#linuxcnc | Logs for 2012-12-08

[02:04:58] <DJ9DJ> moin
[06:58:14] <awallin> in case there's anyone here from Finland (or maybe Sweden or someplace else nearby), I'm selling my Atom N330 ITX-machine with a Mesa 5i20: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o8p9e38g4c3y13a/jMYY16KyHn?m#/
[06:58:58] <awallin> shipping somewhere far (germany or US etc) is probably going to be too expensive to be worth it
[06:59:47] <archivist> unless you pay the shipping :)
[07:00:18] <awallin> right..
[07:00:42] <andypugh> mrsun is in .se
[07:01:21] <andypugh> I will be working in FInland next month, but only briefly, and I don't need a 5i20 :-)
[07:02:11] <archivist> could be a crafty way to reduce postage to the uk ?
[07:02:14] <awallin> ok. we just had a spell of -15C but now it's a warm -5C again..
[07:02:40] <andypugh> That's no good. I want at least -20. -40 was too cold a couple of years ago.
[07:18:07] <jthornton> high of 60F here today
[07:23:10] <mrsun> awallin, how much? :)
[07:23:17] <mrsun> and why selling? :P
[07:24:46] <awallin> mrsun: I was thinking 200euros, with 15euros shipping within finland - not sure what it is to sweden. I got a new i3 machine and have a new mesa card on order for further experimenting so this one has just been in storage for a year now
[07:31:58] <mrsun> would be neat but dont think i can afford it atm ... :/
[07:34:21] <awallin> just posted it to the finnish cnc-forum so we'll see if there is interest
[08:00:38] <jthornton> http://linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum/41-guis/25923-touch-screen-gui#27412
[08:02:59] <awallin> should the top-row of button look like tabs? or are they status-indicators?
[08:03:23] <archivist> the question about size, any fixed size will annoy someone
[08:04:03] <archivist> axis does not fit on my box upstairs at the moment
[08:11:02] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: The STATUS and OVERRIDES may look/feel/fit better if they where all on the same row instead of stacked
[08:18:18] <jthornton> awallin, the top row is a button and status row
[08:18:24] <Jymmm> jthornton: un/Pause (resume) are usually the same button, just toggled.
[08:18:44] <jthornton> archivist, the size is not fixed but the minimum size
[08:20:22] <archivist> the os takes some screen estate so an 800x600 screen does not leave you 600
[08:20:36] <andypugh> It needs brigh colours and simulates transparebcy/shinyness and to look like a fruit machine to tempt the Mach boys over :-)
[08:20:48] <jthornton> LOL
[08:20:55] * archivist slaps andypugh
[08:21:19] <jthornton> Jymmm, yea it could be the same button
[08:21:23] <archivist> I wasted an hour fixing a setup on a mac yesterday
[08:21:39] <andypugh> On a "Mac" or on "Mach"?
[08:21:55] <archivist> user upgraded his os it trashed his apache php and mysql setup
[08:22:06] <andypugh> (For fun the Mac uses the Mach unix kernel)
[08:22:07] <archivist> Mac
[08:22:21] <archivist> what a heap
[08:22:24] * jthornton goes out to the BP to see how the GUI feels on a touch screen
[08:22:53] <Jymmm> +------+ +-------+
[08:22:53] <Jymmm> | HELP | | CLEAR |
[08:22:53] <Jymmm> | | | PLOT |
[08:22:54] <Jymmm> +- F1 -+ +- F2 --+
[08:23:08] <archivist> so many keys missing making it unusable
[08:23:35] <archivist> no effin delete key
[08:24:03] <Jymmm> There is
[08:24:12] * Loetmichel is still thinking about an app to convert a cheap 7" tablet to a MPG for linuxCNC
[08:24:22] <archivist> there is a backspace
[08:24:36] <Jymmm> archivist: SHIFT+BACKSPACE == DELETE =)
[08:24:41] <Loetmichel> ... but my programming abilitys are WAY below that kind of stuff :-(
[08:24:52] <archivist> ONE key as a sensible machine
[08:24:54] <andypugh> archivist: There are a lot of gear hobs on eBay at the moment, seemingly all from the same seller. They are also a really funny shape, in the main.
[08:25:37] <archivist> I have 0 funds though and a council tax bill of 700
[08:25:49] <andypugh> I have to say I rarely feel the urge to forward-delete
[08:26:19] <andypugh> I wasn't suggesting you buy the hobs, but you could tell me what the heck they are for :-)
[08:26:20] <Jymmm> andypugh: It's teh backspace key archivist is talking about,
[08:26:32] <Jymmm> or lack there of
[08:26:38] <andypugh> Jymmm: I know. I use a Mac. :-)
[08:26:42] <archivist> andypugh, which seller
[08:27:10] <andypugh> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/310370873395
[08:27:47] <archivist> I think he is over priced, not sure if he sells any
[08:29:28] <andypugh> I am mainly wondering what they are for. I don't think that will make a gear.
[08:30:10] <andypugh> Might make a ball-spline..
