#linuxcnc | Logs for 2013-03-17

[03:16:38] <DJ9DJ> moin
[03:52:29] <mrsun> hmm depth of thread when reading charts is that depth on both sides c ombined?
[03:52:56] <mrsun> 1.35mm for 1/2 12TPI W thread
[03:53:03] <Jymmm> Grab a 1/4-20 as see
[03:53:10] <Jymmm> s/as/and/
[05:29:13] <jthornton> yikes one leg of power dropped out
[05:38:16] <Loetmichel> mornin'
[06:14:35] <L84Supper> http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-ALUMINUM-FACE-SHELL-MILL-R8-BRIDGEPORT-HAAS-NEW-/290523199394?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43a48837a2
[06:14:58] <L84Supper> would you really want to use this in your bridgeport?
[06:15:18] <Valen> for facing a head, sure
[06:16:13] <jthornton> much cheaper to just take your head to a automotive machine shop
[06:16:28] <archivist> if you had a large bridgeport
[06:16:37] <Valen> cheaper not to have hobbies too ;->
[06:16:40] <jthornton> if I did that on my BP the head would not be flat after milling LOL
[06:17:22] <jthornton> I could do it on the VMC and be flatter
[06:17:24] <Valen> lol
[06:17:41] <archivist> and who made the vmc!
[06:17:51] <jthornton> BP
[06:18:12] <jthornton> linear rail ways on the VMC
[06:18:16] <archivist> so it is a bridgeport!
[06:18:32] <archivist> just made better :)
[06:18:41] <jthornton> bigger for sure
[06:33:15] <L84Supper> http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRIDGEPORT-SERIES-1-CNC-MACHING-CENTERS-CNC-MILLS-MILLING-MACHINE-2-MACHINES-/160988881405?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item257baf61fd
[06:33:37] <L84Supper> any idea what the range of travel is on these?
[06:37:57] <Valen> looking at the shields i'm guessing not heaps
[07:25:18] <asdfasd> what could be the reason for a message: joint 0 following error when step motors are used
[07:26:40] <micges> too small acc on stepgen, it must be 20% bigger than joint acc
[07:29:45] <micges> [axis_0]max_acc = 200 , [axis_0]stepgen_max_acc = 240
[07:30:24] <asdfasd> it is actually
[07:30:32] <asdfasd> 600 and 900
[07:35:12] <micges> vel also must be >=
[07:36:24] <asdfasd> velocity is 175
[07:39:43] <micges> did you used stepconf?
[07:40:38] <asdfasd> yes, and then manually adjusting the settings
[07:41:16] <asdfasd> but somewhere whent wrong, now when I try jogging higher then 10m/min and show that message
[07:43:08] <micges> pastebin.com your ini and hal file please
[07:44:15] <asdfasd> it is on another PC if was here I was going to paste it early
[07:45:11] <asdfasd> let me try to copy on flash memory
[07:48:37] <asdfasd> http://pastebin.com/5H5aeXKF
[07:49:04] <asdfasd> http://pastebin.com/wQPL2hUx
[07:52:55] <micges> ok do you have warnings after loading emc2 and hitting F2?
[08:27:53] <r00t4rd3d> wtf gmail
[09:11:40] <skunkworks> your base period is to high\
[09:31:16] <asdfasd> no warnings on F2
[09:31:35] <asdfasd> and base period was set by stepconf \i didnt change it
[09:31:52] <asdfasd> should I
[09:39:20] <r00t4rd3d> stupid poem http://i.imgur.com/DJzW484.jpg
[09:41:08] <r00t4rd3d> ReadError
[09:41:58] <r00t4rd3d> Number of words: 285
[09:42:02] <skunkworks> oh - your scale is very low.
