#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-07-20

[01:33:54] <buster142> hallo everybody. Can somebody help me? I've a question about hostmot2 firmware
[01:54:31] <Jymmm> Most everyone is asleep. Try back around 1300 GMT.
[02:19:46] <RyanS> Im reading this US army document about turning, which states that hss is good enough for most purposes. But I'm not seeing that reflected in industry which seems to be dominated by carbide to the point where hss is the exception.
[02:30:22] <Cylly> RyanS: that may be because TC is much more durable and easier to change vor uneducated workers
[02:30:38] <Cylly> so its more cost effective to use TC than to use HSS
[02:31:17] <Cylly> but for most lathe jobs HSS is perfectly useable
[02:32:26] <toastydeath> you can run carbide fast as fuck
[02:32:37] <toastydeath> it can be made sharper than hss by controlling the grain formation during sintering
[02:32:52] <Jymmm> toastydeath: how fast?
[02:33:02] <toastydeath> depends on the grade, some will handle only balls fast
[02:33:55] <Jymmm> toastydeath: Is that fast fucking balls -or- balls fucking fast?
[02:34:12] <toastydeath> clearly fast fucking balls is a tier above balls fucking fast
[02:34:26] <toastydeath> by at least 500 m/min
[02:34:36] <Jymmm> Ok, gotcha.
[02:35:07] <Jymmm> and fast balls fucking?
[02:35:08] <toastydeath> but in all seriousness I've run carbide inserts in aluminum at ridiculous speeds - 6000 rpm on a 5" facemill
[02:35:26] <toastydeath> the determining factor on the rpm was how fast the machine could feed, not the inserts
[02:35:47] <toastydeath> don't open the door during that though, the chips come off molten
[02:35:55] <Jymmm> heh
[02:36:17] <toastydeath> i had a co-worker get hit by chips doing that once on a lathe job, and his ashed off immediately
[02:36:21] <toastydeath> black spots the next day
[02:36:28] <toastydeath> *his skin ashed off
[02:36:48] <Jymmm> ouch
[02:37:09] <toastydeath> on steel it's a bit more conservative, you can't be THAT absurd because the temperature still controls tool life
[02:37:30] <toastydeath> but a cherry red isn't unusual
[02:37:47] <toastydeath> with cbn or ceramic, white hot
[02:37:53] <toastydeath> (but that's not carbide)
[02:46:08] <Jymmm> toastydeath: Hey, do you have a Dollar Tree in your area?
[02:46:16] <toastydeath> not sure?
[02:46:16] <Cylly> toastydeath: i doubt that "sharper than HSS" bit
[02:46:32] <Jymmm> toastydeath: you would know if you did.
[02:46:33] <toastydeath> i don't, because it can be.
[02:46:40] <toastydeath> but yeah i've never been to one/seen one
[02:47:12] <toastydeath> oh, apparently there's one right down the road from me
[02:47:14] <Cylly> tungsten carbide is sintered. you cant really get it sharper than the grain size. HSS can be sharbened to "razor" if needed to. TC holds the sharpness longer, tough
[02:47:28] <Jymmm> toastydeath: Dollar Tree has car-to-usb adapters for $1
[02:47:51] <toastydeath> and the grain size can be controlled and is often honed or lapped on an ultrasonic form
[02:48:04] <toastydeath> HSS can be sharpened to the grain size as well
[02:48:26] <toastydeath> and grain size in blades is a key issue if the application is edge radius critical
[02:48:39] <toastydeath> whether it's ceramic, carbide, steel, whatever
[02:49:48] <Jymmm> toastydeath: The adapters have a chip that can accept 40V input
[02:50:10] <toastydeath> what are you doing with 40v dc regulators?
[02:50:15] <Cylly> in short one could say (to RyanS) that a hss bit is cheaper and easier ground to special needs but TC is more durable and much faster.
[02:50:28] <Jymmm> toastydeath: 24VDC to 5V
[02:50:30] <Cylly> so its easy to see why the industry uses TC
[02:50:40] <toastydeath> he's also reading a document published in the 1950s
[02:50:50] <toastydeath> which i think is the overriding factor here
[02:51:08] <Cylly> that may be so
[02:51:48] <Cylly> but for hobba applications where speed is not an issue one can use HSS for most applications perfectly well
[02:51:52] <Cylly> hobby
[02:51:58] <Jymmm> toastydeath: 24VDC , as in what most control panel voltages are.