[08:30:24] <Jymmm> jthornton: You might consider laying out the functions keys much like a keypad (3x4 matrix), then they could double up as Function keys or numeric input.
[08:30:25] <archivist> I agree its not a normal gear perhaps a toothed belt
[08:30:45] <andypugh> Ah, yes. Hence the 8mm pitch.
[08:31:05] <andypugh> `And the others are for the othe belt types.
[08:31:31] <archivist> and they may be restricted to particular diameters too
[08:32:36] <andypugh> Shouldn't be. If the hob is the profile of a straight belt (as a hob is typically the profile of a rack) then they should generate correctly for any tooth count.
[08:33:01] <archivist> those are curved
[08:33:53] <andypugh> Yes, and so are some styles of belt.
[08:35:59] <andypugh> http://www.tunedtech.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Timing-Belt.jpg
[08:37:03] <archivist> hobs for clock teeth have a limited range they can cover due to the curved sides
[08:37:28] <andypugh> There are all sorts of games to play with relative tooth length and pulley depth. They went through several iterations on the last engine I worked on trying to stop the engine sounding like a goose at certain revs...
[08:38:27] <archivist> but for a specialist design, one makes the hobs to suit, and then what he has becomes useless unless making the right pattern parts
[08:39:43] <andypugh> But clocks like to have 3 teeth or less, so things get a bit funny. With a toothed belt pulley you still need to fit a shaft down the middle, so it's a little easier.
[08:40:17] <archivist> I would love a selection of smaller sizes to play with but know the likely use for them needs more blue moons
[08:40:43] <andypugh> Did Mr Wierd pay for your crazy gears?
[08:40:47] <archivist> no
[08:41:06] <andypugh> Sorry for putting him on to you then.
[08:41:22] <archivist> you were not to know
[08:41:42] <archivist> I dont blame you just send better loons next time :)
[08:43:47] <andypugh> Did he take the parts and not pay, or just decide he didn't want them?
[08:44:06] <Loetmichel> andypugh: and after a few years it looks like this: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=8955
[08:44:23] <archivist> I seem to have found another on friday who wants me to sign an nda, except he failed to send a valid nda for me to sign(didnt fix the multiple choice on a sample)
[08:45:07] <Loetmichel> that was a timing belt out of a HP desingjet 750C... fault description from customer "head skips some from time to time"
[08:45:19] <andypugh> Loetmichel: My professsional opinion is that that belt is due for replacement.
[08:45:28] <Loetmichel> *o.really.jpg*
[08:45:41] <archivist> andypugh, I sent him a price and then waited, then sent a prompt, then he claimed to be out of the country and not understand, I dont post any thing without moneyz
[08:46:21] <archivist> Loetmichel, is the tension spring broken/misplaced
[08:46:43] <andypugh> Maybe you can find a small Ninja in need ot throwing-stars.
[08:46:51] <Loetmichel> archivist: just old age in combination with a place with much temperature change
[08:47:05] <archivist> seems the last ninjas are retiring
[08:47:26] <Loetmichel> the rubber could be broken to bits from the glass fibre like is was made from wet sand!
[08:47:56] <archivist> Loetmichel, the plastics on the tension and drive gears would be where I looked
[08:48:54] <Loetmichel> archivist: it had gotten a new belt and is running now for about 2 years like new... apart from the worn down service station which lets the head dry in about a month ;-)
[08:49:25] <Loetmichel> have to buy a new service staion or the rubber gaskets any time now ;-)
[08:50:56] <archivist> andypugh, at least those gears got me to make a cutter grinder, that has earned money sharpening a rotabroach
[08:51:50] <JT-Shop> Jymmm: I have a number pad that pops up when needed http://linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/forum/41-guis/25881-python-gtk-ngcgui?start=12
[08:52:25] <andypugh> You could offer a sharpening service via a dodgy eBay ad. Just make sure you only display sharp tools, not the sharpening machine :-)
[08:53:30] <archivist> I found a price list to compete with http://www.cuttercare.co.uk/sharpening-pricelist.php
[08:55:19] <archivist> andypugh, do you think 358 was too expensive for those gears I made
[08:55:34] <Tom_itx> gears are expensive to make
[08:56:06] <andypugh> £358? Or £58?
[08:56:22] <archivist> £358 for 6
[08:56:51] <archivist> I think it was a reasonable/ too cheap
[08:57:09] <andypugh> I reckon that would be a lot more than he expected to have to pay. Did you quote prior to beginning work?
[08:57:42] <archivist> no, had no idea what it would really take to get done
[08:58:17] <Tom_itx> there is bidding software out ther
[08:58:17] <Tom_itx> e
[08:58:24] <andypugh> TBH I was fairly sure he wasn't prepared to pay enough to tempt me to do it. But then I am comfortable for money but seem to lack time.
[08:58:55] <andypugh> But £60 each for one-off protoypes seems perfectly reasonable.
[08:59:50] <archivist> I end up spending too much time trying to do things without me spending money, which costs time
[08:59:54] <Tom_itx> what's TCT? carbide?