[09:42:32] <skunkworks> well maybe not for metric
[09:43:22] <asdfasd> it is metric
[09:43:31] <asdfasd> but that is the scale
[09:44:13] <r00t4rd3d> Letter count: 1489
[09:44:34] <skunkworks> the absolute maximum frequency you could do is around 11khz
[09:44:39] <r00t4rd3d> i should have charged 50cents a letter
[09:45:27] <asdfasd> yea I just calculated the base period
[09:45:30] <asdfasd> is wrong
[09:45:40] <asdfasd> I will change it now
[09:47:21] <asdfasd> changed it to 35000 now I think working
[09:47:25] <asdfasd> still testing
[09:48:49] <skunkworks> great
[09:58:38] <JT-Shop> dang rats chewed through the insulation on the feeder cable next to the pad transformer
[10:01:54] <L84Supper> sounds like a job for rent-a-cat
[10:03:02] <IchGuckLive> hi all i got a problem O.O M66 is motion.analog-in-xx
[10:03:16] <IchGuckLive> the parport in is bit or
[10:03:21] <Jymmm> Why? A goat would do a far better job at chewing pretty much anything =)
[10:04:49] <IchGuckLive> im getting a error on using M66 P0 L3
[10:06:39] <IchGuckLive> on hal "net arc-ok motion.digital-in-00 <= parport.0.pin-15-in
[10:08:53] <JT-Shop> what is the error?
[10:09:13] <JT-Shop> our wood rats are as big as a small cat
[10:10:48] <IchGuckLive> error "Zero timeout with wait type != immedate return
[10:13:16] <JT-Shop> you need a Q with L3
[10:13:43] <JT-Shop> Q- - specifies the timeout in seconds for waiting. If the timeout is exceeded, the wait is interrupt, and the variable #5399 will be holding the value -1. The Q value is ignored if the L-word is zero (IMMEDIATE). A Q value of zero is an error if the L-word is non-zero.
[10:13:48] <JT-Shop> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode/m-code.html#sec:M66-Input-Control
[10:14:46] <IchGuckLive> so the example in the DOC is wrong needs a rewrite
[10:15:27] <JT-Shop> yep, dang document guy screwed up
[10:16:36] <JT-Shop> I don't think the document guy would rewrite the whole doc but he should fix the mistoke
[10:26:35] * jthornton thinks cold rainy days make the best napping days
[10:28:34] <IchGuckLive> JT-Shop: B)
[10:28:45] <IchGuckLive> my heekscad plasma post works now
[10:28:50] <IchGuckLive> gread
[10:30:04] <IchGuckLive> no the next goal is to press send to mashine in heekscad file goeos to mashine and press reload on mashine new g-code
[10:30:21] <IchGuckLive> can we do this YES WE CAN
[10:32:33] <jthornton> nice
[10:33:01] <IchGuckLive> is jthornton = jT-shop owner ?
[10:34:19] <jthornton> aye we are the same
[10:37:07] <micges> we are the borg
[10:47:46] <Tecan> http://i.imgur.com/ho3wiAI.jpg
[10:47:52] <Tecan> added a shelf and some led's
[10:48:43] <IchGuckLive> Tecan: a lasercutter woudt fit your ofice table !! vB)
[10:48:53] <IchGuckLive> B)
[10:48:58] <IchGuckLive> BY
[10:49:27] <Tecan> ichguck thats on the other table
[10:49:35] <Tecan> nm
[10:55:31] <r00t4rd3d> whats the giant bottle of lotion for?
[10:56:07] <r00t4rd3d> dry hands?
[10:58:37] <r00t4rd3d> who sits at their computer and thinks: Hmm, now would be a good time to moisturize.
[11:00:03] <mazafaka> to moisturise? Rather to learn 5S and lean business system!
[11:01:07] <Tecan> its for my elbo's
[11:01:20] <Tecan> hydrogen peroxide fixed that problem though
[11:02:41] <mazafaka> i remember how I had been cleaning lots of pus with it.
[11:03:14] <mazafaka> old people dissolve its solution even more, and drink
[11:03:30] <mazafaka> and in a heat, they smell with it
[11:03:31] <r00t4rd3d> only in mother russia
[11:06:44] <mazafaka> I have boght a snowskate
[11:06:54] <mazafaka> *bought
[11:09:42] <mazafaka> Santa Barbara... don't say you have never seen it... Santa Cruz Snowskate. For some sake, reminds Santa Barbara's times... I watched it, then gone skiing into school... Good times / Bad times / I know I want to eat / Steamed potato maybe ;/ Khe-khe-khe...
