#linuxcnc | Logs for 2012-05-31

[09:31:43] <jymmm> jthornton: Eh, just big boom. No streak of sparks flying through the air =)
[09:31:56] <Tom_itx> mmm finally got power back
[09:39:55] <Tom_itx> logger[mah]
[09:39:55] <logger[mah]> Tom_itx: Log stored at http://linuxcnc.mah.priv.at/irc/%23linuxcnc/2012-05-31.html
[10:51:29] <jepler> oh my. http://hackaday.com/2012/05/31/the-biggest-cnc-machine-can-build-a-house/
[11:10:19] <ScribbleJ> Except it can't really build a house any more than a much smaller CNC machine, since you'll still have to do it in parts to get the internal voids a house is defined by.
[11:10:27] <ScribbleJ> Not much of a house when it's solid inside!
[11:11:12] <syyl> and made of foam
[11:11:14] <syyl> ..
[11:14:01] <djdelorie> it says it has an extruder option...
[11:14:18] <jdhNC> and it is run by an arduino
[11:14:21] <ScribbleJ> hahaha
[11:16:13] <jdhNC> anyone have or use an X2?
[11:49:31] <joe9> what is the name/technical term for the nut that goes into the t-slot (not a t-slot nut). the nut is just a rectangular piece that I slots into the t-slot. I checked the T-slot nuts and they have a neck.
[11:49:35] <joe9> this one does not have the neck.
[11:49:56] <joe9> it came with the taig and I find it pretty useful to thread the nuts into it.
[11:50:12] <Connor> Square nut ?
[11:50:20] <cpresser> joe9: german word is 'nutenstein'. cant tell you more :/
[11:51:32] <joe9> the shape is not square it is 1inch x 0.5inch
[11:51:47] <joe9> it does look like the "square nut" though.
[11:51:50] <Connor> rectangle nuts? P)
[11:52:19] <jdhNC> http://www.hightechsystemsllc.com/pt_nuts.html
[11:52:28] <jdhNC> like that, except square corners?
[11:52:49] <Connor> They're still called T nuts.. regardless if they have the shoulder or not I believe.
[11:53:35] <Connor> joe9: and what are you doing with it ?
[11:53:51] <cpresser> i like those, since you can 'clip' them in from above: http://www.smt-montagetechnik.de/img/3D/S205NSOS5.jpg
[11:54:51] <jdhNC> connor: My x2 came with a 36mm wrench that fits the spindle on the G704 perfectly. Doesn't seem to fit anything on the X2
[11:54:53] <joe9> cpresser: how do these work? more pics, please?
[11:55:30] <cpresser> joe9: google for 'item nutenstein'
[11:55:36] <joe9> connor: thanks.
[11:55:43] <joe9> cpresser: thanks.
[11:55:56] <Connor> jdhNC: Well.. heck.. I want one. :)
[11:56:35] <jdhNC> me too!
[11:58:11] <Connor> I like running the EMC simulator on my ubutnu desktop... makes it easy to check stuff out.
[11:59:27] <ScribbleJ> Can you do that without having an rtai kernel?
[11:59:46] <Connor> yup. Because, your not driving hardware.
[11:59:52] <jdhNC> load the sim version
[12:07:21] <joe9> is that the same as these http://www.mcmaster.com/#extrusion-nuts/=hrxd9o
[12:09:15] <Connor> YES.
[12:09:41] <joe9> connor: was the "YES" for me?
[12:09:48] <Connor> joe9: Yes. :)
[12:10:02] <Connor> Those are T-nuts used for T-Slot extrusion.
[12:10:11] <Connor> again, what are you using them for ?
[12:11:16] <joe9> connor, I want to hold my fixture down. The fixture has 6 slots through which the #10-32 nut can go through.
[12:13:56] <joe9> sorry about that. some unknown keyboard issue that prevents me from typing anything into the terminal.
[12:14:07] <joe9> connor: does that make sense?
[12:14:43] <Connor> yea, your using them as true nuts, not as t-nuts ? or you still using them in the t-slots?
[12:16:00] <joe9> yes, the taig table has slots, where the nuts go into.
[12:16:03] <ScribbleJ> Hey, this isn't completely related, but my router has a big T-slot bed... any great ideas of how to clamp workpeices?
[12:16:22] <Connor> Why not use the normal T-nuts with shoulders ?
[12:16:51] <ScribbleJ> Well, a normal t-nut, the bolt goes down into the slot,s o to tighten it down isn't possible; it'll bottom out
[12:16:53] <jdhNC> Scrib: depends on material and if you are cutting inside/outside. Do you have precise enough Z to not cut the table?
[12:16:53] <joe9> connor: i am not sure if they fit the slot. will have to check on that.
[12:17:19] <ScribbleJ> jdhNC, I don't really know yet, but I'm going to go with 'no' jus tto be safe. :)
[12:17:33] <Connor> joe9: T-Slot nuts come in different sizes.. I think they have them that'll fit you machine.
[12:17:38] <ScribbleJ> How do people handle that? Some sacrifical wood on the table first, workpeice on top?
[12:17:44] <jdhNC> Scrib: my mill clamp set t-nuts have the bottom thread deformed so they don't hit the bottom
[12:18:01] <jdhNC> you use the nuts with studs, then nuts on top
[12:18:07] <joe9> ScribbleJ: there are "partially formed T-nuts" for that.
[12:18:10] <ScribbleJ> Oh, ok.. hrm.
[12:18:27] <jdhNC> I put MDF on my router t-table
[12:19:06] <IchGuckLive> hi all ?
[12:19:08] <jdhNC> then clamp the material or screw the material or whatever works
[12:19:33] <ScribbleJ> That sounds good.
[12:19:46] <ScribbleJ> My current problem is getting Powermill to output gcode that LinuxCNC likes.
[12:20:27] <IchGuckLive> powermill has a fanuc 11M that linuxcnc likes
[12:20:34] <Connor> What is powermill ?
[12:20:36] <ScribbleJ> Oh, good, thank you
[12:20:42] <ScribbleJ> That's a great tip, I'll try it, IchGuckLive
[12:20:51] <jdhNC> expensive CAM
[12:20:53] <Connor> I use CamBam
[12:20:54] <ScribbleJ> Connor, some vastly overpriced cam software.
[12:21:16] <ScribbleJ> I probably won't use it for long, I'm only using it now because my router came with it.
[12:21:19] <Connor> oh, jdhNC: f-engrave looks like what I need.
[12:21:20] <ScribbleJ> Well, with a pirated version of it
[12:21:24] <ScribbleJ> So seems like a place to start. Heh
[12:22:09] <jdhNC> connor: it works and is simple (and free)
[12:22:27] <Connor> Yea, I copied in Arial into it's font directory and it handled it out.
[12:22:31] <Connor> er.r handled it okay
[12:22:43] <jdhNC> it single stroked it?
[12:22:43] <IchGuckLive> ScribbleJ: search for "pm-post" this creats you the EMC post you like
[12:22:55] <Connor> Yea, it has a V-Carve setting now.
[12:23:13] <jdhNC> http://www.deskam.com/deskengrave.html
[12:23:22] <jdhNC> similar for windows. It's free also
[12:23:43] <Connor> they have F-Engrave for windows too... which is what I'm using ATM..
[12:23:46] <IchGuckLive> ScribbleJ: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/screen_layouts_post_processors_misc/80050-post_processor_powermill_mach3.html
[12:23:55] <Connor> Gonna try to get it running with under ubnuntu
[12:24:18] <jdhNC> it's just python, should work as is.
[12:25:02] <ScribbleJ> IchGuckLive, I'm not sure if pmpost is in the version of Powermill I'm trying here.
[12:26:02] <IchGuckLive> if you percased a real version its in
[12:26:23] <ScribbleJ> No, I didn't. My router came with a pirated version, I was just explaining that that's why I'm using it at all.
[12:26:38] <Connor> jdhNC: doesn't look to have ttf support in linux ?
[12:26:47] <ScribbleJ> I'm just trying to get something to work after pycam and heekcnc both failed badly for me.
[12:28:22] <ScribbleJ> I can't even find a price for Powermill online so I'm sure it's way out of my software budget.
[12:28:33] <jdhNC> connor: you can convert TTF's to CXF's
[12:28:45] <Connor> Got it.