[09:00:08] <archivist> yes
[09:00:30] <archivist> last being tip
[09:00:33] <archivist> T
[09:00:44] <Tom_itx> not sure how those numbers compare to the US dollar but seem rather cheap
[09:01:12] <andypugh> You seem to be charging about twice as much as HPC do for stock gears. Which seems emminently reasonable. http://www.hpcgears.com/newpdf/bevel_gears_0.8_2.5mod.pdf
[09:01:32] <Tom_itx> i think i'm paying around $25-30 for a 60 tooth carbide blade
[09:01:43] <archivist> HPC know how to charge for specials :)
[09:01:56] <Tom_itx> tri cut
[09:02:34] <andypugh> Tom_itx: £16 == $10.
[09:02:57] <archivist> other way round
[09:03:02] <andypugh> Yes, sorry.
[09:03:05] <andypugh> Doh!
[09:03:05] <Tom_itx> sounds about right then
[09:03:41] <Tom_itx> carbide tri cut 60 tooth iirc i paid around 25-30 us
[09:09:38] <JT-Shop> looks like the touch screen GUI fits nice in a 12" or larger monitor
[09:23:30] <JT-Shop> archivist: was this for me?
[09:23:31] <JT-Shop> <archivist> so many keys missing making it unusable
[09:23:31] <JT-Shop> <archivist> no effin delete key
[09:24:45] <archivist> no just me griping about Macs , over priced where less is more....shiny
[09:24:52] <JT-Shop> ah ok
[09:25:12] <JT-Shop> Jymmm:
[09:25:13] <JT-Shop> <Jymmm> | HELP | | CLEAR |???
[09:27:09] <andypugh> archivist: I like Macs. I like shiny. And they are arguably only over-priced in the way that $CAR is overpriced, offering no more transportation effectiveness than $OTHER_CAR.
[09:27:47] <andypugh> Differentiation on the basis of shinyness rather than function is just a sign of a mature market.
[09:28:36] <archivist> well I found it much harder to support a user as stuff gets moved/changed for $ ans shiny reasons not ease of use for a programmer
[09:30:15] <archivist> but the killer is he had it working and just did an upgrade like a good boy and apple broke it for him
[09:31:19] <skunkworks> My wife finally got a ipad a few months back... They are really cool. She uses it every day. I am tempted...
[09:32:01] <Loetmichel> skunkworks: i am not
[09:32:09] <skunkworks> heh
[09:32:12] <Loetmichel> even my wife has one from hte company
[09:32:28] <Loetmichel> privately we are using relatively cheap android ones
[09:32:49] <Loetmichel> and my favouurite so far is a dirt cheap 7" 16:9
[09:33:07] <skunkworks> I bought a nook color that I rooted and have jelly bean installed. It is nice - but not as refined.
[09:33:12] <Loetmichel> because it fits in the inner pocket of the coat ;-)
[09:34:03] <skunkworks> Loetmichel: what brand is the 7"
[09:34:12] <Loetmichel> so i can use it for the intended puorpose: to be the "always everywhere internet browser"
[09:34:30] <Loetmichel> its a china gadget i bought from a german CNC company.
[09:34:31] <Loetmichel> ISEL
[09:34:49] <Loetmichel> it has no "brand" in that manner
[09:35:02] <Loetmichel> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=12913
[09:35:07] <Loetmichel> that one
[09:35:46] <Loetmichel> i have accumilated a FEW tablets over the years: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=13406
[09:36:58] <andypugh> I just bought a Kindle Fire as a christmas present. So far I feel no urge to get a tablet. (the iPhone fills the mobile internet role for me)
[09:37:16] <Loetmichel> and there is my new Samsung note... and 2 more tablets in 8" and 10" from archos: ab 80g9turbo for me and a 10.1g9 for my wife
[09:37:50] <skunkworks> The nook is a little underpowered - but it holds it's own.
[09:37:57] <Loetmichel> which are residing on the according nightstands beside the bed ;-)
[09:38:52] <Loetmichel> the samsung note has made the 7" isel more or less obsolete because it is not much smaller but has the better screen resolution and a faster CPU
[09:40:32] <skunkworks> I have been looking for something cheap that has a bit more power - but now that I have been running JB - it would have to run it...
[09:43:05] <Loetmichel> the arcos 80G9turbo has a dualcore 1,6GHZ IIRC
[09:43:09] <Loetmichel> and is fast enough
[09:43:22] <Loetmichel> for my pourposes
[09:43:36] <Loetmichel> and is relatively cheap
[09:44:04] <Loetmichel> bur has a BIT to much size to be always carried around
[09:44:07] <Loetmichel> but
[09:44:35] <skunkworks> I don't have a smart phone.... Probably wont..
[09:46:36] <skunkworks> atleast not in the near future
[09:46:36] <Loetmichel> ... AND it has the option to integrate a GSM/hspa/wahtever stick in it
[09:54:29] <jdh> why?
[09:56:34] <mrsun> awallin, that chassie tho, what kind is that? :)
[10:33:10] <skunkworks> jdh - I rarely use my cell phone. - just to call my wife and emergencies..