[02:52:21] <toastydeath> Cylly, yep, i totally agree, but that wasn't his question
[02:52:41] <toastydeath> or at least i didn't read that to be his question
[02:52:55] <Cylly> Jymmm: the 1$ car-> usb adapters have a sign on it telling you to NOT use them with running engine, havent they?
[02:53:28] <Jymmm> toastydeath: But, in my immediate case.... I can connect directly to my solar blanket
[02:53:41] <Cylly> (i doubt that one can build a smps that can withstand "supply from hell" for 1$)
[02:54:04] <Jymmm> Cylly: It's rated at 5V@1A
[02:54:15] <Loetmichel> Jymmm: thats not the probnlem
[02:54:55] <Jymmm> Loetmichel: then quit beating around the bush
[02:56:01] <Loetmichel> cars oboard power is cited "supply from hell" for a reason. voltage varying from 8V to 15V depending on starting/charging, spikes up to 100V +- from disengaging starter motors/ relais....
[02:56:54] <Loetmichel> to get that straight and not to damage the usb "client" or the smps you have to do excessive filtering and protecting circuits.
[02:57:19] <Loetmichel> or write " do not use with running engine" on the charger ;-)
[02:58:05] <Jymmm> Eh, I underand over voltages it slighyl, it did ok.
[03:00:22] <Loetmichel> it will. most of the time. :-)
[03:01:09] <Jymmm> I know. EMI will be the biggest issue.
[03:02:00] <Loetmichel> what i wanted to say: dont expect a 1$ charger to protect your device from being destroyed when used while driving. can and will happen with a much greater probability than zero
[03:02:52] <Jymmm> Loetmichel: http://www.ti.com/product/mc34063a
[03:03:28] <Loetmichel> i know these chips.
[03:03:44] <toastydeath> i read that in the voice of darth vader
[03:03:57] <Jymmm> thats whats in the car2usb
[03:04:31] <Loetmichel> toastydeath: what?
[03:07:21] <toastydeath> i read your comment in the voice of darth vader
[03:07:22] <toastydeath> it just
[03:07:24] <toastydeath> seemed appropriate
[03:07:58] <Loetmichel> Jymmm: i have a car charger here with that "dont drive" label and one with an "E-number" so it is proofed to work with a running engine. inside: the same smps chip, but the approved charger has about 20 parts for filtering more in it (chokes, TVS diodes, some Caps and so on)
[03:08:31] <Loetmichel> toastydeath: i am not THAT ugly ;-)
[03:08:35] <toastydeath> haha
[03:09:39] <Loetmichel> ... and a bit more fat ;-) http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=14295
[03:15:48] <toastydeath> so lately i've had a photography problem
[03:16:03] <toastydeath> in that I thought I'd do it for money, then decided to wait longer before making that jump because everyone was hemming and hawing
[03:16:22] <toastydeath> but like a week later, now people are coming to me with offers
[03:17:13] <toastydeath> and not paid but still interesting is friend of mine who used to do modeling and now wants to rebuild her portfolio with some alt/fetish work
[03:17:47] <Loetmichel> it seems i have to learn more english... didnt understand the last few sentences of you ;-)
[03:18:02] <toastydeath> ?
[03:18:33] <Loetmichel> " i dont know what you are taling about" ;-)
[05:32:42] <DJ9DJ> tag
[05:39:49] <jthornton> your it
[06:05:15] <muzaffar> Hello everyone
[06:05:27] <muzaffar> Any one tell me about stepgenerator
[06:05:35] <muzaffar> and pickoff value and its use
[06:08:52] <archivist> "pickoff value" ?
[06:11:48] <archivist> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/hal/rtcomps.html
[06:22:40] <jthornton> everything you always wanted to know about stepgen and then some http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/man/man9/stepgen.9.html
[06:37:29] <Muzaffar> hello everyone
[06:38:00] <Muzaffar> any one tell me about stepgen pickoff value and its use
[06:38:02] <Muzaffar> thanks
[06:38:20] <jthornton> seems to be an echo in here
[06:39:51] <archivist> Muzaffar, are you not reading our answers?
