:44:25] <false> And by stable you mean that should be a fairly straight line without oscillations?
[15:50:25] <false> http://tinypic.com/r/1zf0kee/5
[15:52:56] <false> I'm thinking of reconnecting the old board and try to plot what it does with that connected
[16:13:43] <false> PCW: any thoughts on that last plot?
[16:17:51] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[16:18:10] <false> DJ9DJ: ??
[16:19:08] <DJ9DJ> good night!
[16:19:34] <false> ah
[16:20:04] <false> right back at you
[16:22:21] <andypugh> Working out which terminals on the 7i76 correspond to which pins in the dmesg output appears to be vaguely non-trivial
[16:22:31] <false> :P
[16:22:42] <false> sounds like fun
[16:24:22] <andypugh> Is it safe to assume, I wonder, that terminals 16 and 17 are a differential input to P3-10 and 18 and 19 differential outputs of P3-09?
[16:25:52] <false> I would not know, but maybe PCW does?
[16:27:50] <false> how did things work out between you and NFS by the way?
[16:35:38] <andypugh> I ened up giving up on the NAS, I am keeping the shared git repository on the Mac (with which setting up an NFS share just means adding a path to the /etc/exports file. )
[16:36:27] <false> as it should on the nas :P
[16:38:47] <andypugh> Yes. I did a factory reset on the NAS in the end
[16:39:07] <false> and that didn't help ?
[16:39:38] <andypugh> I don't know
[16:39:55] <andypugh> abs*
[16:40:22] <andypugh> Sorry, wrong window
[16:47:31] <JT-Shop> PCW: the firmware in the 5i25?
[17:03:59] <JT-Shop> PCW: ssinstall puts the firmware into /bin/firmware/hm2/sserial/
[17:04:40] <JT-Shop> the readme conflicts by saying sudo ./ssinstall will install the sserial firmware files in
[17:04:41] <JT-Shop> /lib/firmware/hm2/sserial
[17:09:08] <JT-Shop> I changed ssinstall and moved it to the directory where the .BIN files were and it installed the firmware
[17:11:35] <JT-Shop> update7i77 now works
[17:13:24] <PCW> Well that was easy!
[17:13:26] <PCW> ssinstal should be right (/lib/firmware/hm2/sserial is correct)
[17:14:32] <JT-Shop> enc0 and enc1 now exist
[17:14:45] <JT-Shop> the script was wrong
[17:15:13] <JT-Shop> sudo mkdir /bin/firmware/hm2/sserial
[17:15:14] <JT-Shop> sudo mv *.BIN /bin/firmware/hm2/sserial/
[17:17:05] <JT-Shop> also the README says to unpack ssr14 and the .BIN files seem to be already all there
[17:17:21] <CaptHindsight> andypugh: have you come across any lower cost laser interferometer measurement systems that are accurate to ~1um
[17:17:35] <andypugh> No.
[17:17:36] <PCW> the script has /bin in it?
[17:17:37] <CaptHindsight> where you don't need nm res
[17:18:05] <andypugh> The only one I know anything about is Polytec and that is very much the other end of the scale.
[17:18:32] <andypugh> Stuart Stevenson has a gool auto-tracking laser.
[17:18:39] <andypugh> (cool, that is)
[17:19:55] <false> PCW: what do you think of that last plot? I'm thinking scrap the drives :P, but the original control managed to do it so linuxcnc should be able to do it right?
[17:20:12] <PCW> my ssinstall looks like this:
[17:20:13] <PCW> echo installing ss firmware files:
[17:20:15] <PCW> sudo mkdir /lib/firmware/hm2/sserial
[17:20:16] <PCW> sudo mv *.BIN /lib/firmware/hm2/sserial/
[17:21:23] <JT-Shop> the one I got from your link is:
[17:21:24] <PCW> The drives may be fin if you are not trying for high acceleration
[17:21:25] <JT-Shop> echo installing ss firmware files:
[17:21:26] <JT-Shop> sudo mkdir /bin/firmware/hm2/sserial
[17:21:26] <JT-Shop> sudo mv *.BIN /bin/firmware/hm2/sserial/
[17:21:51] <andypugh> PCW: I am reading FFFFFFF back from the laser distance SSI device. As it is a 25-bit protocol I suspect something is wrong. Any ideas?
[17:21:59] <CaptHindsight> using a PC for processing and a decent <$100 webcam getting accuracy down to 1 wavelength should be enough for cnc applications
[17:22:01] <JT-Shop> dated 4/26/2013 11:34PM
[17:22:25] <PCW> on the website?