[11:12:06] <mazafaka> I by now think a snow sake is a snowskate. Correct me if I am wrong.
[11:19:50] <jdh> what's a snowskate
[11:20:09] <mazafaka> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5S_%28methodology%29
[11:20:20] <jdh> yuck
[11:21:15] <jdh> we are Lean six-sigma-ized
[11:21:35] <mazafaka> jdh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRQsPkvEURU
[11:21:37] <jdh> with a little 5S thrown in
[11:22:20] <mazafaka> huh, need to learn it
[11:22:26] <jdh> a skateboard with no wheels
[11:22:44] <jdh> I'd suggest... move some place that doesn't have snow.
[12:06:58] <mazafaka> jdh: no, the snow is the snow.
[12:11:22] <pcw_home> the snow is the snow, what can be done...
[12:15:44] <mazafaka> it's cold when snow, everything else is OK.
[12:19:14] <mazafaka> to be honest, systems are the systems. They are for bloated with smart thoughts adult people... You can not really explaining about the systems to hungry children and such.
[12:19:56] <mazafaka> And it is also hard to think of the system explaining something important, explaining how to be safe...
[12:21:35] <mazafaka> And oppositely to it, it is nice to perform irresponsible tasks, marking lots of texts with colourful pen and being amused 'oh god, I really can learn so much, so much!' and get paid nicely.
[12:22:37] <mazafaka> And teach someone how to stay behind the lathe and not to hurt himself is way more responsible task, which is not get paid as well...
[12:24:51] <mazafaka> Machinations of the whole world are based on the stability which comes from the existence of 'mean working class' which do its tough stuff and corresponding tasks.
[12:33:16] <asdfasd> how to ignore homing on A axis
[12:34:05] <asdfasd> axis A do not require homing and dont have home switch, but linuxcnc require all axis to be homed
[12:37:59] <JT-Shop> hmm set the seek and latch to 0
[12:39:58] <asdfasd> still say "cant run program when not homed"
[12:40:27] <asdfasd> I want that reminder for X and Z but without A
[12:40:46] <JT-Shop> do you have a home sequence for the rest of the axes?
[12:41:22] <asdfasd> yes
[12:41:37] <asdfasd> I removed the sequence from A but do not help
[12:42:26] <JT-Shop> I think you need the sequence for A as well but with a seek and latch velocity of 0 it homes without moving I thinkn
[12:43:55] <JT-Shop> HOME_SEARCH_VEL = 0.0 - Initial homing velocity in machine units per second. Sign denotes direction of travel. A value of zero means assume that the current location is the home position for the machine. If your machine has no home switches you will want to leave this value at zero.
[12:44:27] <JT-Shop> HOME_SEQUENCE = <n> - Used to define the "Home All" sequence. <n> starts at 0 and no numbers may be skipped. If left out or set to -1 the joint will not be homed by the "Home All" function. More than one axis can be homed at the same time.
[12:44:38] <asdfasd> yes
[12:44:45] <asdfasd> working :)
[12:44:53] <JT-Shop> what did you do?
[12:45:09] <asdfasd> sequence 2 and search = 0
[12:45:16] <JT-Shop> :)
[12:45:31] <asdfasd> I removed the sequence early...
[12:45:47] <asdfasd> anyway.. thanks
[12:45:55] <JT-Shop> welcome
[12:58:32] <asdfasd> in mach3 when load tool automatically load tool ofsets from tool table
[12:58:56] <asdfasd> how to do it with emc
[12:59:37] <cradek> T1 M6 G43
[13:00:34] <asdfasd> Im so stupid...
[13:00:45] <JT-Shop> that's one I can do with my eye's closed
[13:00:55] <JT-Shop> done it so many times :)
[13:02:48] <asdfasd> I read in the help for T and M6 but didnt see G43
[13:04:05] <JT-Shop> asdfasd: you may want to read this http://gnipsel.com/linuxcnc/g-code/index.html
[13:04:24] <JT-Shop> it's a short G code tutorial
[13:06:22] <asdfasd> thanks
[13:11:09] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[13:12:29] <IchGuckLive> jthornton: did you got my last message bevore you left this afternoon
[13:27:13] <andypugh> I have some proximity switches. NPN output. Experiment has shown that if I wire them together then either prox can bring the output low, and the LED in both switches illuminates.