[06:42:31] <Muzaffar> where are your answers
[06:42:32] <Muzaffar> ?
[06:42:41] <archivist> "pickoff value" ?
[06:42:44] <archivist> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/hal/rtcomps.html
[06:42:58] <jthornton> <archivist> "pickoff value" ?
[06:42:59] <jthornton> <archivist> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/hal/rtcomps.html
[06:42:59] <jthornton> <jthornton> everything you always wanted to know about stepgen and then some http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/man/man9/stepgen.9.html
[06:44:02] * Tom_itx checks his terminal for full duplex
[06:44:10] <jthornton> lol
[07:12:50] <Muzaffar> I am looking into its code
[10:06:53] <Tom_itx> bang! you're dead...
[10:10:40] <Tom_L> http://www.electronicproducts.com/Analog_Mixed_Signal_ICs/SoCs_ASICs_ASSPs_MEMS/Researchers_create_liquid_metal_structures_using_3D_printer.aspx
[10:38:59] <Aero-Tec3> trying to figure whats wrong
[10:39:16] <JT-Shop> heh
[10:39:38] <Aero-Tec3> I measure my tap OD for 9/16
[10:39:55] <Aero-Tec3> it come out at .566
[10:40:24] <Aero-Tec3> that looks ok, need to cut a tad extra for the inside of a nut
[10:41:06] <Aero-Tec3> the size of 9/16 is 0.56250
[10:41:07] <JT-Shop> 9/16-12 or 9/16-18?
[10:41:24] <Aero-Tec3> 9/16-24
[10:41:47] <JT-Shop> silencer?
[10:41:54] <Aero-Tec3> no
[10:42:06] <Aero-Tec3> muzzle brake
[10:42:09] <JT-Shop> muzzle brake
[10:42:11] <skunkworks> heh
[10:42:52] <JT-Shop> what percentage of threads are you trying to end up with?
[10:44:30] <Aero-Tec3> anyway the PD of 9/16-24 should be 0.53543667
[10:44:30] <Aero-Tec3> and over my triangles it should be 0.899352
[10:44:32] <JT-Shop> Aero-Tec3: http://www.kennametal.com/kennametal/en/resources/calculators/holemaking/tap-drill-size.html
[10:44:34] <Aero-Tec3> 75%
[10:44:48] <JT-Shop> 0.5219
[10:44:53] <archivist> and.... are you using proper tooling (insert)
[10:45:13] <Aero-Tec3> got nothing to do with threads I cut
[10:45:30] <Aero-Tec3> checking my math and my tap
[10:45:44] <Aero-Tec3> comparing to double check things
[10:45:57] <archivist> has lots if the toolink does not have the correct form for the peaks/troughs
[10:46:00] <Aero-Tec3> and some thing smells real bad
[10:46:51] <Aero-Tec3> the tap is sharp peaks and troughs
[10:47:45] <Aero-Tec3> anyways when I measure the tap using the triangles I get 0.894
[10:48:03] <archivist> the tap gives you clearance for the peaks on the correct sized thread
[10:48:27] <Aero-Tec3> how can the OD of tap be bigger then 9/16 and yet the PD be less then what it should be?
[10:49:50] <Aero-Tec3> not smaller then should be for the larger size of the tap, but smaller then the size of a proper 9/16-24 thread
[10:50:34] <archivist> how many flutes
[10:50:39] <Aero-Tec3> 4
[10:50:59] <Aero-Tec3> so easy and accurate to measure
[10:51:27] <Aero-Tec3> my triangles look to be bad
[10:51:53] <Aero-Tec3> that would be my guess as I have rechecked every thing on the math end of things
[10:53:36] <Aero-Tec3> archivist, your right about clearances and that would be why the tap OD measures 0.004 larger then the OD of a 9/16 thread
[10:54:18] <Aero-Tec3> but how on earth can the OD be bigger and the PD be smaller unless the triangles are bad?