[17:22:50] <JT-Shop> yes, the link you gave me yesterday
[17:23:20] <JT-Shop> logger[mah]: log
[17:23:20] <logger[mah]> JT-Shop: Log stored at http://linuxcnc.mah.priv.at/irc/%23linuxcnc/2013-09-05.html
[17:24:30] <false> even at 166.67 mm/sec/sec which would mean a full second to start and stop it still shows "strangeness". Also the original control did it in far less. So I will start reconnecting the old control and plot the output of the old NC vs response
[17:24:55] <false> must be something I'm missing
[17:24:58] <JT-Shop> [16:00:30] <pcw_home> http://ww.mesanet.com/software/parallel/sserial.zip
[17:32:17] <andypugh> PCW: Does the 7i76 need field-power for the SSI interface to work?
[17:32:33] <PCW> No
[17:33:07] <PCW> You might have to swap the clock lines
[17:36:01] <andypugh> I tried that.
[17:36:28] <andypugh> I get the same thing with the device turned on or turned off. Time to get the scope out, I reckon.
[17:37:57] <PCW> you can do quick test of your interface software by tying the input data either way and seeing if you get all 0's or all 1's
[17:39:06] <andypugh> You mean open-circuit v shorted?
[17:39:57] <andypugh> I am wondering if I flashed the new or the old version of the firmware?
[17:40:23] <PCW> 7I76 RX+ to +5 RX- to GND vs RX+ to GND RX- to +5V
[17:41:43] <andypugh> OK.
[17:49:31] <PCW> Sorry JT I looks like I fixed the script but it didn't get included in the tgz
[17:55:51] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: Did you say you use SS SMT stencils?
[18:01:42] <CaptHindsight> it ends up that Amamzon is the best place to find precision bearings in stock
[18:05:26] <JT-Shop> PCW: no problem at least the next victim will have less fun
[18:07:51] <PCW> I think you are the second person to try this
[18:12:16] <JT-Shop> might want to revise the instructions and remove the part about uncompressing the file
[18:14:51] <PCW> its now in ssr14.tgz as it should be (so the execute permissions are preserved)
[18:18:47] <JT-Shop> want me to test it tomorrow?
[18:22:17] <PCW> I think you've had enough pain :-)
[18:25:48] <Tom_itx> Jymmm, no kapton
[18:26:05] <JT-Shop> no pain no gain LOL
[18:26:25] <Tom_itx> i should be gaining alot
[18:28:29] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: ah
[18:30:18] <Tom_itx> good for short runs
[18:31:10] <Tom_itx> i've probably run 2-300 with one or more, hard to say since i made a few revs that require new stencils
[18:39:02] <Jymmm> Tom_itx: I thought you used SS, I'm trying to figure out a way to hold a cur piece of paper in some sort of fixture so it's flat
[18:39:10] <Jymmm> cut*
[18:39:39] <Jymmm> it can only grip be the 1/8" margin
[18:51:53] <andypugh> I had a local SMT stencil specilaist make me an encoder disc. Very nice
[18:52:50] <andypugh> I guess you have already seen them? https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/izs9EehSiBmY_omIxaSJBtMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
[18:54:01] <Tom_itx> i think i did
[19:19:10] <andypugh> PCW: I was making the stupid mistake of assuming that when I wrote the test.hal script I had added the trigger-encoder function to a thread. With that added it suddenly works...
[19:20:21] <PCW> details...
[19:20:59] <PCW> Hey Ive got the pretrigger stuff about working
[19:25:01] <andypugh> Sounds promising
[19:25:36] <andypugh> How common is it for LSB to be a fault bit?
[19:27:35] <PCW> SSI encoders are pretty random I would expect that you need bit length,count data field and auxdata field specifiers
[19:28:08] <PCW> (bit field extractors)
[19:28:51] <PCW> for the general case (plus de-gray option for the count field)
[19:29:08] <andypugh> Yes, maybe u32 "fault-mask" parameter.
[19:29:43] <PCW> Yeah some even have CRC fields
[19:30:35] <andypugh> OK, so we mask out a field, return that as a pin, but also have is-zero and is-nonzero bit pins
[19:30:44] <PCW> though a common verification method with SSI is to ask for 2x the bit size (the data repeats)
[19:30:56] <andypugh> And then a param to choose which bit is used to detect index.
[19:31:06] <PCW> Yeah
[19:31:14] <andypugh> The laser thing I have sets the LSB on error.
[19:31:38] <andypugh> Should the output become NaN on error?