[10:33:37] <awallin> mrsun: the case for the old machine is a codegen mx31, see https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=codegen+mx31
[10:36:36] <jdh> skunk: that's because you have an old, clunky phone that doesn't do much else?
[10:37:06] <skunkworks> it actually has internet on it (trakphone) but it is painfull
[10:38:12] <skunkworks> but most places have wireless access around here. - and it is much easier on a tablet or laptop
[10:40:47] <jdh> I fondled a Note2 the other day, but didn't get it.
[11:08:23] <andypugh> I have a job to do that would be a breeze with a shaper.
[11:08:37] <andypugh> But I only have a mill. Ah well.
[11:08:43] <archivist> use the mill as a shaper
[11:08:58] <andypugh> When I call it a mill....
[11:10:12] <andypugh> Actually, manual milling on the Harrison is probably the answer.
[11:10:14] <archivist> I have turned a tool 90 degrees on a lathe and cut grooves, shaping ish
[11:10:53] <archivist> was the knurling on a model adjustable spanner
[11:11:28] <andypugh> I have done that with keyways, and the drive pinion on my pillar drill was one I made that way (with my dad's help) when I was about 10.
[11:15:01] <andypugh> away
[11:22:56] <IchGuckLive> hi all B)
[11:50:54] <schwinn434> hello
[11:51:03] <IchGuckLive> B)
[11:51:18] <IchGuckLive> new nick
[11:51:38] <IchGuckLive> never saw this what is your linuxccnc attent
[12:29:13] <IchGuckLive> ok then have a nice Suturday where ever you are in the World
[13:46:58] <L84Supper> http://heartygfx.free.fr/Printer3D/essais_20.png how do you tell people that they aren't going to get the resolution they expect if you use cheap drawer slides for linear bearings?
[13:48:03] <toastydeath> pretty much that
[13:56:56] <L84Supper> http://store.solidoodle.com/image/cache/data/PRO-500x500.jpg I thought this was just a proof of concept made on someone kitchen table with leftover parts but it's an actual production printer
[13:58:03] <archivist> people are clueless about resolution and accuracy
[13:58:05] <L84Supper> hose clamps hold the rods in place
[14:01:10] <archivist> at least they say the precision is meaningless at the bottom of http://store.solidoodle.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=79
[14:01:33] <toastydeath> I PUT A 50 NANOMETER RESOLVER ON THIS!
[14:01:45] <toastydeath> I KNOW MY DESK DRAWER POSITION TO 100 NM
[14:01:51] <L84Supper> lol
[14:01:57] <archivist> but calling it world class is pushing it a bit
[14:02:10] <icee> it's not crazy to use drawer slides to make a plastic printer
[14:02:25] <icee> forces are negligible, resolution of fused deposition is crap no matter what
[14:03:08] <archivist> they have play and lost motion its crazy
[14:03:29] <icee> for $800 it's crazy
[14:03:47] <icee> if it lets you get things down to a $200-build-your-own-from-readily-available-parts footprint it's awesome/amazing
[14:04:11] <icee> you can do some pretty trivial preloading things to make the play a lot better too
[14:05:34] <icee> you know? I don't really need a plastic printer with present capabilities.. but if it was $300 i'd be making all kinds of little bushings and brackets and stuff that way
[14:06:34] <toastydeath> i want to build a plastic printer to make wax parts for casting
[14:06:47] <archivist> I have used machines with springs for 0 play and they DONT have draw slides, they have hand scraped slides and are made in Switzerland
[14:06:47] <toastydeath> or making forms for casting
[14:07:06] <L84Supper> the FDM are pretty crude, the DLP type SLA are easily down to 50um res
[14:07:19] <toastydeath> also I am irritated with the mentality of the plastic printer folks
[14:07:27] <L84Supper> toastydeath: what size parts? just roughly
[14:07:29] <toastydeath> and think something like EMC would be far better for the machine control
[14:07:46] <icee> hand scraped slides for an extrusion-based plastic printer seems crazy
[14:07:47] <toastydeath> L84Supper, large-ish parts
[14:07:56] <toastydeath> 3x3x3 foot envelope
[14:08:12] <L84Supper> what res do you need?
[14:08:24] <icee> drawer slides may be too low end, but anything above v bearings?
[14:08:29] <toastydeath> no idea, i haven't planned this out in detail
[14:09:03] <toastydeath> i just kind of thought to myself how much easier it would be to make core boxes and things using a 3d printer
[14:10:28] <toastydeath> the issue for me is the printing method is purely 2.5d, whereas emc handles 5 axis shit wonderfully
[14:10:44] <toastydeath> I'd want to be able to print truly support-free objects
[14:10:56] <toastydeath> by rotating the print table to reorient gravity and thus the material flow
[14:11:58] <L84Supper> inkjet printers deposit the build material and support material
[14:12:02] <Jymmm> We will reorient gravity to Right instead of Down, Thank you and have nice day.