[10:54:52] <Aero-Tec3> guess I will have to brake out some wire and do it the hard way to double check things
[10:56:05] <Aero-Tec3> got the triangles from a reputable supply place
[10:59:45] <JT-Shop> the tap has to cut deeper than the od of the male thread or binding will occour
[11:00:35] <Aero-Tec3> I know, that would be why the tap is 0.004 larger, I get that no problem
[11:02:28] <Aero-Tec3> the problem I am having is the OD of tap is larger, but when using my triangles to measure the PD of the tap it comes out smaller then the PD should be for the thread
[11:03:37] <cradek> are you measuring the relief behind the cutting edges?
[11:03:39] <Aero-Tec3> how on earth can the PD be smaller then what it should be for a proper 9/16-24 thread when the OD is larger, that should make the PD larger by default
[11:03:57] <cradek> I don't know what triangles are (haha)
[11:04:36] <Aero-Tec3> ok now you may be on to something, forgot about that, but would the relief be that much?
[11:05:29] <cradek> no idea but you've gotta measure the cutting edge itself, sounds kind of hard to do
[11:06:04] <Aero-Tec3> http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.penntoolco.com/images/catalog/7925.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.penntoolco.com/catalog/products/products.cfm?categoryID%3D7925&h=300&w=550&sz=7&tbnid=peX-zxIJ2CaQBM:&tbnh=68&tbnw=125&zoom=1&usg=__JOY6gnwrudXOPkYoQetXtWqos4w=&docid=SL3-Y10EYuWIPM&sa=X&ei=6bHqUZarFsT8iwKS6oCABQ&ved=0CDEQ9QEwAQ&dur=2150
[11:07:19] <cradek> huh, those look handy if they work
[11:07:45] <cradek> (but I'd check with wires, which you can verify with a micrometer)
[11:08:13] <archivist> unless they sit on the root giving an invalid size
[11:08:15] <Aero-Tec3> thanks cradek that was it
[11:08:32] <Aero-Tec3> when I did the cutting edge it worked out
[11:08:34] <cradek> yay
[11:08:50] <Aero-Tec3> they are very handy
[11:09:32] <Aero-Tec3> and come with the 3 corners cut down to different amounts so it covers a large size range
[11:10:22] <archivist> how are you supposed to keep the measurement square to the axis
[11:10:23] <Aero-Tec3> you do not want to bottom out on larger threads but need sharp for the smaller threads
[11:10:39] <Aero-Tec3> yes
[11:11:24] <Aero-Tec3> I love them and trusted them till now, but my trust is back
[11:12:05] <Aero-Tec3> I did not realize the relief was so high on a tap
[11:14:11] <Aero-Tec3> they can also be used with a vainer caliper, the rubber can slide and hold the triangles to the caliper
[11:14:54] <Aero-Tec3> for quick and dirty measurements
[11:26:36] <Aero-Tec3> archivist, sorry at first I read your question as a statement saying you had to keep it square
[11:27:04] <Aero-Tec3> it is easy to square it all
[11:28:17] <Aero-Tec3> the triangles are flat and so they slide as needed to line things up and compensate for different pitches
[11:28:28] <Aero-Tec3> they do work very well
[11:44:40] <mariusl> Hi all - what is best practise for homing on a 4th axis rotary table?
[11:45:45] <mariusl> Do you need to home or is it just a touch off after you clocked the job up?
[11:47:15] <JT-Shop> you can set the rotary axis to a 0 I think to home it without seeking a switch then yes you touch off after clocking the job up
[11:47:59] <mariusl> Hi John, is it better to use a switch?
[11:48:32] <archivist> often no sensible place to put a switch on a rotary
[11:49:08] <mariusl> also is it not more difficult to clock up afterwards?