[13:27:37] <andypugh> My question is, is it bad for them to wire them together like that?
[13:28:29] <IchGuckLive> they are designed to stay on for years
[13:28:30] <AR_> anyone ever use centent stepper drivers?
[13:28:54] <IchGuckLive> i only use epson
[13:29:27] <andypugh> IchGuckLive: My query is whether it is OK to wire the outputs of 2 proxes to each other.
[13:32:14] <IchGuckLive> the outputs takes all of your load so they take also the load of the second for in
[13:32:28] <IchGuckLive> andypugh: do you use for limit swiches
[13:32:37] <andypugh> That's the plan
[13:34:06] <JT-Shop> IchGuckLive: 2-wire prox or 3-wire?
[13:34:27] <Tom_itx> andypugh, you work in automotive... what's the material the o ring is made from in this pic? http://tom-itx.dyndns.org:81/~webpage/rue/tranny/DSC_0001.JPG
[13:34:32] <andypugh> 3-wire
[13:34:35] <Tom_itx> is it nitrile?
[13:34:50] <IchGuckLive> AR_: this drives habe a bad timing
[13:35:03] <andypugh> Tom_itx: I do computers. Hardware is for other folk.
[13:35:07] <JT-Shop> 3-wire is good
[13:35:08] <Tom_itx> ahh
[13:36:18] <andypugh> http://www.oringsplus.com/page.asp?pg=47 says "Fluorosilicone- Take Silicone and fluorinate it and you have a material with the combination of silicone's temperature range and Buna-N's chemical compatibility. Identified by a blue color but very expensive"
[13:38:00] <pcw_home> 2 wire proxes will limit the number of switches paralleled.
[13:38:02] <pcw_home> 3 wire will have plain old transistor collector output so allow almost unlimited paralleling
[13:38:43] <andypugh> thanks pcw.
[13:39:01] <IchGuckLive> pcw_home: i got on the mega cutter a circuit of switches with >175m of cable
[13:39:20] <Tom_itx> andypugh, so regular neoprene probably wouldn't hold up
[13:39:32] <IchGuckLive> 24V circuit to a relayy that triggers the parport input
[13:40:00] <IchGuckLive> O.O B)
[13:40:10] <andypugh> Tom_itx: There is probably a reason they chose the blue one, but perhaps it isn't relavent to your application if it is a standard part.
[13:40:29] <Tom_itx> it's subject to heat
[13:40:36] <Tom_itx> transmission cooler line
[13:40:50] <andypugh> That web page was pretty informative
[13:40:56] <Tom_itx> yep, thanks
[13:41:15] <Tom_itx> i'll check our local o ring supplier tomorrow
[13:41:29] <Tom_itx> better than buying the dealer part for $30
[13:43:05] <andypugh> Apparently they us the acronym FVMQ for them
[13:44:02] <Tom_itx> not completely failed but an annoying drip
[13:44:32] <Tom_itx> i personally like the old school flare nuts over this anyday
[13:45:26] <AR_> <IchGuckLive> AR_: this drives habe a bad timing
[13:45:28] <AR_> what drive?
[13:47:21] <IchGuckLive> centent stepper drivers CN0153
[13:48:30] <L84Supper> http://www.ebay.com/itm/BRIDGEPORT-SERIES-1-CNC-MACHING-CENTERS-CNC-MILLS-MILLING-MACHINE-2-MACHINES-/160988881405?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item257baf61fd
[13:48:45] <L84Supper> anyone know the approximate range of travel of these?
[13:49:02] <L84Supper> looks like a few inches
[13:51:45] <IchGuckLive> 24tools inside
[13:53:12] <L84Supper> they look easy enough to retrofit, but I'm not sure of the travel
[13:54:01] <Tom_itx> andypugh, is 'Viton' the same here: http://www.crownproductsinc.com/tools/?p=materials
[13:54:06] <L84Supper> maybe only 10 x 10 x 6 from the pictures
[13:54:08] <Tom_itx> this is the local company i will visit
[13:57:02] <AR_> IchGuckLive, what about CN0162?