[14:13:31] <L84Supper> I'm working on multiphase materials for SLA, so there is support material without supports
[14:14:21] <L84Supper> SLA typically has been limited by supports being printer with the same material so it ends up similar to injection molding with support you have to break off
[14:14:52] <toastydeath> i see this whole issue as being caused by an unnecessary fixation on 2.5d printing
[14:15:34] <archivist> and/or plastic
[14:15:59] <toastydeath> this may be an outsider's perspective but it seems to me that the printing side of things is engaged in a bit of Not Invented Here
[14:16:22] <toastydeath> when they've already got the beginnings of is essentially a CAM system, coupled to a crappy machine control
[14:16:25] <L84Supper> it's a whole lot of that and patent battles
[14:17:03] <toastydeath> i think everyone would be better off if emc was used as the control, and the CAM system was bolted on to that - that would be a win for both printing, and for machining
[14:17:25] <L84Supper> that's what we use
[14:17:38] <toastydeath> which "we"
[14:18:12] <L84Supper> the reprap devs for some reason just don't like the idea of EMC
[14:18:38] <toastydeath> is there a specific reason?
[14:19:13] <L84Supper> they just made some smarter boards with 32b ARM soc's LPC1769 cortex m3
[14:19:39] <L84Supper> the argument seems to be keeping the printer low cost
[14:19:58] <L84Supper> but you need a PC host anyway
[14:20:32] <toastydeath> lol
[14:20:45] <L84Supper> so now they have new ARM boards that can run without a host but there is no display
[14:20:58] <Nick001-Shop> Kirk - are you around?
[14:21:38] <kwallace> Hello, this is Kirk
[14:22:07] <toastydeath> bbl
[14:22:13] <Nick001-Shop> got some questions about the hardinge and the vertical slide
[14:22:23] <L84Supper> http://smoothieware.org/smoothieboard for instance or https://0xfb.com/shop.html
[14:23:03] <kwallace> I can try to help.
[14:23:32] <Nick001-Shop> there's a switch that the slide hits at the bottom of travel - how did you wire it in?
[14:24:33] <kwallace> I haven't done anything with it. I just part with a tool in the turret.
[14:25:51] <kwallace> My guess is it should be wired like a limit switch?
[14:26:21] <Nick001-Shop> got it to extend and retract but having trouble inputting the switch to hold back the retract until the switch contacts
[14:26:45] <jthornton> the pneumatic slide?
[14:26:55] <Nick001-Shop> yes
[14:27:22] <jthornton> would that not tell you the cut is finished and time to retract the slide?
[14:27:38] <jthornton> I don't have one on my CHNC
[14:27:43] <Nick001-Shop> I know I should be able to figure it out but I'm not seeing it
[14:28:27] <jthornton> activate solenoid till the switch input then turn off the solenoid
[14:28:45] <jthornton> seems like you need a switch at the top and bottom to know when the parting cycle is done
[14:28:51] <Nick001-Shop> I saw that on your site which is why I asked Kirk - his mach has the verticle slid - he just cuts off with the turret
[14:29:27] <jthornton> rob_h, might have one as well
[14:29:45] <Nick001-Shop> has a switch at the bottom of the slide stroke with a screw to adjust for dia
[14:30:00] <kwallace> I would tend to create a Parting G code with a matching hal component to handle the logic.
[14:30:10] <jthornton> yea
[14:31:12] <Nick001-Shop> I found do I do a halpin true and it will wait for it to become true before retracting?
[14:32:13] <kwallace> Slide out until a timeout or sees the switch, then dwell a tiny bit, then retract.
[14:33:37] <Nick001-Shop> can I do that all in a M-- call or do I have to do a component?
[14:35:47] <jthornton> in a M1xx you can turn the output on, wait for the input then turn the output off
[14:37:45] <Nick001-Shop> can I have a g04 p1.0 as a line in the M1-- call
[14:43:12] <Nick001-Shop> Would this work?
[14:43:13] <Nick001-Shop> parport.0.pin-08 out true (advances slide)
[14:43:14] <Nick001-Shop> parport.0.pin-04 in true ( waiting for the switch to close)
[14:43:15] <Nick001-Shop> g04 p1.0 (dwells 1 sec)
[14:43:17] <Nick001-Shop> parport.0.pin-08 out false (retracts slide)
[14:43:17] <Nick001-Shop> g04 p2.0 (gives enough time for the slide to retacr before continuing on)
[14:43:18] <Nick001-Shop>
[14:43:50] <kwallace> There should be a g-code that holds an output until it sees an input.
[14:45:02] <Nick001-Shop> can you direct me to the integrator manual on that one?
[14:45:47] <kwallace> M66? http://linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode/m-code.html#_m66_wait_on_input_a_id_sec_m66_input_control_a
[14:48:11] <Nick001-Shop> thanks for all the input - will keep me busy the rest of the weekend - will be back if I get lost -)
[14:49:55] <kwallace> Bonne chance
[14:51:54] <kwallace> Classic Ladder, Python or other script could be used too.
[15:06:47] <Nick001-Shop> Not up to the fancy stuff yet
[15:08:15] <JT-Shop> anyone know of a touchscreen calibration program for ubuntu?