[11:49:18] <archivist> and one wants it to rotate through 0 later anyway
[11:49:46] <mariusl> I am sure that can be done
[11:50:15] <JT-Shop> I'd think it just depends on your application, for example if you have fixed tooling on the rotary a homing switch with index might make sense
[11:50:48] <cradek> sometimes a level is helpful
[11:51:20] <mariusl> you mean like a tombstone of custom fixture
[11:51:25] <archivist> for me cutting grooves ove a number of turns, it makes no/little sense, I use a level too :)
[11:51:50] <mariusl> explain the level usage please
[11:52:36] <archivist> place a machine level on and hand jog to 0 degrees
[11:52:52] <cradek> if your machine is level, a level tells you when a workpiece is parallel to the table
[11:53:32] <mariusl> that means the machine must be 100% level - ok that could be done
[11:54:02] <JT-Shop> or you know the angle of the machine
[11:54:04] <archivist> I tend to used the level on the B axis which is holding the A
[11:55:06] <archivist> or use a clinometer set to the machines lean :)
[11:55:33] <mariusl> so the concensus is - NO switch
[11:56:03] <cradek> I use index-only homing on my big A axis
[11:56:21] <cradek> it has markings on it so if I jog it to between 0 and 4 degrees and then hit home, it aligns exactly with 0
[11:57:07] <cradek> which avoids the trouble of mounting a switch but gives me one-count repeatability
[11:58:18] <mariusl> i was thinking of putting an encoder on and using that as an absolute position. But all that work for just the index pulse - i dont know
[11:59:41] <mariusl> I will have to change the motor as it does not have a piece sticking out the back to mount the encoder on
[12:02:34] <Tom_itx> passive ir or hall sensor might work on a rotary
[12:02:46] <mariusl> Chris how will you get the fixture lined up with the index pulse?
[12:03:16] <cradek> using one of the same ways you align anything else on a mill
[12:03:43] <mariusl> is it easy to see the pulse is really what I meant
[12:04:35] <cradek> I don't understand - you use the encoder index to home the axis
[12:04:54] <cradek> linuxcnc knows how to home a servo to index
[12:05:23] <Tom_itx> maybe he meant the degree marks on the rotary itself if it has them
[12:05:31] <Tom_itx> shouldn't matter though
[12:05:35] <mariusl> ja stupid question - i figured it out thanks
[13:35:42] <tjtr33> hello, wheres the 'who's who' index for the Wichita pix?
[13:36:06] <archivist> in a mail message or two
[13:36:17] <tjtr33> yep, havent found it yet
[13:40:40] <tjtr33> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.emc.user/44791/match=wichita thx andy
[13:44:38] <tjtr33> hehe it'd work better to use the index with the correct data set ( against Skunks pix rather than KWallace's :)
[13:47:29] <archivist> do we nag either of those to make a proper page (their copyrights) or grab the images and make one
[13:51:05] <tjtr33> i can do it for them, i'd reduce the file sizes and add balloonid's IF 3 people ask for it ( 3 so its not just me & you :)
[13:52:18] <tjtr33> oh, and a thought, soem people may not want to be identified, so i'd ask that perm too
[14:04:23] <roh> hrhr.. that big-gcode-discussion is funny.... 640kbyte ought to be enough!!1!
[14:10:12] <Loetmichel> hrhr, i had times with 35MB gcode, and tat was only the coarse run ;-)
[14:11:03] <roh> jup. and then somebody comes along and advices people to use a xml based standard for 3d printing m-)
[14:12:14] <roh> Loetmichel: btw.. which end of the country are you calling your own`
[14:12:15] <roh> ?
[14:12:29] <Loetmichel> germany, offenbach am main
[14:12:54] * roh thought about going to stuttgart for the meeting, but i guess i will not find the time
[14:13:01] <roh> ah. nice. i'm in berlin
[14:13:27] <roh> it seems all metal industry guys are somewhere in the south *sigh*
[14:14:44] <Loetmichel> sometimes i live my small CNC mill... attemted to repair the electrics on my old Gilera Eaglet (50cc motorcycle)... starter was easy, corroded plug. but as i opened the headlight: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=14340
[14:14:54] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=14343
[14:15:13] <Loetmichel> *BOY was i pissed about the previous owner...
[14:15:34] <roh> wtf? is that hot-glue?