[13:57:14] <AR_> or should i just get those little gecko G251s
[13:59:05] <L84Supper> ebay is so inconsistent, 2-3 weeks ago there were several robot arms and VMC's worth bidding on, now this weekend there is not much at all
[14:00:29] <IchGuckLive> Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Milling Machine, Working Surface: 34” x 12 ½”
[14:01:28] <L84Supper> http://i.ebayimg.com/t/BRIDGEPORT-SERIES-1-CNC-MACHING-CENTERS-CNC-MILLS-MILLING-MACHINE-2-MACHINES-/00/s/OTAwWDE2MDA=/z/56gAAOxyY9VRPRRr/$T2eC16JHJF8E9nnC6U7kBRPRRq%29lCQ~~60_57.JPG
[14:01:33] <IchGuckLive> AR_: gecko is length better then this crapp if you can get a gecko use a gecko
[14:01:34] <andypugh> Tom_itx: Viton is probably OK.
[14:01:42] <L84Supper> that is surprising, the table looks small
[14:02:18] <AR_> ok
[14:02:42] <AR_> if i win this centent on ebay for cheap i'll give it a try for the hell of it
[14:03:18] <AR_> i'll just buy one of these little geckos for $65 too
[14:03:20] <AR_> http://www.ebay.com/itm/gecko-g251x-stepper-motor-driver-4-cnc-milling-machine-mill-lathe-router-/160720512970
[14:21:43] <DJ9DJ> hmm, i like to use trupetype tracer. its simple and works fine. thanks to cradek :)
[14:24:08] <DJ9DJ> *truetype
[14:32:09] <cradek> yay
[14:34:13] <DJ9DJ> great tool!
[16:13:40] <mrsun> http://img.tradera.com/images/810/161633810_385cc723-8395-4a28-a7e4-8cacadc2c22a.jpg anyone have any idea what those collets are called? :)
[16:19:23] <jdh> 'ugly' ?
[16:19:46] <mrsun> :P
[16:19:50] <cradek> DA?
[16:20:28] <cradek> err, not even close
[16:22:35] <skunkworks> heh
[16:22:43] <skunkworks> maybe search for acorn?
[16:25:00] <cradek> I think those are called "I'm glad some collets came with this chuck"
[16:25:07] <skunkworks> heh
[16:25:34] <jdh> what is the taper? NMTB?
[16:26:03] <cradek> yes, possibly QC
[16:26:23] <jdh> hand tight only?
[16:26:44] <jdh> I see no flats/grooves/holes
[16:26:47] <cradek> hard to tell where it tightens
[16:26:58] <cradek> it obviously has holes for a pin type spanner
[16:27:28] <jdh> to hold the top, what bout the bottom
[16:27:59] <skunkworks> almsot looks like ER
[16:28:19] <mrsun> the chuck i pasted tightens with the holes
[16:28:36] <mrsun> when you turn it you screw the front body inwards if im not mistaking =)
[16:28:43] <mrsun> was one of those on a friends old milling machine he bought
[16:29:02] <mrsun> they had just screwed it right into a R8 spindle :P
[16:29:13] <mrsun> ISO40 in R8 didnt work out to good :P
[16:29:26] <mrsun> and they had screwed it in so tight we had to use a sledge hammer to get it lose :P
[16:29:54] <jdh> we have a maintenence guy at work that always tightens things like that.
[16:30:07] <cradek> the taper is way too shallow to be ER
[16:31:25] <cradek> something makes me think I've seen those before, but I don't know what they're called.
[16:31:32] <mrsun> tho it fits int he horizontal spindle on the mill so could be usefull to have a full set of collets =)
[16:37:56] <archivist> page worth keeping in bookmarks for some tapers http://www.tools-n-gizmos.com/specs/Tapers.html
[16:57:15] <Tom_itx> nice one archivist
[16:58:03] <gene77> Hi guys
[16:58:54] <gene77> where in the machinists handbook, can I find the std sizes for very small allen wrenchs?