[15:19:48] <Tecan> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlLU9_IGymg
[16:16:10] <L84Supper> JT-Shop: never used it but http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/xinput_calibrator
[16:17:01] <JT-Shop> L84Supper: thanks
[16:19:09] <JT-Shop> hmm it is already installed in Ubuntu
[16:20:12] <L84Supper> http://www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/how-ubuntu-1104-touchscreen-calibration
[16:20:49] <L84Supper> I haven't used ubuntu in a while so I've lost track of where they hide the settings
[16:25:57] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[16:44:58] <Aero-Tec> what is the best way to watch the value of a variable?
[16:45:18] <Aero-Tec> I could do MSG, but that is a pain
[16:45:41] <Aero-Tec> and have to keep hitting the x to get rid of it
[16:46:06] <Aero-Tec> is there a way to watch the value live?
[16:51:16] <andypugh> Aero-Tec: Halmeter. Sort-of
[16:51:32] <Aero-Tec> looked at that
[16:51:41] <Aero-Tec> how would you set it up
[16:52:06] <andypugh> Replace the MSG line with a M62(?) Analog-out, then Halmeter the analogout pin
[16:52:07] <Aero-Tec> I did not see where you could look at one variable or a group of them
[16:52:29] <Aero-Tec> cool
[16:52:55] <andypugh> M67 is the one: http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/gcode/m-code.html#sec:M67-Analog-Output
[16:53:09] <Aero-Tec> would that give a value of over 1K?
[16:53:27] <Aero-Tec> from 0 to 1100
[16:53:35] <Aero-Tec> that is what I need
[16:53:35] <andypugh> Yeah, it's floating point. It will struggle above 10^324
[16:53:52] <Aero-Tec> analog output sounds limited
[16:53:58] <Aero-Tec> ok
[16:54:00] <Aero-Tec> cool
[16:54:02] <Aero-Tec> thanks
[16:56:17] <Aero-Tec> looks like one need to reprogram HAL for it to work
[16:59:36] <andypugh> No. You can just let the pin dangle and look at it with Halmeter
[17:15:23] <Aero-Tec> andypugh: THANKS
[17:15:29] <Aero-Tec> that worked
[17:25:10] <rob_h> jthornton, i might a?
[17:41:16] * icee attempts to persuade his dust collector to not vibrate-walk across the shop floor
[17:49:25] <kwallace> I have a small compressor with two wheels on one end and a foot on the other. It would walk too. Until I placed a plastic 5 gal. pail lid under the foot. The foot now floats on the center of the lid which absorbs the vibration so the rim doesn't loose traction with the floor. So let it vibrate on squishy feet.
[17:50:31] <icee> i'm thinking of bolting it to a couple of 2x4's which would hopefully provide damping and a greater contact area
[17:50:33] <andypugh> "Squishy feet, I got those squishy feet...."
[17:51:44] <andypugh> Perhaps these would help? http://www.amazon.com/Acousti-AcoustiFeet-Anti-vibration-Case-Feet/dp/B003VREHJ4/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1355009929&sr=8-3
[17:52:23] * icee nods
[17:52:23] <icee> maybe
[17:57:58] <kwallace> I have my three phase converter on four old BMW valve springs. It can rock a bit, but is much more quiet because the vibration doesn't get transmitted to the floor. Springs with rubber feet would be ideal.
[18:01:18] <kwallace> http://www.vibrationmounts.com/RFQ/VM05008A.htm
[18:04:09] <kwallace> http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-vibration-damping-mounts/=kibsm4
[18:05:58] <kwallace> I have some of the McMaster style dampers too, but I'm waiting to run out of valve springs before I use them.
[18:41:56] <icee> valve springs is an awesome idea. i tried the 2x4's and it works well enough for now
[20:18:24] <Jymmm> http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=Vnt7euRF5Pg&vq=medium
[20:20:31] <Tom_itx> i was rather surprised how empty the mall was today
[20:20:36] <Tom_itx> as well as best buy
[20:20:53] <Tom_itx> nearly like a weekday in the middle of summer
[20:35:46] <andypugh> I wonder how many folk there had no idea they were in a Falshmod
[20:36:04] <andypugh> Or even a Flashmob
[20:36:22] <tjb1-mobile> Is it bad to move a stepper manually when the drive isnt under power?
[20:36:35] <jdh> not for the motor
[20:36:42] <Tom_itx> it could be bad on the driver
[20:37:02] <andypugh> Only if you move it rather fast, I supect.
[20:37:15] <tjb1-mobile> Ill have to ask gecko about it
[20:37:36] <andypugh> I do it quite often (as my lathe is still usable manually) and nothing bad has happened yet.
[20:37:51] <jdh> shouldn't hurt a gecko
[20:38:12] <tjb1-mobile> My drive fault light lights up when I move mine
[20:38:16] <Tom_itx> no probably not but all drivers aren't created equal
[20:38:17] <tjb1-mobile> Thats when drive is unpowered
[20:38:47] <andypugh> I have to say that flashmobbing is one one the most fun things that social media have brought us.