[12:28:57] <Connor> had to compile the ttf2cxf stream program
[12:29:37] <IchGuckLive> ScribbleJ: why did heekscad/cnc faild on you
[12:30:04] <Connor> Wonder if there is a way to get this integrated into Axis ?
[12:30:11] <ScribbleJ> IchGuckLive, the last version in the git repo crashes left and right... maybe I'll try a much older version on my linuxcnc box at some point.
[12:30:28] <Connor> via ngcgui, or as a filter or something ?
[12:30:41] <ScribbleJ> I've heard a lot of recommendations for cambam, which is reasonably priced... if I fail to find some working open source I might go for that.
[12:31:03] <jdhNC> connor: change it to spew the gcode to stdout and it should work in axis
[12:31:25] <IchGuckLive> ScribbleJ: whats you main goal for g-code §D Engave or drilling
[12:31:50] <Connor> ScribbleJ: I've looked and looked, and not found anything worth a flip for CAM that's Open Source. CamBam is VERY easy to use.. and very well priced.
[12:31:51] <ScribbleJ> Engrave - I can write drilling gcode by hand, but following a complex contour is a different matter.
[12:32:20] <jdhNC> qcad+dxf2gcode?
[12:32:30] <mrsun> how to test if something is cast aluminium or magnesium ?
[12:32:43] <alex4nder-> set it on fire
[12:32:50] <alex4nder-> you'll know right away.
[12:33:12] <mrsun> alex4nder-, we burned it with oxy acetylen and it didnt ignite atleast :P
[12:33:41] <theorbtwo> In that case, I'm going for Al. Magnesium is *bright*.
[12:33:57] <ScribbleJ> jdhNC, is that for me? qcad + dxf2gcode?
[12:34:05] <jdhNC> yes
[12:34:17] <jdhNC> I like draftsight + cut2d though
[12:34:19] <ScribbleJ> That's going to be 2d. When I say engraving, I mean like an STL, 3D.
[12:34:47] <ScribbleJ> (Also, Qcad is old and they suck, LibreCAD is the current open source fork)
[12:35:00] <jdhNC> how much 3dness
[12:35:18] <ScribbleJ> Possibly lots. I'd like to mill reprap parts, for example.
[12:36:40] <jdhNC> like undercuts? voids in Z? or just different height Z?
[12:37:56] <ScribbleJ> That's a good question - I'm just learning how all this is done. So I doubt that I can reasonably expect to cut under material; I do not have a 5th axis.
[12:38:11] <ScribbleJ> On the other hand, I do have a 4th axis and I suppose I could use that for some serious fun if I had the right toolchain.
[12:40:06] <jdhNC> he will sell that 4th axis complete for $400
[12:40:45] <ScribbleJ> Who will what now?
[12:41:05] <jdhNC> your router seller will sell just the 4th axis
[12:41:10] <ScribbleJ> Oh.!
[12:41:34] <jdhNC> motor/harmonic drive/rotary/etc $400
[12:41:49] <ScribbleJ> Is that a good deal? I haven't looked at them separately.
[12:42:01] <jdhNC> it is with a harmonic drive, if it really is.
[12:57:34] <ktchk> there is one on the web see http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=9633327458
[13:00:46] <IchGuckLive> ktchk: yes thst funy parts
[13:01:55] <jdhNC> is there an 'english' button on ther eanywhere?
[13:02:18] <ktchk> I have one it is 50 times gear or 100 times, but looks like a used parts from japan
[13:02:32] <ktchk> Try google translate
[13:04:34] <jdhNC> that's pretty funny anyway.
[13:05:30] <ktchk> cheap ha!
[13:06:45] <archivist> the shaft size the chuck is mounted on is out of proportion
[13:07:48] <ktchk> the gear limited the chuck
[13:11:16] <ktchk> I ask them and they told me that gears are from japan factory robots
[13:11:32] <IchGuckLive> 170 euros is fine for this
[13:11:53] <ktchk> euro no chinese yen
[13:12:45] <ktchk> 7yen to 1us
[13:15:32] <IchGuckLive> ktchk: 1300 yuan
[13:15:41] <IchGuckLive> yes is japanese
[13:15:46] <IchGuckLive> yen
[13:16:00] <ktchk> chinese yen also
[13:18:23] <IchGuckLive> HKD
[13:18:39] <ktchk> close arround 200 us
[13:18:58] <IchGuckLive> _abc_: when you are apearing motioncontrol is going did you ask him alot
[13:19:50] <IchGuckLive> ktchk: the stepper is 40USD the clamb is 38USD and the gearbox is ready made 50USD
[13:20:13] <_abc_> IchGuckLive: sorry?
[13:20:38] <_abc_> IchGuckLive: what do you mean?! That motioncontrol left because I joined?!
[13:20:42] <IchGuckLive> B) joking around
[13:20:53] * _abc_ kennt keinen solchen Spaß
[13:21:04] <IchGuckLive> oh germany
[13:21:07] <Connor> Is their a way to add a button or tab or something to launch a filter program in axis ?
[13:21:46] <_abc_> Nein
[13:21:46] <IchGuckLive> Ramstein Hier
[13:21:46] <_abc_> Anderswo Hier
[13:22:05] <IchGuckLive> ok im off by have a nice day
[13:22:08] <DJ9DJ_> bye
[13:22:17] <_abc_> Now look who's leaving when I join >:)
[13:35:20] <Connor> okay, so anyway to make a button that will launch a gcode or .py file ?
[13:35:45] <Connor> same as if you were to goto file, open ?
[13:45:50] <andypugh> A specific file? (says he, stalling for time)
[13:50:25] <andypugh> I think there might be a GladeVCP button specifically for the job, thinking about it. An Action Widget
[13:54:19] <ScribbleJ> Oho
[13:54:23] <ScribbleJ> I think IckGuck was right
[13:54:30] <ScribbleJ> This fanuc11m gcode looks nice at a glance.
[13:59:08] <Tom_itx> are we making headway today?
[13:59:39] <Connor> Yea, I have F-engrave working.. I just want to have a button I can click on to bring it up..like a shortcut, instead of having to go file/open in Axis.
[13:59:50] <Tom_itx> so make one
[14:01:51] <Connor> So, how do you make one? :)
[14:03:12] <Tom_itx> http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html/hal/pyvcp.html
[14:04:18] <Connor> I know how to make buttons in pyvcp, just not the action to open a file..
[14:06:04] <andypugh> Possibly http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html/gui/gladevcp.html#_action_widgets_reference
[14:09:53] <puff> Anybody familiar with the fireball v90?
[14:10:47] <andypugh> Only in passing.
[14:11:09] <andypugh> But I think I have seen some owners on here
[14:11:44] <puff> andypugh: Yeah, I've heard that and I keep poking my head in here, but I always get the same answer.
[14:11:56] <puff> andypugh: Trying to make a decision and buy one.
[14:12:47] <jdhNC> buy one, you can tell us.
[14:12:57] <andypugh> Ah, the base price includes nothing..
[14:14:10] <andypugh> Have you searched the forum? There seem to be several mentions there http://www.linuxcnc.org/index.php/english/component/kunena/?func=search
[14:14:25] <ScribbleJ> puff, why that one in particular?
[14:14:44] <andypugh> It's got nice yellow motors.
[14:15:10] <ScribbleJ> Well, that is a point its favor, I'll admit.
[14:16:42] <andypugh> Connor: I just looked, GladeVCP has a predefined button for loading a file, optionally with a fixed filename.
[14:16:54] <Connor> Eh? okay.
[14:17:16] <Connor> I don't think I've used GladeVCP yet.. just pyvcp
[14:17:30] <jdhNC> the black parts of the V90 are painted MDF
[14:17:38] <andypugh> GladeVCP is a lot prettier, and you create the GUI with a GUI
[14:17:50] <ScribbleJ> MDF, really?
[14:18:12] <ScribbleJ> Huh, I guess so. That's a bit lame.
[14:18:14] <andypugh> PyVCP is almost, but not quite. deprecated as GladeVCP offers so much more.
[14:20:38] <jthornton> and is so much more complicated...
[14:22:18] <andypugh> I am not sure. I never figured out widget placement in PyVCP.
[14:22:36] <andypugh> And in PyVCP you have to guess the attribute names.