[16:59:24] <gene77> Ijust went throgh the indices and came up blank
[17:00:18] <Tom_itx> try hex head bolts
[17:00:19] <jdh> how small?
[17:00:54] <jdh> I have some .035's.
[17:01:10] <Tom_itx> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hex_key#Hex_key_standard_sizes
[17:01:12] <jdh> most sets seem to have an .050
[17:01:17] <Tom_itx> yep i have some tiny ones for encoders
[17:01:50] <Tom_itx> .035 or so
[17:01:55] <mrsun> a morse taper reamer wouldnt be bad to have to fix up the spindle with :P
[17:02:08] <gene77> .9mm? Hex wrebches start at 1632, I'll see whats there. I need to make one for -80 flathead screws & don't even know what size other than its smaller than the 1.27mm I have
[17:02:13] <mrsun> even if it costs a bit of money rescuing the spindle on the lathe might be worth it :P
[17:02:38] <andypugh> gene77: http://www.modelfixings.co.uk/unf_cap_screws.htm has some more sizes
[17:04:19] <gene77> Your .035 might be it, the .050 have is waaaay too big
[17:04:38] <Tom_itx> it fits a HEDS encoder wheel
[17:04:43] <Tom_itx> .035 does
[17:05:42] <Jymmm> cradek: Can you port lcnc over to this, it has 30 GPIO =) http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/?model=TL-MR3020#spec
[17:05:49] <mrsun> archivist, yeah that page is great =) used it to identify the taper etc on the machine i was talking about =)
[17:06:35] <andypugh> I was going to make a rack for my collets today, but on reflection these are cheap enough not to bother: http://www.colletizer.com/er32.html
[17:06:51] <Tom_itx> i thought you already made one
[17:07:08] <andypugh> No, that's for BT30 taper tools.
[17:07:13] <archivist> mrsun, http://www.rego-fix.ch/eng/katalog/ti/ti_fs.htm too
[17:07:20] <Jymmm> cradek: $40 lcnc in a box http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-mr3020#features
[17:07:26] <jdh> looks like brick mold
[17:07:29] <gene77> It doesn't look like they want us business, non of the buttons actually do anything useful.
[17:09:32] <gene77> right now i have a oiece of broken carbide in the rotary table, intending to cut 6 flats on it until it fits the screw.
[17:10:15] <cradek> gene77: all I know is the one below 1/16 is .050
[17:11:26] <gene77> I went out and bought one last night, had to but the whole kit,$40 at Advance Auto, oooouuuuccchh.
[17:11:30] <Tom_itx> http://www.sears.com/allen-handi-hex-key-drivers-035inch-handi-hex/p-00977595000P
[17:11:47] <Tom_itx> i got mine from my surplus guy for about $.50
[17:12:10] <cradek> yeah, my nearby hardware store sells singles too, but you have to know where to look
[17:12:24] <cradek> they're with the matching shcs
[17:12:40] <Tom_itx> http://www.amazon.com/30-Allen-Wrench-Set-SAE/dp/B0006Q0FC6/ref=pd_sim_sbs_indust_4
[17:13:15] <archivist> £8 for a set english and metric with the tiny sizes, just like that amazon set
[17:14:18] <gene77> the only hardware store wiuld be ACE in these parts, full sets only. They used to carry singles but that was a decade back up the logbook
[17:15:04] <Tom_itx> ace carries craftsman now too
[17:19:10] <andypugh> I wonder why my Y-axis moves smoothly in one direction, and jerkily in the other?
[17:19:28] <andypugh> There is no difference when turning by hand.
[17:19:39] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[17:20:02] <Tom_itx> no harder turning it the other way?
[17:20:13] <Tom_itx> what about the thrust bearing?
[17:20:18] <andypugh> It might be the same reason as it running off in one direction, hitting the hard-stop, then returning to where it should be. :-)
[17:20:20] <Tom_itx> does it bind the motor?
[17:20:23] <archivist> are the jerks timed with belt teeth
[17:20:48] <Tom_itx> my Z was binding the motor
[17:20:50] <archivist> badly set loop ?