[20:39:03] <Tom_itx> yeah
[20:39:43] <andypugh> OK, I am drunk and I am bored, and I have eBay open. What should I look for?
[20:39:52] <jdh> uh oh.
[20:40:00] <Tom_itx> anything you don't really need but possibly want
[20:40:19] <Tom_itx> if you searched when sober it wouldn't cross your mind to get it
[20:41:07] <andypugh> Hmm, latex basque
[20:41:24] <andypugh> (not _nearly_ that drunk)
[20:42:31] <tjb1-mobile> Little late for you andypugh ?
[20:42:38] <andypugh> 'appen
[20:45:06] <andypugh> Though my frequent search for "cnc lathe" with condition "for parts or not working" has found something: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/cnc-lathe-/230891194210?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM&hash=item35c2300762
[20:47:46] <jdh> looks like it needs a lot of space
[20:47:54] <tjb1-mobile> Home and garden hug
[20:47:56] <tjb1-mobile> Huh
[20:47:59] <andypugh> That's why it isn't mine now.
[20:49:29] <andypugh> I wonder if you can make a living fixing up that sort of thing?
[20:49:56] <jdh> any living, or a decent living.
[20:49:59] <Tom_itx> i suppose tool suppliers do
[20:50:00] <tjb1-mobile> Why dont you try
[20:50:32] <andypugh> Well, yes, I make a good living from my job, so that would only be a backup if it went wrong.
[20:50:36] <Tom_itx> or you could lcnc it and make a living making parts
[20:51:31] <Tom_itx> the extras alone may be worth the 2k
[20:53:43] <kwallace> For a long time there has been too little margin in making parts, unless one finds a specialty.
[20:54:26] <jdh> http://www.ebay.com/itm/121033757061
[20:54:40] <jdh> that woudl be fun to play with for a bit. Don't suppose you could actually cut much with it.
[21:00:53] <kwallace> Too bad that EMCO doesn't have the tool changer, although it might be easy to make one. Slap a dumpster PC and LinuxCNC on it and put it back on eBay with a fancy video.
[21:02:35] <andypugh> That's pretty cheap for a little Emco
[21:03:09] <kwallace> Andy, I had to look that one up, can't seem to get it out of my mind.
[21:03:10] <jdh> there is a tool changer on there for $450
[21:08:06] <tjb1> Is there a debounce setting for limits? Mine is blowing by a 1/2" wide target at 400 ipm
[21:08:47] <jdh> you can add one, but there isn't by default.
[21:08:58] <Tom_itx> i added one on mine
[21:09:44] <tjb1> Well I was hoping to turn something down...
[21:09:56] <tjb1> I can see the switch activated but Linuxcnc doesnt always treat it as a limit
[21:10:00] <jdh> does it not see it at all, or just not in time?
[21:11:20] <tjb1> Both
[21:11:40] <tjb1> I havent checked to see if the input is triggering with hal meter
[21:11:46] <tjb1> But I can see the prox sensor light up
[21:12:52] <kwallace> humm, this one is an hour's drive away http://www.ebay.com/itm/300828261507?. I wonder if they'll sell it whole?\
[21:13:22] <andypugh> how far do you travel in 1mS/
[21:15:04] <tjb1> 400 ipm = .16933 meters per second
[21:15:08] <tjb1> Is that what you wanted?
[21:15:15] <jdh> 6.66 thou?
[21:15:33] <tjb1> Oh 1 millisecond, silly metric...
[21:16:10] <tjb1> Yeah what jdh said
[21:16:26] <andypugh> I get 75 servo-threads per 1/2" travel. Either you have a very long debounce, or it simply isn't triggering the hal pin
[21:16:28] <tjb1> Target for prox sensor is .562" wide
[21:16:47] <tjb1> I havent set up any debounce
[21:16:58] <jdh> is it a cheap chinese prox switch?
[21:17:02] <tjb1> Yes
[21:17:32] <andypugh> Wierd thing with my machine. it is set to metric. G0 Z10 moves Z 10mm. Axis display shows a move of 245mm.
[21:17:45] <andypugh> (err, 254).
[21:18:09] <andypugh> It seems that Axis (and only Axis) is reading positions as inches, but displaying in mm.
[21:18:17] <jdh> bad wiring perhaps? (if the led lights, but the pin doesn't)
[21:18:26] <andypugh> I guess I forgot an INI flle setting.
[21:18:34] <tjb1> I think something with the G540…its going back this week because of bad outputs
[21:18:40] <tjb1> The inputs have also been fuzzy lately
[21:19:00] <tjb1> The prox sensors use to light up dimly then get bright when triggered…they arent doing that anymore
[21:19:19] <andypugh> tjb1: Might be your 5V not being 5V. Look for a common-mode failure, and that is more likely to be outside the G540.
[21:19:32] <tjb1> andypugh: Its a sinking signal
[21:20:00] <Aero-Tec> so does anyone know how to disable a limit for a rotary axis?
[21:20:15] <Aero-Tec> do you set limit to 0?
[21:20:39] <jdh> those little emco's seem to be expensive.