[14:22:40] <_abc_> lol
[14:22:58] <_abc_> Pythin is... twisted :)
[14:23:03] <_abc_> *Python even
[14:23:38] <jthornton> there has to be some fun in everything
[14:24:42] <_abc_> the fun consists in not being on #python but on #linuxcnc
[14:26:27] <andypugh> I am unable to type Pythin too.
[14:26:42] <_abc_> Close your eyes when you type the o
[14:26:42] <andypugh> Every single time it comes out with an I in the middle.
[14:28:48] <jymmm> andypugh: you mean pythong
[14:31:12] <puff> ScribbleJ: No particular reason, it seems to have good reviews, it's been recommended to me by a couple different people, it's been around a while and hasn't been reported to blow up or anything, and it's a good entry-level price point.
[14:31:53] <puff> ScribbleJ: One key factor is that I've been getting into furniture making and I hope to use this for that purpose (since it costs equiv to several good power tools...).
[14:32:43] <jdhNC> what kind of furniture?
[14:33:16] <Connor> AttributeError: 'EMC_Action_Open' object has no attribute '_button'
[14:34:26] <ScribbleJ> puff, that is a good bet, but isn't it a little small?
[14:34:35] <ScribbleJ> It's like 2'x2' no?
[14:35:04] <ScribbleJ> i'm not a furnituremaker so I'm not sure what kind of space you'd need for that.
[14:35:09] <jdhNC> 12x18
[14:48:51] <andypugh> Connor: Hmm, yes.
[14:49:00] <andypugh> I get the same thing.
[14:49:13] <Connor> Okay, so it's not my imagination.
[14:50:09] <Connor> Of course, I'll have a even bigger issue.. I'll have to convert my pypvc into glade.. but.. that's later.
[14:50:25] <andypugh> Did you load the panel in the linuxcnc context?
[14:50:53] <andypugh> The reason I ask is that I just tried it with the e-stop widget and got "no attribute 'linuxcnc'
[14:50:59] <Connor> GLADEVCP= /home/billy/linuxcnc/configs/sim/axis/fengrave.ui
[14:51:09] <Connor> That what your talking about ?
[14:52:24] <jdhNC> you can use gladevcp and pvcp at the same time can't you?
[14:53:15] <andypugh> Connor. Yes
[14:53:28] <Connor> I have that under the [DISPLAY] section
[14:53:55] <andypugh> Could be a bug
[14:54:07] <andypugh> Could be expected. I don't kknow
[14:54:59] <Connor> okay, estop button worked.
[14:55:08] <Connor> but file load didn't.. let me look at it..
[14:57:58] <andypugh> You might need psha
[14:58:06] <Connor> psha ?
[14:58:38] <andypugh> Author of PyVCP
[14:58:44] <Connor> Ah
[14:58:45] <andypugh> Sorry, GladeVCP
[15:27:32] <mrsun> delrin, is it wear resistant? :)
[15:27:44] <andypugh> Very
[15:27:45] <mrsun> say delrin against steel, rolling over it ... would that be better then steel to steel ? :)
[15:27:54] <andypugh> quieter
[15:28:04] <mrsun> and the steel wouldnt wear either i guess =)
[15:28:45] <andypugh> Connor: It looks closer if you delete _button from line 184 of filechooser.py. Still no-go though
[15:29:29] <Connor> wonder if it's a stub action ?
[15:31:06] <andypugh> It looks like it ought to work
[15:31:19] <andypugh> There is a load of code in that file
[15:33:08] <paideia> so linuxcnc uses the RS274/NGC standard, where is it defined?
[15:33:45] <andypugh> Largely in the LinuxCNC docs.
[15:33:53] <alex4nder-> you mean, where is the standard defined?
[15:33:59] <paideia> yes
[15:34:06] <alex4nder-> in RS-274
[15:34:21] <andypugh> It isn't though, really
[15:34:21] <paideia> is that an iso standard?
[15:34:23] <alex4nder-> with obvious tweaks
[15:34:28] <alex4nder-> paideia: EIA
[15:34:42] <alex4nder-> andypugh: well, that's the beauty of standards
[15:34:45] <alex4nder-> so many to choose from
[15:35:02] <jthornton> paideia, LinuxCNC is "based" on the RS274/NGC
[15:35:05] <paideia> I just started reading about this
[15:35:19] <paideia> and realized indeed that there are many variations
[15:35:34] <alex4nder-> it's more like a guideline really
[15:35:41] <Connor> andypugh: COuld it require the HAL Python filechooser button ?
[15:35:42] <jdhNC> reading linuxcnc docs would probably be more useful than eia rs274 docs
[15:35:49] <paideia> so I should try to stick to what is written at http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html/gcode/overview.html ?
[15:35:53] <alex4nder-> yes
[15:36:03] <alex4nder-> stick to what your environment actually supports
[15:36:10] <alex4nder-> unless you're writing a Gerber viewer.
[15:36:26] <paideia> I'm building a cnc
[15:36:32] <paideia> I'll be using linuxcnc
[15:36:47] <paideia> and I'm trying to understand the gcode language
[15:36:53] <alex4nder-> right, which means you understand what LinuxCNC does
[15:37:33] <andypugh> Connor: I really have no idea. I just created a button, then added the filechooser widget to to the UI, and linked the button action to the action widget. It clears runs code in filechooser.py because it raises the error
[15:37:48] <Connor> ok.
[15:37:53] <Connor> I'll check with psha when I see him.
[15:38:15] <Connor> I just though there was a easy way to hit a button and have it autoload a gcode file or .py file. :)
[15:38:26] <paideia> linuxcnc takes the gcode and controls the axes of a cnc machine
[15:39:13] <alex4nder-> yes.
[15:39:15] <paideia> so normally
[15:39:33] <paideia> what's the pipeline, lets say, if you're designing a simple pcb
[15:40:03] <andypugh> paideia: http://www.isd.mel.nist.gov/documents/kramer/RS274NGC_3.ps
[15:40:05] <paideia> there seems to be a few different tools to design
[15:40:31] <andypugh> However, they wrote that while writing EMC, so I wouldn't take it as an enforceable standard
[15:40:42] <alex4nder-> paideia: there are infinite tools to design this stuff
[15:40:53] <alex4nder-> at the end of the day, you're moving some point around a table
[15:41:14] <paideia> alex4nder-, that's what I'm realizing, so I'm asking for some pointers here
[15:41:15] <andypugh> The best source of info on LinuxCNC G-code is http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/html/gcode.html
[15:41:51] <delkin> I generated a .ngc file with pcb2gcode from an image file. How can I visualize the .ngc file?
[15:42:00] <paideia> andypugh, thanks, I was afraid of getting lost with the official standard and there could be variations anyway
[15:42:20] <jymmm> paideia: CAD != CAM != Controller (LinuxCNC), they are three different things
[15:42:41] <alex4nder-> paideia: you load that ngc file into linuxcnc, and see what it thinks it should do with it
[15:42:49] <alex4nder-> you may get a surprise
[15:42:50] <andypugh> delkin: The LinuxCNC preview is one way
[15:42:52] <alex4nder-> you might get a valid PCB
[15:44:38] <DJ9DJ> gn8
[15:44:39] <paideia> jymmm, but the controller expects instructions following some standard right? the gcode RS274/NGC.
[15:45:30] <andypugh> There is not that much variation between G-codes. If it is just G0, G1, G2 G3 S M6 et
[15:45:50] <paideia> ok, good to know
[15:47:26] <paideia> is it not there a software that simulates the gcode instructions, like a virtual emulator of the linuxcnc controller? for debugging purposes, to make sure the gcode got generated exactly as desired?
[15:47:31] <delkin> andypugh: Do I have to install the LinuxCNC to be able to use the viewer? Is it possible to install it independently?
[15:48:14] <andypugh> Technically it is possible to use the GladVCP Gremlin widget, I think
[15:51:18] <paideia> andypugh, was that an answer to delkin's or my question?
[15:51:19] <andypugh> Try a google search for "G-code viewer" there seem to be several
[15:51:42] <andypugh> Both, I guess
[15:52:04] <paideia> andypugh, don't you personally use such a tool?