[17:20:54] <Tom_itx> poorly designed
[17:21:01] <Tom_itx> i fixed it and it works good now
[17:21:03] <andypugh> The thrust bearing is a proper ball-thrust bearing, so that should be OK.
[17:21:27] <Tom_itx> mine was too but it wasn't thrusting on the bearing :D
[17:21:28] <andypugh> archivist: I can make it worse with PID tuning.
[17:21:52] <andypugh> I hope mine isn't poorly-designed. I designed it.
[17:22:04] <archivist> andypugh, some offset so tuning is way off one way
[17:22:40] <archivist> is this the home cut belt pulleys
[17:22:49] <andypugh> Aye, leading candidate at the moment is resolver/motor offset. It is commutated by the resolver and the bldc component.
[17:23:23] <andypugh> archivist: The period/frequency is nearer one motor rev than one tooth.
[17:23:31] <archivist> scope may show something and its frequency therefore source
[17:24:17] <archivist> or dynamic signal analyser....must get mine fixed
[17:25:19] <andypugh> I will investigate more some day when I am not freezing slowly as I work.
[17:25:59] <archivist> warmer out than in dunno what you are moaning about
[17:26:27] <andypugh> I just signed up for https://www.emfcamp.org/wave. I might well end up giving a talk on LinuxCNC.
[17:26:48] <andypugh> I wonder how best to demonstrate it, portably. Servo etch-a-sketch?
[17:27:34] <archivist> simple enough, did you see j elsons etch a sketch
[17:28:30] <skunkworks> andypugh: this is all digital - right
[17:28:33] <andypugh> Yes.
[17:28:38] <Tom_itx> you could make a removable mount to the knobs and mount the steppers on a separate board etc
[17:28:45] <andypugh> skunkworks: Yes
[17:28:52] <Tom_itx> then remove it and it would look like you did it by hand
[17:29:08] <skunkworks> ok.. I had odd tuning one direction vs the other - but that was because I had noise on the +/-10 because I didn't wire it correctly
[17:29:20] <archivist> andypugh, http://emergent.unpythonic.net/projects/01142347802
[17:30:39] <andypugh> archivist: Aye, that was what I was thinking of.
[17:30:47] <gene77> If that .035 allen wrench is .035 across the flats, how wide does it push the digital caliper when turned in it?
[17:31:02] <Tom_itx> gene77, hold on..
[17:31:42] <Tom_itx> i get about .037
[17:32:10] <andypugh> 0.03623466631435
[17:32:12] <gene77> Ouch, not a heck of a lot for tolerances then.
[17:32:50] <JT-Shop> is that +- 0.0000000000000000005?
[17:32:59] <gene77> I have no clue if my shuddering z drive can do that. But we'll try...
[17:33:26] <Tom_itx> you need an allen wrench?
[17:33:28] <cradek> gene77: an ez-out will often catch in an allen head...
[17:33:40] <Tom_itx> ahh i see you broke it off
[17:34:10] <Tom_itx> not sure they make ez-outs that small
[17:34:24] <gene77> No, need to drive it in, with the threads coated with goop
[17:34:34] <andypugh> Sorry, nmy numbers are wrong.
[17:34:56] <Tom_itx> not that far off
[17:35:03] <andypugh> 0.04041451884327
[17:35:14] <andypugh> (cos 30, not cos 15)
[17:35:26] <andypugh> And my CAD package agrees :-)
[17:35:30] <Tom_itx> the actual measured was ~.037
[17:35:55] <Tom_itx> the head itself may be that
[17:36:01] <andypugh> I guess the corners on a real key are not perfectly sharp.
[17:36:41] <gene77> thats why I'll let it finish this 10,000 degree run, then write some code to polish the flats until the screw fits it. It should be about .045 by the end of this current move
[17:37:58] <gene77> Too bad I can't take pix & post them, from this machine while its running the mill. :(
[17:47:55] <JT-Shop> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73dvrir5kig
[17:59:12] <JT-Shop> http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum/40-subroutines-and-ngcgui/26296-ellipse-subroutine#31520
[18:09:49] <mhaberler> would be nice in the gcode examples directory
[18:10:06] <JT-Shop> aye
[18:35:07] <gene77> Now I haven't a clue, but I've got an infinite loop at the file read check. I sure wish the was a kill button for that function, but it looks like a reboot, ctl+c doesn't fix even if it does eventually kill it.