[14:15:40] <Loetmichel> yes
[14:16:01] <roh> nih
[14:16:51] <Loetmichel> ... some hours later: a h7 lamp fitted with an aluminium heatsink/holder and a 5W glass socket lamp socket made from scratch to fit in the Parking light hole... -> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=14346
[14:16:55] <Loetmichel> *works* ;-)
[14:17:04] <roh> bbl.. need to go out to the garden for a bit. still 25°C... a cold club-mate and our own green paradise
[14:17:21] <roh> wow.. nice mod
[14:17:56] <Loetmichel> problem is: the mopedd is made in '96
[14:18:01] <Loetmichel> no spare parts aviable ;-)
[14:18:31] <roh> make more, sell em!
[15:28:57] <JT-Shop> not great production but I'm getting a finished part every 20 minutes
[15:31:42] <Aero-Tec3> JT-Shop, what are you making?
[15:32:02] <JT-Shop> powder coating some parts for Spyders
[15:32:19] <Aero-Tec3> got pix?
[15:32:26] <JT-Shop> well I have a lot of time in between
[15:32:30] <JT-Shop> in a bit
[15:36:58] <JT-Shop> http://imagebin.org/265123
[15:39:54] <JT-Shop> http://gnipsel.com/spydercart/index.php?route=product/product&path=33&product_id=50
[15:48:25] <Loetmichel> re from a test drive with the eaglet... NICE! upgrading from 15W to 55W headlight is really good for night vision. only caveat: the engine has to rev 3000RPM++ for the generator to charge the battery. below that you can SEE the headlight draining the battery ;-) (and i wonder if the hedlight reflector and -glass will cope with the surplus heat, they both made of plastics) ;-)
[15:56:41] <JT-Shop> only time will tell
[15:57:05] <Tom_itx> what does it do over the stock arrangement?
[15:57:16] <JT-Shop> me?
[15:57:19] <Tom_itx> u
[15:57:31] <JT-Shop> there is no stock arrangment
[15:58:26] <Tom_itx> guess i'd have to see it
[15:59:25] <JT-Shop> http://imagebin.org/265125
[16:00:19] <Tom_itx> acessory mount
[16:00:24] <JT-Shop> yea
[16:00:33] <Loetmichel> what motorcycle is that?
[16:00:39] <Tom_itx> trike
[16:00:43] <Tom_itx> can am
[16:00:44] <Tom_itx> i think
[16:01:33] <JT-Shop> can am spyder
[16:02:06] <Tom_itx> needs a cup holder
[16:02:24] <Loetmichel> btw: i have ordered a 80 eur 3,5" smartphone with android and gps for use as speedometer and navigation... is cheaper than a NOS Speedometer for the Gilera ;-)
[16:02:59] <JT-Shop> she rides in the back
[16:03:11] <Loetmichel> but my bike is just a 50ccm shrinked harley ;-)
[16:03:13] <Tom_itx> ahh
[16:03:29] <Tom_itx> are you making the washers too?
[16:03:33] <Tom_itx> or sourcing them
[16:03:35] <JT-Shop> yea
[16:03:42] <Tom_itx> ss bolts
[16:03:45] <JT-Shop> make them on the CHNC
[16:03:48] <JT-Shop> yea
[16:03:56] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=14283
[16:04:00] <Tom_itx> aluminum?
[16:04:04] <JT-Shop> can't find Torx
[16:04:08] <JT-Shop> steel
[16:04:15] <Tom_itx> gonna start anodizing al yourself?
[16:04:21] <Tom_itx> try fastenal?
[16:05:17] <JT-Shop> they can't get them
[16:05:26] <JT-Shop> anodizing yes
[16:06:06] <JT-Shop> I have a 5 gallon line now I got from a buddy... at least I think he is a buddy
[16:06:48] <Tom_itx> soon to find out :)
[16:07:46] <JT-Shop> it doesn't look bad if you pay attention to details
[16:08:13] <JT-Shop> I'm going to set it up in my unused garden shed that I built for my cup holder
[16:31:50] * JT-Shop is having a brain lock... I want to program a spiral to face something off
[16:35:03] <Loetmichel> JT-Shop: approximate it with quarter circles
[16:36:47] <JT-Shop> ok
[16:37:58] <JT-Shop> ah I see a spiral example
[16:44:28] <Tom_itx> i generally use circles and just step in
[16:46:22] <JT-Shop> I didn't want the step in look
[16:46:45] <Tom_itx> I think the only way to cut a spiral on the chosen plain is with G5.2/5.3 nurbs.