[15:52:12] <andypugh> But it is also possible to install LinuxCNC as a simulator. That way you know for sure that it will work
[15:52:23] <andypugh> No, I just run the code in a VM
[15:52:52] <paideia> andypugh, so you have linuxcnc installed on a VM
[15:52:59] <andypugh> also, this might sound odd, but I am far too busy building machines and hacking LinuxCNC drivers to make much stuff.
[15:53:00] <jonand> delkin: download and run linuxcnc in a virtualbox VM
[15:53:03] <paideia> and then you can just simulate
[15:53:09] <andypugh> Yes
[15:53:22] <paideia> :)
[15:53:32] <jonand> delkin: and run axis/sim on your pcb.ngc
[15:55:01] <andypugh> Has anyone got a Raspberry Pi yet?
[15:55:18] <delkin> jonand: Good idea. By the way, LinuxCNC should run in a VM for simulation purpose only? Or is it ok to run it with hardware too?
[15:55:23] * jymmm lol @ andypugh
[15:55:26] <alex4nder-> haha
[15:55:27] <delkin> andypugh: not yet
[15:55:35] <delkin> :)
[15:55:40] <paideia> andypugh, do you actually belong to a fablab?
[15:55:43] <andypugh> Several of my friends are enthusing about theirs.
[15:55:43] <jymmm> andypugh: you really think it'll work?
[15:55:55] <jonand> delkin: you will get flaky realtime if you run a realtime guest system in a non-realtime host os...
[15:56:07] <andypugh> I am not sure it will work for LinuxCNC, no. But it looks like fun
[15:56:20] <jymmm> andypugh: ah, k
[15:56:24] <delkin> jonand: That's what I thought
[15:56:49] <andypugh> I actually run the full LiveCD install in a VM. It does complain about the latency, but so what?
[15:57:45] <andypugh> Max jitter 8,000,000 nS :-)
[15:57:57] <jonand> andypugh: me too. Had to turn off Vt-x, PAR and nested paging to get it working stable - the real time linux patches does not seem to play perfect with virtualbox
[15:58:23] <andypugh> I run VmWare Fusion on a Mac, no problems
[15:58:33] <jonand> but virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 makes works fine
[15:58:43] <jonand> how much is vmware?
[15:58:50] <andypugh> $49
[15:58:59] <andypugh> I just bought it 2 days ago.
[15:59:11] <jonand> nice, a lot cheaper than what I expected.
[15:59:24] <jonand> just playing around though so virtualbox is good enough for me
[15:59:26] <andypugh> The previous version I had wouldn't work with the new 64-bit Mac and OS
[16:00:15] <andypugh> I run Autodesk Inventor and Alibre in the VM, so it's worth $50 to me.
[16:11:05] <delkin> andypugh: Have you ever contributed for open source ecology?
[16:11:31] <andypugh> I don't understand the question
[16:12:25] <delkin> http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Fanuc_Industrial_Robot I just found your name in this website.
[16:13:27] <andypugh> it's me, but I am just being quoted
[16:14:16] <paideia> well if you're developing the linuxcnc, I guess you're indirectly contributing to these open source hardware movements in a way
[16:17:02] <andypugh> We were seeing quite a lot of marcin on this channel for a while.
[16:25:24] <ScribbleJ> Wait
[16:25:37] <ScribbleJ> Is there opens ource software that can easily drive a robot arm like that?
[16:25:47] <ScribbleJ> I mean, IK pathing stuff.
[16:26:41] <ScribbleJ> huh
[16:26:42] <andypugh> LinuxCNC?
[16:27:55] <ScribbleJ> "The docs are a little sparse" boy I'll say!
[16:27:56] <andypugh> LinuxCNC is designed to be able to control almost anything. http://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/271795
[16:28:32] <ScribbleJ> LinuxCNC controls that bed and breakfast?
[16:28:34] <ScribbleJ> I'm so confused.
[16:30:05] <ScribbleJ> http://linuxcnc.org/docview/html/motion/kinematics.html fascinating!
[16:30:22] <andypugh> Bother, wrong link
[16:30:32] <andypugh> http://youtu.be/G_UmhUjZhNo
[16:31:22] <ScribbleJ> You have to be kidding me.!
[16:31:30] <ScribbleJ> I did not know I could do that.
[16:32:44] <paideia> that's a very impressive machine
[16:33:57] <andypugh> It's a very cool machine. And actually EMC was originally written for a very similar thing by NIST. http://www.flickr.com/photos/usnistgov/5884929289/
[16:34:23] <ScribbleJ> Dang, I want that one!
[16:34:24] <ScribbleJ> Haa
[16:34:30] <ScribbleJ> Well, that's awesome.
[16:34:37] <paideia> geez
[16:34:58] <andypugh> I am not at all sure that that picture was taken when it says it was taken
[16:36:08] <ScribbleJ> I had just assumed EMC could only do whatit calls trivial kinematics.
[16:36:50] <andypugh> It can do _anything_ But some things take a ground-up rewrite. :-)
[16:37:14] <ScribbleJ> Yes, an my axe is a router if you just replace the handle and the head with a cartesian robot and spindle.
[16:37:57] <andypugh> Indeded. And just like an axe, you can change anything you want
[16:38:07] <jymmm> ScribbleJ: WTF?! Kukri dude, kukuri, axes are so old skool!
[16:38:45] <jymmm> Can split, use as a draw knife, remove heads, clear brush, etc
[16:39:13] <JT-Shop> look out
[16:43:15] <jymmm> JT-Shop: What else you gonna kill zombies with?
[16:43:38] <Tom_itx> jymmm, you didn't watch sons of guns did you?
[16:44:04] <jymmm> Tom_itx: which episode?
[16:44:12] <Tom_itx> the zombie one
[16:44:20] <jymmm> no, missed it
[16:44:49] <jymmm> Tom_itx: I doubt it was $20 USD though.
[16:46:46] <Tom_itx> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT4e65vgePs
[16:46:52] <Tom_itx> i doubt it too
[16:50:30] <andypugh> Blowing up the plane seems a shame
[16:50:54] <Tom_itx> hollywood props
[16:51:20] <Tom_itx> the film crew does all that and has to clean up the mess too
[16:51:21] <andypugh> Zombie killing "We are talking real world situations"
[16:51:29] <andypugh> OK, so I might watch the rest of that
[16:51:33] <Tom_itx> heh
[16:52:15] <jymmm> andypugh: There is another definition of "zombies" in that context.
[16:53:13] <andypugh> http://www.interbent.com/warning-zombies-ahead-road-signs-collection/
[16:53:27] <andypugh> (There were instructions how to hack the illuminated signs)
[16:55:36] <jymmm> heh
[17:01:05] <andypugh> Gun-nuts will enjoy David Weber's "Out of the Dark." though it is something of a promising SF novel ruined by "Vampire ex Machina"
[17:05:44] <jymmm> andypugh: I'm not a gun "nut" (per-se), but I actually prefer non-lethal weapons.
[17:05:53] <andypugh> The basic premise seems to be that everyone should have at least one Barratt rifle, in case of alien invasion
[17:07:16] <jymmm> There is one city that I know of in the US that you are LEGALLY REQUIRED to have a firearm in the home.
[17:07:58] <jymmm> Except felons/psyhcs
[17:08:37] <andypugh> I think that is the case in the Confoederatio Helvetica
[17:10:15] <jymmm> This town is kinda spread out, so the premise being if Sheriffs can't get there in a reasonable time, you do have some mehtod of protection from animals (2 or 4 legged =)
[17:11:29] <ScribbleJ> I find that extrordinarily difficult to believe.
[17:11:33] <jymmm> http://www.rense.com/general9/gunlaw.htm
[17:11:49] <ScribbleJ> Huh!
[17:12:20] <jymmm> drop in crime over 20 years has to say something.
[17:12:31] <ScribbleJ> Morton Grove is right by my office.
[17:12:34] <ScribbleJ> Bastards!
[17:12:39] <andypugh> Does it match the drop in population?
[17:13:11] <jymmm> andypugh: Actually INCREASED =)
[17:13:35] <jymmm> andypugh: doubled in ten years
[17:13:45] <jymmm> http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=kf7tgg1uo9ude_&met_y=population&idim=place:1343192&dl=en&hl=en&q=kennesaw,+ga+population
[17:14:21] <ScribbleJ> PRetty interesting, but obviously a law they don't intend to enforce - and couldn't.