[18:42:17] <L84Supper> Led Zeppelin g-code? :)
[18:46:48] <tjtr33> i think so, this should not be valid o<Ellipse> call [-4] [0] [0] [1] [-3] [0] [0] [-1] [500] [.1] [-.1] [.05] [.125] [12000]
[18:47:48] <gene77> YUp, and can't get the motors to move any way but manually from the keyboard.
[18:48:08] <tjtr33> at first i questioned 4 points, thinking 2 points or 2 radii are pretty std, so i tried a circle , fine. Then put 1 segment away from other
[18:48:43] <tjtr33> i think it just needs some pre-motion testing of the data passed
[18:49:22] <tjtr33> gene77 is your hang related to the ellipse code, ran 'ok' for me
[18:49:38] <gene77> Got it, I'd left feed override at 0, duh. My feet are freezing
[18:50:02] <tjtr33> hah that was our 1st Q last tech job... is the Fovr at 0?
[18:55:01] <tjtr33> anyone using the Xilinx WebPack on Ubuntu?
[18:55:04] <tjtr33> I cant complete the tutorials on 14.4 nor 9.2i nor 9.2i sp4.
[18:59:58] <Err> I've run 10.1 and 11.1 on Ubuntu 10.04
[19:00:15] <Err> (that was a while ago, though)
[19:00:30] <tjtr33> Err, thx, did you ever run the tutorial, did you ever add an IP to a project?
[19:01:52] <Err> no, and ... maybe?
[19:02:08] <Err> I can't recall if I ever used any IP - I mostly write my own verilog
[19:02:37] <Err> (and that project was targeting a CPLD, so there probably wasn't room for any IP, although I might have instantiated a counter to see how my verilog instantiation stacked up to the built-in)
[19:02:58] <tjtr33> ok, thx, this was all VHDL, but i expected it to run its built in tutorial ( silly me )
[19:03:14] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop you still around?
[19:03:36] <tjtr33> at least someone says that M$ isnt absolutely neccesary
[19:04:34] <Err> yeah, I can vouch for the toolchain basically working on ubuntu
[19:05:33] <tjtr33> ok, i'll get 10 or 11 plus needed SPs, again thx
[19:08:22] <Err> I'm pretty sure that the latest stuff will work, too - you can't be the only person to try using it on ubuntu
[19:18:27] <gene77> I'm getting closer, the last pass measured .037 across the flats, and the screw could have been driven onto it.
[19:19:02] <gene77> Going down .0005 per pass, or .001 actual.
[19:21:51] <gene77> Gotta love it when you have to make your own tools. I spent the first 2 hours redrilling my table for the rotary table to clear the head better
[19:56:11] <r00t4rd3d> i hate christmas
[20:08:25] <Valen> grinch
[20:26:10] <tjtr33> Err, getting a new , clean single file 14.4 dload, i agree the newest should work.
[20:26:43] <tjtr33> eta 10hrs :/
[20:56:27] <tjtr33> for the clock makers amongst us, http://archive.org/details/TowerClocks i never thought about it but they were kits eventually
[21:08:12] <r00t4rd3d> so no one else has been having any issues with Google?
[21:09:11] <r00t4rd3d> for the past 2 or 3 days its been total crap for me
[21:09:16] <r00t4rd3d> not loading or wicked slow
[21:09:26] <Tom_itx> i've always had issues with google but i use them occasionally
[21:47:57] <Valen> r00t4rd3d: probably peering with your ISP is down
[21:59:23] <skunkworks> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mach1mach2cnc/message/139302
[22:17:14] <Tecan> http://science.slashdot.org/story/13/03/17/1924216/nanoscale-3d-printer-now-commercially-available?utm_source=rss1.0mainlinkanon&utm_medium=feed
[22:27:38] <tjtr33> the muscle sensing arm band on same page is cool too ( Ironman Yah!)
[23:00:43] <tjtr33> oh that armband is like 2 links deep , so here https://getmyo.com/