[16:46:45] <Tom_itx> John
[16:47:06] <Tom_itx> your very own post
[16:48:07] <Tom_itx> my cad cam is supposed to generate spiral code but i've never gotten it to work right
[16:49:15] <JT-Shop> the spiral example seems to be fine even if it uses thousands of tiny lines
[16:49:15] <Tom_itx> you need a vibratumbler now
[16:49:47] <Tom_itx> nice matte finish
[16:51:05] <JT-Shop> I think I better polish them before anodizing
[16:51:27] <Tom_itx> comes out better
[16:51:40] <Tom_itx> anodizing doesn't look as good after tumbling
[16:52:00] <JT-Shop> no, even machined surface is ok
[16:52:19] <JT-Shop> well I don't know everything I don't know about the spiral.ngc example
[16:52:35] <Tom_itx> never tried it
[16:52:46] <Tom_itx> mine was in z though
[16:53:28] <Tom_itx> it could just be my post isn't quite set up for it
[16:53:55] <Tom_itx> nothing i use often enough to worry with
[17:00:26] <Tom_itx> can you install those in the sim?
[17:00:48] <Tom_itx> i don't see why not...
[17:04:19] <Spida> Loetmichel: how about replacing the 15W headlight with a 15W led (for a videobeamer/projector)?
[17:04:51] <Loetmichel> Spida: not the same dispersion pattern
[17:06:10] <Loetmichel> have thougt about these: http://www.ebay.de/itm/200940147034 but the cant be adjusted to generate the same light beam as the original lamp because of 120 bright spots instead of one
[17:07:34] <Loetmichel> a HID conversion kit may be a solutin, adjusted to be in the sweet spot of the old bulb so i dont have to design my own reflector/fresnel lens
[17:55:58] <Aero-Tec3> need help
[17:56:21] <Aero-Tec3> I have my custom subs running on the mill
[17:56:38] <Aero-Tec3> but for some funny reason the lathe will not work
[17:57:16] <Aero-Tec3> [RS274NGC]
[17:57:17] <Aero-Tec3> PARAMETER_FILE = emc.var
[17:57:17] <Aero-Tec3> SUBROUTINE_PATH = /home/stan/linexcnc/nc_files/stans-subs
[17:57:49] <Aero-Tec3> that one messed me up last time having it in the wrong place in the INI
[17:58:08] <Aero-Tec3> no caps
[17:59:27] <Aero-Tec3> my call
[17:59:29] <Aero-Tec3> o<cut-bore> call [#<BXS>][#<BZS>][#<BXE>][#<BZE>][#<BCA>][#<BFS>][#<BMCD>][#<BCT>]
[18:01:39] <KimK> Is it really "linexcnc", or were you just typing fast?
[18:03:12] <KimK> Oooh, tacos! I'll check back in a bit.
[18:05:17] <Aero-Tec3> was doing copy and paste
[18:16:27] <ChuangTzu_> heh
[18:24:27] <Aero-Tec3> I spent a ton of time getting it working on the mill
[18:24:41] <Aero-Tec3> thought getting the lathe working would be easy
[18:25:11] <Aero-Tec3> copied the sun to the main sub dir and it still will not work
[18:25:17] <Aero-Tec3> sub
[18:43:18] <tjtr33> is there code to test for Michael's HALweb?
[18:43:20] <tjtr33> i dont see it as a branch on his github
[19:23:33] <KimK> Aero-Tec3: I'm back from tacos, did you get it working?
[19:51:01] <Aero-Tec3> not yet
[19:51:18] <Aero-Tec3> had a bit to eat myself
[19:51:58] <Aero-Tec3> KimK, you still around?
[19:54:54] <KimK> Yes, still here, wandered off for a bit.
[19:55:06] <KimK> Aero-Tec3: Yes, still here, wandered off for a bit.
[19:55:26] <Aero-Tec3> so any idea why it is not working?