[17:14:44] <ScribbleJ> I think I'm going to head to the garage with the intent of running my first real gcode on my router.
[17:14:54] <andypugh> Woohoo!
[17:23:02] <dgarr> cradek: an update for 2.5 tooledit (display only some columns, column sorting, restore geometry, etc): http://www.panix.com/~dgarrett/stuff/tooledit_update.mbox
[17:24:31] <andypugh> The idea is that it looks at AXES?
[17:25:08] <dgarr> no
[17:26:49] <andypugh> I would have thought it made sense to scan the INI to see which columns are meaningful. But then I have only given it 10 seconds thought.
[17:28:50] <JT-Shop> did you add a close button?
[17:29:26] <andypugh> combined save, close. and reload would be nice. The current one is a bit annoying.
[17:31:18] <JT-Shop> I never knew what dismiss was, to abort the edit, I could leave the class...
[17:31:45] <JT-Shop> I hope we are talking about the tool table editor
[17:31:56] <andypugh> I have closed LinuxCNC to find 8 tool edit windows open.
[17:32:19] <JT-Shop> I click on the X I think...
[17:34:27] * JT-Shop goes back to making threaded bushings inside and out without writing one line of G code
[17:34:40] * JT-Shop loves ngcgui
[17:40:02] <andypugh> I was just giving a friend a link to my parent's house (spending the weekend there) and I was reminded just how much we tend to build houses by piling rocks on top of each other. http://tinyurl.com/d46763f
[17:45:14] <andypugh> That's nice, Google Streetview got a shot of the sign that the farmer put up, after dragging one too many trucks out of the dry stone walls: http://tinyurl.com/cy94ad5
[17:46:46] <jymmm> andypugh: piling rock houses?
[17:47:01] <andypugh> Yes, stone walls, stone roof.
[17:47:03] <jymmm> andypugh: Like one rock house built upon another rock house?
[17:47:37] <jymmm> andypugh: stone roof?
[17:47:50] <jymmm> andypugh: is there anything wrong with a stone house?
[17:48:01] <andypugh> No, They last for ever
[17:48:21] <jymmm> andypugh: mortar is used isn't it?
[17:48:40] <jymmm> air gaps, bugs, etc
[17:48:45] <andypugh> Stone roof: http://www.bodgesoc.org/Slaithwaite2/Front.JPG about 40 tons
[17:49:24] <Tom_itx> slippery when wet
[17:49:36] <jymmm> andypugh: is there 2x4 framing for inside? electricity, etc
[17:49:52] <andypugh> This house was actually built with clay as mortar. Though I don't know of any other building of that construction.
[17:50:09] <jymmm> or are these rural country hunting type cabins
[17:50:21] * djdelorie read "clay" and "mortar" and thought "claymore"
[17:50:41] <syyl> play more with claymore?
[17:50:56] <jymmm> djdelorie: Keep thinking along those lines, we've already hit fuses and guns so far
[17:51:07] <jymmm> djdelorie: oh and zombies too
[17:51:11] <andypugh> It might have been originally a hunting lodge when it was built (about 1440) but it is a house now.
[17:51:12] <andypugh> http://www.bodgesoc.org/Slaithwaite2/Hall3.JPG
[17:51:43] <andypugh> Full story" http://www.bodgesoc.org/slaithwaite.html
[17:51:45] <jymmm> andypugh: are stone houses commonplace?
[17:52:16] <jymmm> andypugh: as in some ppl still build them to this day
[17:52:22] <andypugh> In that area? All of them, even new-build.
[17:52:45] <jymmm> andypugh: but ONLY that one area?
[17:53:03] <jymmm> close to natural resources or something
[17:53:14] <andypugh> It's quite a big area :-)
[17:53:26] <jymmm> heh
[17:53:46] <andypugh> New-build, stone walls, slate roof: http://www.smartnewhomes.com/development/details/Millers_Way-Ben_Bailey_Homes_Ltd.aspx
[17:54:10] <jymmm> I kinda like the foam concrete poured walls, but that usually doens't go all the way up to the eves
[17:54:46] <andypugh> Where I live all the houses are brick, as Essex is made of mud. But in West Yorkshire they have lots of stone, so build with it. We really don't trust wood.
[17:55:18] <jymmm> andypugh: Not like you live in the DRYEST place in the world =)
[17:55:27] <JT-Shop> didn't you guys use up all the wood a long time ago?
[17:56:56] <andypugh> We are not sure that wood houses last more than 500 years, you see; http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/paycockes/
[17:57:21] <jymmm> andypugh: petrified wood =)
[17:58:05] <andypugh> JT-Shop: Just zoom out the Googlemap links, we have plenty of trees still.
[17:58:28] <andypugh> Our renovation of Slaithwaite uses 400 cubic feet of local oak.
[18:01:17] <andypugh> You know I said the roof was 40 tons? Eeek! http://www.bodgesoc.org/truss2.jpg
[18:01:52] <jymmm> and gawd help ya if you get termites!
[18:02:18] <JT-Shop> I assume if it falls down you don't feel a thing
[18:10:47] <andypugh> While I am at it, this is what my dad keeps in the lower level of the barn: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/lorjlRbUi9B2VQy0Cd0KcNMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink and https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/SFAzIAuhoS5cn2P71jfl5tMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
[18:12:10] <andypugh> Thats a power hacksaw, Colchester Triumph (mine) Kearns S-type HBM, Smart and Brown lathe, and a Churchill universal grinder (under the sheet)
[18:12:38] <andypugh> The Kearns is an especailly nice machine.
[18:13:26] <JT-Shop> nice iron
[18:15:32] <JT-Shop> andypugh: what is your thoughts on what the Samson spindle motor is bringing to the RPC?
[18:16:02] <andypugh> OOh, I forgot to mention the Boxford shaper hidden behind the Borer.
[18:16:17] <andypugh> You can actually see the ram.
[18:16:46] <andypugh> JT-Shop: The Samson is another idler.
[18:17:23] <andypugh> There is stored energy in the rotating parts, and if the voltage drops then it will self-generate some more.
[18:18:25] <andypugh> It does make me wonder if 10x 1hp idlers would be better than 1x 10hp ones.
[18:19:15] <JT-Shop> I'd imagine the 10hp one has more rotational mass but I may be full of it and not know it
[18:19:58] <andypugh> Is the 10HP 1500rpm or 300rpm?
[18:20:13] <andypugh> Modulo your silly mains frequency
[18:20:21] <andypugh> And I meant 3000
[18:20:27] <JT-Shop> the 10hp is the RPC and it is 1725
[18:20:50] <andypugh> A 3250 would have more stored energy, I think.
[18:20:57] <JT-Shop> the Samson is a 7.5hp but has a large rotating mass with the 4 jaw chuck and spindle
[18:21:29] <andypugh> Mount the faceplate in the chuck, see if it gets even better?
[18:21:33] <JT-Shop> I have a 3250 15hp motor but could not get the voltage any where near right with it
[18:22:25] <JT-Shop> well it has a 5c chuck in the 10" 4 jaw
[18:22:49] <andypugh> wind the jaws out ?
[18:23:03] <JT-Shop> so a flywheel has some merit on the idler?
[18:23:29] <andypugh> I still think that it is down to the filters being to earth, but the input phases being totally unrealted.
[18:23:40] <andypugh> Yes.
[18:24:07] <andypugh> In fact, you could try clamping your biggest 3-jaw chuck onto the motor pulley.
[18:24:21] <Sommerland> hi there! Where can I find the code that calculates the estimated milling time? I got the source files here but don't know where to find...
[18:24:58] <andypugh> You want the source code?
[18:25:08] <Sommerland> yes.
[18:25:37] <Sommerland> or better: how is the method called and in which file its located.
[18:26:08] <andypugh> You could try a grep search of the actual phrase used "milling time" or whatever it says at: http://git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb?p=linuxcnc.git;a=tree;h=0587bea0c54ac895d5e82eac9179f75cdc3b2817;hb=0587bea0c54ac895d5e82eac9179f75cdc3b2817
[18:27:04] <Sommerland> I tried that without success
[18:27:10] <andypugh> If you are wondering why it is innacurate, I think it is because the preview plot does not know the machine accelleration capability.