[21:20:48] <Aero-Tec> I just hit the limit
[21:21:32] <Aero-Tec> also I am in mid production run, any way to reset the limit while a program is running?
[21:26:07] <andypugh> Ah, you hit the 999 limit?
[21:26:46] <andypugh> I think G10 L2 (or l20, they confuse me) will let you reset the position.
[21:27:11] <andypugh> Or rehoming it from the menu (but you can't do that mid-part)
[21:28:17] <kwallace> jdh: That's why I thought adding LinuxCNC to the EMCO on eBay then reselling it might make sense, at least for someone in Florida.
[21:29:48] <jdh> kwallace: I'll be an hour or so from there the day after xmas
[21:35:43] <kwallace> Someone told me about KickStarter http://www.kickstarter.com/ and I have been thinking about applying it to LinuxCNC. Maybe that little EMCO?
[21:42:52] <tjb1> Anyone order that pendant for linuxcnc that was on kickstarter?
[21:43:18] <Aero-Tec> so is there a way to shut off the limit?
[21:43:23] <Aero-Tec> disable it?
[21:43:50] <Aero-Tec> I have a rotary axis and need to shut off the limit
[21:43:57] <Tom_itx> yeah
[21:44:21] <Tom_itx> tjb1, i got mine from PMDX
[21:48:04] <Tom_itx> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini_homing.html
[21:48:52] <Tom_itx> HOME_IGNORE_LIMITS
[22:05:44] <Aero-Tec> looked into that
[22:06:08] <Aero-Tec> looks like it is for when the home and limit switch are the same switch
[22:06:42] <Aero-Tec> but does not say anything about it not disabling the soft limits
[22:07:43] <tjb1> anyone good with zippos?
[22:21:36] <archivist> Aero-Tec, not sure you can disable for a rotary, most of us just set a stupid large amount for the rotation degrees possible so you never would get there
[22:42:12] <Aero-Tec> I thought I had set it high
[22:42:46] <Aero-Tec> but making 1000 springs at a time and I racked up a large number
[22:43:11] <Aero-Tec> I tried zero to disable it
[22:43:16] <Aero-Tec> that did not work
[22:43:25] <Aero-Tec> HOME_IGNORE_LIMITS
[22:43:31] <Aero-Tec> also did not work
[22:45:41] <Tom_itx> what if you shut them all off?
[22:45:53] <Tom_itx> #NO_FORCE_HOMING in [TRAJ]
[22:49:04] <Aero-Tec> Warning
[22:49:06] <Aero-Tec> Using this will allow the machine to go beyond the soft limits while in operation. It is not generally desirable to allow this.
[22:49:16] <Aero-Tec> it looks like that will do the trick
[22:49:26] <Aero-Tec> but does it for all axis
[22:50:32] <Aero-Tec> with a program as powerful as EMC and with all it can do, it is funny that a simple thing like turn off soft limits in a rotary axis is beyond what it can do
[22:50:57] <Aero-Tec> it would be great to have this
[22:51:31] <Aero-Tec> most rotary axis do not care about limits, they just go round and round
[22:51:38] <Aero-Tec> can go forever
[22:51:48] <Aero-Tec> well till they wear out
[22:52:22] <Aero-Tec> how can one request this be added?
[22:52:35] <Aero-Tec> should be a very simple add
[22:53:50] <cradek> patches thoughtfully considered
[22:56:08] <Aero-Tec> does that mean this request is in the works?
[22:56:59] <Aero-Tec> could do
[22:57:10] <Aero-Tec> #NO_FORCE_HOMING in [axis]
[22:57:54] <Aero-Tec> disable one axis
[23:21:00] <Aero-Tec> one other way EMC can be set up to disable a axis soft limit is to set the min and max to zero
[23:21:40] <Tom_L> it might be, i can't remember
[23:22:25] <Aero-Tec> there should be no real world reason to set them both to zero for a real working machine, unless your wanting to disable the soft limits
[23:22:34] <Aero-Tec> I tried it
[23:23:00] <Aero-Tec> setting them to zero only keeps them from moving
[23:30:01] <Aero-Tec> well that did not work
[23:30:11] <Aero-Tec> #NO_FORCE_HOMING in [TRAJ]
[23:30:40] <Aero-Tec> it still will not allow a move with min and max for the b axis set to 0
[23:31:00] <Aero-Tec> so what is the max one can set the limit?
[23:31:05] <Tom_itx> remove the #
[23:31:08] <Tom_itx> and set it to 1
[23:31:23] <Aero-Tec> anyone know
[23:31:27] <Aero-Tec> I did
[23:31:30] <Tom_itx> k
[23:31:32] <Aero-Tec> sorry
[23:31:54] <Aero-Tec> so why would it not allow a move?
[23:33:53] <Aero-Tec> the warning for it is
[23:33:55] <Aero-Tec> Using this will allow the machine to go beyond the soft limits while in operation. It is not generally desirable to allow this
[23:34:10] <Aero-Tec> but it did not allow me to go past the limit
[23:50:57] <Aero-Tec> I set them tons higher then I had before
[23:51:04] <Aero-Tec> hope that works