[19:55:45] <Aero-Tec3> I fought to get it working on the mill
[19:55:49] <KimK> And it's not really "linex"?
[19:55:59] <Aero-Tec3> can not see why the lathe is not working
[19:56:07] <Aero-Tec3> ?
[19:56:15] <KimK> In your path above?
[19:56:18] <Aero-Tec3> permisions seem to be right
[19:57:04] <KimK> Because if you really have it entered that way, I can see why it's not working, but I just marked that down to a typo
[19:57:15] <Aero-Tec3> I copied and pasted things I thought were key to making it work
[19:57:21] <KimK> an IRC typo, I mean
[19:57:31] <Aero-Tec3> ?
[19:57:40] <Aero-Tec3> it was copy and paste
[19:57:49] <Aero-Tec3> what typo
[19:58:05] <KimK> Your path should contain linuxcnc, not linexcnc
[19:58:14] <Aero-Tec3> I am dyslexic and typo all the time
[19:58:25] <Aero-Tec3> ?
[19:58:41] <Aero-Tec3> lol
[19:58:49] <KimK> If it's pointing to ~/liinexcnc, that's likely a dead end, unless your system is unusual
[19:59:10] <Aero-Tec3> thanks for pointing that out
[19:59:34] <KimK> Oops liinexcnc is my typo, now I'm doing it, lol
[20:00:10] <Aero-Tec3> I can read what it should be and do not see what it is
[20:00:29] <KimK> Sure, no problem. So maybe that's the trouble?
[20:00:46] <Aero-Tec3> I looked at that a few times and still did not see it till you said something
[20:01:08] <KimK> Hey, I hope that fixes it, let us know what happens.
[20:01:11] <Aero-Tec3> even when you said it the first time I did not see it and was wondering what your talking about
[20:01:47] <Aero-Tec3> fixing it now
[20:31:24] <Aero-Tec3> that seams to have got it
[20:31:48] <Aero-Tec3> still having some problems but that part seams to be working
[20:32:33] <Aero-Tec3> spent some time trying to get one of the 2 test files to work
[20:58:59] <Aero-Tec3> looks like something still is not right
[20:59:13] <Aero-Tec3> fixed some things but still not working right
[22:30:06] <RyanS> So if someone, not me :P, were to turn cast iron with carbide at 2000 RPM (ie, 10 times the recommended speed), what would be the likeliest outcome?
[22:32:18] <KimK> Turn, as in, on a lathe? Then the first thing that would happen is that someone (not me) would ask you what is the diameter of the cut?
[22:33:55] <RyanS> haha nice response. 130mm/5" approximate
[22:34:12] <RyanS> lathe
[22:35:50] <RyanS> The next operation was facing and the surface finish was pretty damn rough, so I would imagine the carbide tip is blunt
[22:36:22] <KimK> OK. So, about 2617 FPM? Yeah, that's pretty fast. Running coolant?
[22:38:01] <KimK> I seem to recall the rule of thumb for carbide around 600 FPM, but as they say, YMMV.
[22:38:36] <RyanS> no coolant
[22:39:12] <RyanS> YMMV?
[22:39:31] <KimK> Can you run it slower?
[22:39:49] <KimK> (Your Mileage May Vary)
[22:43:20] <RyanS> ah ok, yeah it's down to 200 RPM now. But it's likely that the carbide tip needs replacing, or it's just that it's going to wear it out rather quickly if the speed is too high?
[22:45:37] <KimK> If you've already ran a part that high then it may be damaged, can't tell from here. Does it have a fancy edge, chipbreaker or anything? Is that working?
[22:46:17] <KimK> I presume you've looked at it and it looks OK?
[23:18:59] <shure> Hey there. Is there an option to change the acceleration value within a program, ie. a g-code paramter? AFAIK all g-code 1 letter parameters are already used up and none of them control the acceleration.
[23:19:44] <shure> As a workaround I thought about writing a subroutine with incrementing the F parameter (increasing the feedrate)
[23:20:08] <shure> However, that would not be very convenient and difficult to handle
[23:21:24] <shure> background: I want to use a CNC machine as a motion control rig for a vdslr, with smooth accelerations much lower than the machine limits which are defined in the INI.