[18:27:19] <JT-Shop> Axis does a sum of moves but it does not take into account accel
[18:27:43] <JT-Shop> decel and blending
[18:27:47] <Sommerland> no. thats not the point
[18:28:15] <andypugh> Give us your question, not your guess at the answer :-)
[18:28:17] <JT-Shop> Sommerland: in the Axis Gui?
[18:28:59] <cpresser> in order to get a 'real' milling time (with accelleration) you need to run emc2-sim
[18:29:22] <JT-Shop> what cpresser said :=)
[18:30:20] <Sommerland> i don't want to get a 'real' milling time. i'm hoping to adapt the code for my software
[18:32:52] <andypugh> where is the machining time in Axis?
[18:33:18] <cpresser> andypugh: file->properties
[18:35:03] <JT-Shop> with all the information you have seen do you think an isolation transformer will be of any benifit?
[18:35:16] <cpresser> Sommerland: take a look at axis.py, line 1720
[18:35:20] <andypugh> I think it is axis.py around line 1689
[18:35:51] <andypugh> Yes, actual calcs are at 1720
[18:36:16] <Sommerland> great! thank you!
[18:37:38] <andypugh> JT-Shop: I think so. That would match the manual info. But, I would hate to see you spend $1000 and see no imporvement.
[18:39:10] <JT-Shop> yea, I'm looking to see if I can find another 240 - 480 three phase transformer to connect to the one we have now so RPC > 240 - 480 480 240 > VMC
[18:40:22] <andypugh> This one is undersized, but seems to have a neutral on both sides: http://www.ebay.com/itm/290720316749
[18:41:20] <andypugh> Might be useful to experiment with.
[18:41:37] <JT-Shop> yes it might be
[18:42:07] <andypugh> my ebay search term was isolation transformer kva
[18:42:47] <andypugh> Which drops out the tiny ones. Then working out star / delta / step-up becomes a manual task
[18:43:59] <andypugh> In fact, that one has so many terminals that anything has to be possible :-)
[18:44:02] <JT-Shop> I should be able to borrow one from the industrial park
[18:44:14] <JT-Shop> aye, I was looking at that
[18:44:40] <JT-Shop> I always like 100% positive feedback sellers
[18:44:48] <andypugh> It ought to sell again, or come in handy as a doorstop
[18:45:19] <JT-Shop> got rid of my fleet so no use for an anchor any more
[18:46:02] <JT-Shop> at least I have stumbled onto a somewhat working solution so I can go fwd from here
[18:46:51] <andypugh> That AB transformer is only an Illinois away :-)
[18:47:10] <JT-Shop> hop skip and a jump
[18:49:49] <andypugh> I found some small-scale treasure in the WEE skip at work today, a 19" rack with two sets of 6 pneumatic solenoid valves.
[18:50:14] <andypugh> I left the Sunblade 2000 + Monitor in there.
[18:51:06] <andypugh> Though I am regretting not rescung the Tandy 100's from a few weeks back
[18:56:55] <andypugh> <ponder> Should I buy a D525 so that my dev PC can get closer to the machine it was bought to control?
[18:58:02] <jymmm> andypugh: There ae a couple of choice ut there now
[18:58:15] <jymmm> andypugh: you want cheap or cool or nice?
[18:58:26] <andypugh> I am thinking about the 2800 and a PCIe to PCI riser
[18:58:44] <andypugh> 12V power is tempting
[18:58:48] <jymmm> andypugh: There's the 8-19VDC powered one
[18:59:02] <jymmm> andypugh: There's a 6 sata port one
[18:59:08] <andypugh> DN2800MT?
[18:59:14] <jymmm> I think so
[18:59:39] <jymmm> http://www.mini-box.com/Intel-DN2800MT-Mini-ITX-Motherboard
[18:59:42] <andypugh> I would _prefer_ 12V power, Mini-ITX, SATA and a PCI slot
[19:00:09] <jymmm> there's PCIe and MiniPCI
[19:00:29] <andypugh> Yes, and I have a Mesa 5i25
[19:00:30] <Tom_itx> andypugh this one is an older itx on 12v
[19:00:56] <andypugh> Maybe I can swap the 5i25 for a 6i25?
[19:01:15] <Tom_itx> using a picopsu
[19:01:47] <jymmm> weird "THIS BOARD WILL NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS XP "
[19:01:53] <andypugh> I was hoping to avoid the expense of the PicoPSU (and also wanted to get the numbers for the DN2800. Somebody ought to
[19:02:10] <jymmm> andypugh: somebody has one already
[19:02:21] <andypugh> Who?
[19:02:23] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop sounds like a good bike ride away
[19:02:44] <jymmm> andypugh: checking logs
[19:03:58] <Tom_itx> you can't have too many D525's
[19:04:17] <jymmm> andypugh: alex4nder- has one
[19:04:20] <Tom_itx> how many here use ssd on their linuxcnc boxes?
[19:04:35] <andypugh> I do.
[19:04:51] <Tom_itx> no cache problems?
[19:04:53] <Tom_itx> or does it..
[19:05:11] <jymmm> andypugh: http://www.amazon.com/Intel-BOXDN2800MT-Desktop-Board-DN2800MT/dp/B006XFIK08
[19:05:47] <andypugh> I have n 8GB SATA DOM from Kingspec. It was something like £20 18 months ago and I have been compiling LiniuxCNC on it dozens of times every night. You won't kill one.
[19:05:58] <Tom_itx> jymmm, is that the new 'atom'?
[19:06:11] <Tom_itx> andy, good to know
[19:06:15] <jymmm> Tom_itx: there are newer than that
[19:06:25] <andypugh> jymmm: Find me one in the UK
[19:06:41] <Tom_itx> any latency reports on it yet?
[19:07:01] <jymmm> andypugh: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Intel-DN2800MT-Desktop-Motherboard-Mini-ITX/dp/B007MC13DC
[19:07:30] <andypugh> You know $ < £ right?
[19:07:36] <jymmm> andypugh: http://www.logicsupply.co.uk/mainboards/intel-atom/dn2800mt/
[19:07:59] <jymmm> andypugh: patients grasshopper =)
[19:08:04] <andypugh> Bought
[19:08:12] <jymmm> bought?
[19:08:38] <Tom_itx> one slot?
[19:09:11] <jymmm> Tom_itx: MiniPCI slots on it
[19:09:25] <jymmm> but only one FULL PCIe slot, yes.
[19:09:43] <JT-Shop> what is it jymmm
[19:10:07] <jymmm> JT-Shop: 8-19VDC DIRECT powered atom half height mobo
[19:10:25] <ds3> 8-19V? blah
[19:10:42] <andypugh> It's a car-computer
[19:10:49] <JT-Shop> ah
[19:10:57] <jymmm> car or embedded system, kiosk, etc
[19:11:08] <jymmm> JT-Shop: alex4nder- said it has good latency
[19:11:16] <ds3> 8-19V isn't that friendly
[19:11:48] <andypugh> Now to find if the PCi-e to PCI bridge thingies are Mesa-card friendly
[19:15:01] <Tom_itx> doubtful
[19:15:37] <andypugh> Aye. I found this: Intel DN2800MT
[19:15:43] <andypugh> No, not that
[19:16:10] <andypugh> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130700474117
[19:16:53] <andypugh> But I admit that when I pressed the button I was looking at the £2.95 ones that on reflection are PCIe x1 to PCIe x 16
[19:17:51] <andypugh> I can just buy a 6i25 and sell the 5i25
[19:18:36] <andypugh> (as that is easier than arranging a swap, and I didn't actually buy the 5i25)
[19:20:11] <JT-Shop> dang I got an answer from the commerical zzone http://www.cnczone.com/forums/phase_converters_vfd/155450-simodrive_611_phase_converter.html
[19:21:16] <Tom_itx> what's the 6i25?
[19:21:58] <andypugh> PCIe version of 5i25
[19:22:07] <Tom_itx> it's out?>
[19:22:33] <ScribbleJ> Well.....
[19:22:45] <ScribbleJ> I have gone to the garage and run my first real gcode.
[19:22:54] <ScribbleJ> I have determined I have approximately a ton to learn.
[19:23:38] <andypugh> JT-Shop: Darn, but he sounds dumb enough to be correct.