[19:31:42] <PCW> some have overtemp and other errors
[19:32:24] <PCW> I would probably leave the number alone and if yo want to deal with the error bits it up to you
[19:32:41] <PCW> (well up to hal wiring)
[19:33:05] <andypugh> Should be have a NaN comp I wonder?
[19:33:06] <PCW> dont think the low level should dictate policy
[19:33:36] <PCW> maybe thats un-democratic
[19:37:05] <andypugh> I think perhaps there should be a HAL comp with an output pin of NaN
[19:45:48] <Aero-Tec> one sure has to watch the china crap tool holders
[19:46:01] <PCW> yeah dealing properly with errors is always interesting
[19:46:12] <Aero-Tec> china works hard to get its not so great rep
[19:46:42] <Aero-Tec> my drill holder is out of line
[19:46:56] <Aero-Tec> both up and down and left to right
[19:47:21] <Aero-Tec> they could not even get one direction to line up right
[19:47:59] <Aero-Tec> you get what you pay for I guess
[19:56:45] <andypugh> Talking of which, this seems like a significant bargain is you like 123 blocks: http://www.ebay.com/itm/SHARS-5-MATCHED-PAIRS-ULTRA-PRECISION-123-1-2-3-BLOCKS-23-HOLES-0001-MACHINIST-/300740158015?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item460582a23f
[20:13:09] <micges> hi guys
[20:13:33] <micges> PCW: got any docs about 7i90?
[20:16:11] <andypugh> 7i90 is like a bigger 7i43?
[20:16:42] <PCW> Sebastian has a branch that works with it
[20:17:10] <micges> andypugh: yeah, also with SPI
[20:17:15] <PCW> I will get you a preliminary manual tomorrow
[20:17:25] <andypugh> 7i76E looks pretty compelling.
[20:18:19] <PCW> Its just a 7I80 grafed onto a 7I76
[20:18:28] <micges> PCW: thanks
[20:19:20] <PCW> I am doing all my bitfile/fanuc/ssi/dpll testing with the 7I80 as it works with any computer
[20:20:22] <micges> PCW: I'm recreating my rtnet setup today with latest rt, wiki and driver should be actual and working in few days
[20:20:28] <PCW> teh 7I43 USB will as well but is dismally slow compared to Ehernet
[20:21:16] <PCW> What do you think of the possibility of just using RT-preemt (and standard Ethernet)
[20:21:59] <micges> it will works
[20:22:13] <PCW> I am getting the DPLL timer slowly ported to the 7I80 so 2 packet mode should be possible
[20:22:14] <micges> but latency is quite huge
[20:22:40] <micges> up to 150~250 us iirc
[20:23:02] <PCW> If more timing is done in hardware, latency will be less important as long as you get done
[20:23:32] <micges> yes I'll try it again with rt-preempts and 7i80 with DPLL
[20:24:17] <PCW> I also really need the timers for things like the Fanuc absolute encoders (>80 usec from request to data)
[20:25:47] <micges> nice
[20:26:21] <micges> I wonder how lcnc should interface with absolute encoders
[20:26:30] <Jymmm> wires
[20:26:57] <micges> yeah that too :)
[20:27:04] <Jymmm> =)
[20:27:57] <PCW> andy has a working SSI driver
[20:28:27] <PCW> Higher up I guess you just are always homed
[20:31:39] <andypugh> I have decided to emulate index-enable at least, because spindles need it.
[20:32:11] <PCW> doesnt the resolver interface do that?
[20:32:18] <andypugh> What it looks like to HAL is largely already sorted out in the Resolver component.
[20:34:04] <PCW> The fanuc has lots of interesting filelds:
[20:34:06] <PCW> 00000DE0671000040DBD0185
[20:34:08] <PCW> 1101111000000110011100010000000000000000010000001101101111010000000110000101
[20:34:09] <PCW> 7777776666666666555555555544444444443333333333222222222211111111110000000000
[20:34:11] <PCW> 5432109876543210987654321098765432109876543210987654321098765432109876543210
[20:34:12] <PCW> CRC = 1B CRC Remainder = 00 Index det: false Bat det: true
[20:34:14] <PCW> Count = 879 Turns = 0 ComAbs = 412
[20:36:22] <PCW> Lots of unknown bits (I think there are a couple fault bits but I'm not sure which)
[20:36:23] <PCW> I may have to torture one of these encoders to find out
[20:39:54] <micges> PCW: 7i76E has same hw ip address as 7i80?
[20:40:09] <PCW> Yes
[20:40:15] <PCW> same code for now
[20:40:25] <micges> ah ok
[21:26:11] <skunkworks> I can test! I can test! :)