[19:24:24] <andypugh> ScribbleJ: Yeah, I thought you would be back with questions, but it seemed churlish to spoil the moment by saying it at the time
[19:24:35] <Tom_itx> JT-Shop one way to turn back time :)
[19:25:32] <Tom_itx> i dislike messages that take on a txting flavor
[19:27:18] <andypugh> JT-Shop: He isn't even all that far away from you. If he can sell you a transformer and then take it away again if it doesn't perform as claimed, then I think that is the way to go.
[19:28:31] <Tom_itx> bit more than a stone's throw
[19:28:53] <Tom_itx> but within reach
[19:35:16] <r00t4rd3d> http://i.imgur.com/YG6UV.jpg
[19:35:32] <r00t4rd3d> land speed record, 1948
[19:37:32] <andypugh> Rolly Free, Vincent
[19:37:47] <andypugh> I just know these things
[19:38:51] <andypugh> Ah, but I can't spell. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rollie_free
[19:39:07] <JT-Shop> andypugh: did you follow the link?
[19:39:24] <andypugh> Which link?
[19:39:33] <JT-Shop> transformers lol
[19:39:55] <andypugh> I did look at the picture, yes. I didn't rcognise the URL
[19:40:17] <JT-Shop> it pulls up the toy transformers
[19:42:26] <andypugh> I could tell that Mr TxT speak dude hadn't inserted the "transfomer" link, and it was presumably CommercialNastyCommmercial Zone earning a few cents with an auto-link
[19:43:42] <andypugh> The respondants own link is http://KilroyWasHere.com/ and that looks a lot more promising.
[19:44:11] <JT-Shop> I hate the commerical zone
[19:44:25] <andypugh> Kilroy is a motion control co in Ohio
[19:44:52] <andypugh> (assuming that OH is Ohio, not Omaha
[19:44:54] <jdhNC> that post hurts my brain.
[19:45:36] <andypugh> Yes, but, it is actual experience from someone too dumb to type. I trust that kind of opinion :-)
[19:46:54] <JT-Shop> yea, typing skills are not required to fix CNC equipment
[19:47:38] <andypugh> "Our goal is to provide a service to our customers through quality synergistic technical sales of all our principal's state of the art motion control products"
[19:47:55] <andypugh> So, he can at least proof-read
[19:48:09] <pfred1> if it don't work use a bigger hammer
[19:48:36] <joe9> i have VOLATILE_HOME = 1 and i believe it causes the m/c to home on each startup. Is that a good idea or not? What is the recommended practice?
[19:48:51] * pfred1 is only good up to a 12 pounder the 16s and 22s are just too big for me to get a really good swing on
[19:49:06] <pfred1> but I can do some serious damage with a 12
[19:49:29] <andypugh> OK, now I do despair of the US university system, as that CNCzone post was from a EI Graduate from Dayton in 1975
[19:49:34] <pfred1> 3 foot thick concrete footings OK
[19:50:10] <roycroft> the us university system was still top-notch in 1975
[19:50:16] <andypugh> joe9: Define "startup" as you understand it?
[19:50:21] <roycroft> despair of what it's become now
[19:50:55] <roycroft> despair that we had a presidential candidate who ridiculed our president for putting forth that he wants every american to have the opportunity to go to college
[19:51:21] <andypugh> Not just the US. My degree syllabus now takes 4 years, not the 3 I took, but they get a Masters at the end.
[19:51:22] <pfred1> roycroft why you think every job requires college?
[19:51:30] <roycroft> despair that it takes the average college student 30 years to pay off loans
[19:51:38] <roycroft> who ever said or thought that every job requires college?
[19:51:39] <jymmm> andypugh: Did you order it?
[19:51:40] <pfred1> not that I haven't been asshole to wlbow in a ditch with PHDs
[19:51:52] <pfred1> but it isn't really a requirement to pick and shovel
[19:51:55] <andypugh> jymmm: Yes
[19:52:04] <jymmm> andypugh: Oh cool, glad I was able to help
[19:52:08] * JT-Shop wanders in for some bubbles and squeak
[19:52:11] <jymmm> I think it's helping =)
[19:52:17] <roycroft> i don't know of anyone who ever said everyone should go to college
[19:52:19] <jymmm> JT-Shop: sueak?
[19:52:21] <roycroft> or even suggested that
[19:52:24] <jymmm> squeak?
[19:52:25] <roycroft> that's ridiculous
[19:52:35] <pfred1> 20:39 < roycroft> despair that we had a presidential candidate who ridiculed our president for putting forth that he wants every american to have the opportunity to go to college
[19:52:37] <roycroft> and that is certainly not what the president said
[19:52:52] <roycroft> so you have zero reading comprehension?
[19:52:54] <JT-Shop> food jymmm
[19:52:58] <roycroft> nothing in that statement suggested that everyone should go to college
[19:53:00] <pfred1> I'd ridicule any asshole that blew that crap out of their ass too
[19:53:07] <jymmm> JT-Shop: Enjoy the grule
[19:53:14] <JT-Shop> deep shit
[19:53:16] <JT-Shop> aye
[19:53:16] <roycroft> the president said that everyone should have the *OPPORTUNITY* to go to college
[19:53:18] <Tom_itx> maybe he suggests that he will fund anyone that wishes to?
[19:53:23] <roycroft> there is a big difference there
[19:53:43] <andypugh> I think that PhDs can, on average, wield a pick and shovel equally well as anyone else. But might spend a little too long pondering optimal pick/shovel strategies.
[19:53:44] <Tom_itx> the big difference is who pays
[19:54:03] <pfred1> that is plain silly you mean a retard living in a ghetto should have the *OPPORTUNITY* to go to college?
[19:54:05] <Tom_itx> me(taxpayer) or the kid that got to go free
[19:54:08] <pfred1> why?
[19:54:16] <roycroft> yes, phred1
[19:54:37] <roycroft> if that person qualifies for college and chooses a career path that requires it, indeed, that person should be able to go to college
[19:54:40] <pfred1> what good would it do the idiot the institution or society at large?
[19:54:56] <roycroft> you sound about as moronic as rick santorum here
[19:55:06] <roycroft> i'm sorry, i did not mean to engage in a political debate
[19:55:07] <jymmm> I have seen *SO* many technical ppl get away from it into more fundamental things.... cooks, chefs, catering, manufacturing crafts,etc enjoying whay they do and making a slow profit from it too
[19:55:08] <pfred1> ah now you're being particular with them having to qualify
[19:55:13] <Tom_itx> i know ppl that take classes so they can have extra cash to spend free and clear
[19:55:17] <roycroft> but what your're saying is absolutely ludicrous
[19:55:40] <roycroft> i should have the opportunity to become a world-class golfer
[19:55:45] <pfred1> I'm not the one making all inclusive statements which are almost always patently false
[19:55:46] <roycroft> but if i can't play golf well i won't be one
[19:55:50] <andypugh> pfred1: Perhaps the point is that the smart, poor kid from a family who can't spell "college" should be able to go there, even if their family don't see the value and refuse to pay. Which is something I can wholeheartedly agree with.
[19:55:56] <jymmm> roycroft: Can you get any higher on your Drama Queen vocabulary ???
[19:55:57] <Tom_itx> roycroft they will teach you how
[19:56:02] <roycroft> which is quite different than my being able to play well, but being excluded from the pga
[19:56:08] <roycroft> that is a lost opportunnity
[19:56:11] <roycroft> opportunity
[19:56:20] <pfred1> andypugh look college is to separate the haves from the have nots you can't have a society based on chaos
[19:56:33] <roycroft> yes, andypugh, that is the point
[19:56:34] <pfred1> you can't pay you can't play
[19:56:40] <roycroft> that is *exactly* the point
[19:56:45] <pfred1> indeed it is
[19:56:45] <roycroft> and that is what the president meant
[19:56:49] <roycroft> quite clearly
[19:56:52] <roycroft> and he was ridiculed for it
[19:57:06] <pfred1> the point is it isn't easy to break out of your social strata tough shit
[19:57:30] <jymmm> pfred1: tough shit?
[19:57:38] <roycroft> and investing in public education is one of the best investments we as a society can make
[19:57:38] <pfred1> jymmm chew harder
[19:57:43] <jymmm> pfred1: ah
[19:57:51] <pfred1> pfft pissing money into a fan
[19:58:05] <roycroft> it's been clearly shown that a person who goes to college and graduates contributes significantly more in tax revenue than a person who does not
[19:58:06] <andypugh> Actually, can anyone become a top golfer? I have a feeling that it is one sport where women can play on equal terms?
[19:58:13] <roycroft> much more than the cost of educating the person
[19:58:17] <roycroft> so roi is a net positive
[19:58:37] <roycroft> women can't play on equal terms, generally, as they are not as strong as men
[19:58:46] <pfred1> andypugh golf is a lot about height it gives you leverage
[19:59:03] <roycroft> that's a big part of it, but it also requires significant strength
[19:59:24] <andypugh> Certainly it is impossible for a woman to play for a professional male football (soccer) team, even though surely the best female professional player is better than the worst male one.
[19:59:45] <roycroft> i'd say the playing field is closer to equal in golf, but it's still not equal
[19:59:53] <pfred1> yeah think of the scandal when someone slaps her on the ass after a good play
[19:59:57] <roycroft> golf vs. football
[20:00:08] <andypugh> My question is if they are allowed to, were they good enough?
[20:00:34] <roycroft> let's worry about getting the darkies into augusta national before we start trying to get women in too
[20:00:36] <pfred1> we had two females in my labor hall
[20:00:39] <pfred1> they were jokes
[20:01:13] <roycroft> or allowing jews into some of the exclusive country clubs in chicago
[20:01:37] <roycroft> the golfing world is one of the last bastions of extreme racism and sexism
[20:01:48] <roycroft> extreme overt racism and sexism
[20:01:52] <pfred1> tiger woods is white?
[20:02:02] <roycroft> tiger woods is not a member of agusta
[20:02:05] <pfred1> no you want racism and sexism try nascar
[20:02:08] <jymmm> pfred1: No, mexican jew transvestite
[20:02:08] <roycroft> augusta
[20:02:15] <roycroft> and he is not allowed to join because he's part black
[20:02:24] <pfred1> the last colored person that tried to run nascar didn't quite make a lap before someone put them over the wall
[20:02:35] <andypugh> Ah, the answer: "Sörenstam made history at the Bank of America Colonial tournament in 2003 as the first woman to play in a PGA Tour event since 1945"
[20:02:41] <roycroft> nascar is all about trying to find two working synapses in the same brain that can communicate with each other
[20:02:47] <pfred1> he almost made it
[20:03:04] <pfred1> shit lets see you run on the track let alone competitively
[20:03:25] <pfred1> you couldn't make a lap if the track was empty
[20:03:37] <pfred1> it only looks easy
[20:03:44] <roycroft> it doesn't look easy to me
[20:03:52] <roycroft> and i should clarify my remark about it
[20:04:02] <pfred1> then what was your synapse comment supposed to mean?
[20:04:07] <roycroft> it was geared towards the fan base, not the drivers
[20:04:24] <andypugh> Whereas in cricket and football the rules specifically exclude mixed teams (and Korfball requires them, which seems equaly odd)
[20:04:26] <pfred1> yeah i hate when they come down here after a race
[20:04:41] <pfred1> though I didn't notice them and the race was last weekend here
[20:05:02] <pfred1> I didn't go over to the beach on Sunday though
[20:05:07] <roycroft> anyway, i've created a stir that i did not intend, and i apologise for that
[20:05:10] * roycroft shuts up now
[20:05:31] * jymmm hands roycroft his cookie
[20:05:41] <pfred1> I'm going up to Dover tomorrow but not to the track
[20:06:04] <andypugh> To look at the white cliffs?
[20:06:13] <pfred1> I've walked on the Daytona track and even that isn't easy
[20:06:45] <pfred1> andypugh ain't no cliffs in this whol.e state not even a legitimate hill I ever seen
[20:07:34] <andypugh> I never got how the US borrowed place names for places with _absolutely_ nothing in common with the original
[20:07:36] <jymmm> NASCAR is a "Southern" thing
[20:08:01] <pfred1> well it started out with moonshiners
[20:08:13] <Tom_itx> pfred1 the got a new female driver now
[20:08:18] <pfred1> they'd get together on SUnday to see who had the fasted shine running car
[20:08:28] <Tom_itx> and it's not their fault some can't drive
[20:08:30] <jymmm> pfred1: Sure, but I mean it's not really an "outsiders sport" for the most part.
[20:08:38] <pfred1> Tom_itx yeah I haven't followed nascar too closely since the 70s
[20:08:44] <andypugh> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Cliffs_of_Dover
[20:08:47] <pfred1> it is to ocorporate today
[20:08:52] <Tom_itx> agreed
[20:09:08] <jymmm> pfred1: there is still that "Southern boy" mentality to it
[20:09:18] <pfred1> used to be the good ole boys would come int othe track with 4 cases of beer each and some would die right in the stands of alcohol poisioning
[20:09:18] <Tom_itx> aside from danica who is there for the revenue
[20:09:24] <andypugh> Didn't Danica Patrick win a Nascar race? Or was that IndyCar?
[20:09:26] <pfred1> good times
[20:09:42] <Tom_itx> andypugh i don't think she's won anything yet
[20:09:47] <Tom_itx> but she's doing ok at it
[20:10:00] <Tom_itx> this is her first year in the sprint cup series
[20:10:08] <jymmm> I love how she's sorta been "paraded" around the announcers booths before each race recently
[20:10:11] <Tom_itx> driving for stewart haas
[20:10:17] <pfred1> my dad was best friends with a famous indy car driver and he knew rodger penske too
[20:10:32] <andypugh> "With her win in the 2008 Indy Japan 300, Patrick became the first woman to win an Indy car race"
[20:10:38] <pfred1> if i walked up to rodger he'd have a heart attack
[20:10:47] <pfred1> coz I look a lot like my dad :)
[20:11:17] <pfred1> I think i even met mark when I was a baby
[20:11:59] <pfred1> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Donohue
[20:12:04] <andypugh> Tom_itx: Up there, she has posted a win.
[20:13:26] <Tom_itx> in indy
[20:14:12] <pfred1> how about that mark won the indy 500 in 1972
[20:14:38] <andypugh> Ah, yes. Has she moved to Nascar now then?
[20:14:48] <Tom_itx> full time as of this year
[20:15:00] <pfred1> if you want to catch a cool movie about indy racing get senna
[20:15:07] <pfred1> intense!
[20:15:08] <Tom_itx> drove part time in the nationwide series last year
[20:15:24] <Tom_itx> for Jr Motorsports
[20:16:44] <andypugh> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenny_Tinmouth
[20:17:05] <pfred1> she have braces or something?
[20:17:11] <andypugh> Errr, Senna != Indy racing
[20:17:32] <pfred1> formula 1? it was all in spanish I didn't have any subtitles either
[20:18:00] <andypugh> Indeed, actual fast cars
[20:18:11] <pfred1> yeah he ended up a stain on the road
[20:18:39] <andypugh> He got a strut in the head.
[20:18:42] <pfred1> I built a fast car and went fast in it I decided it isn't for me
[20:18:59] <andypugh> But he probably was one of the best drivers ever
[20:19:14] <pfred1> somewhere past 140 I find it difficult to focus
[20:19:25] <andypugh> Though I am rather fond of Tazio Nuvalari
[20:19:40] <pfred1> they tried to run them cars in talledaga
[20:19:45] <pfred1> they made 5 laps
[20:20:02] <pfred1> they were clocking 240 MPH and the g forces were making guys black out
[20:20:11] <jymmm> pfred1: Heh, I always fear a blowout at that speed
[20:20:17] <pfred1> talladega is one bad assed track
[20:20:26] <andypugh> pfred1: You need more practice. I can hit 140 on a slip road (but it makes merging with 70mph traffic tricky)
[20:20:29] <pfred1> yeah I was only on H rated tires but it was cool
[20:21:07] <pfred1> andypugh no what i need is a 12 point crome moly roll cage
[20:21:09] <jymmm> pfred1: This was street car 140mph on empty 4 lanes fwy
[20:21:42] <pfred1> jymmm oh yeah what you got that goes that fast?
[20:21:48] <andypugh> Pah! I have touched 170 on my bike. Roll cages are for the prudent.
[20:22:05] <pfred1> I'm pretty prudent I did it in my Volvo
[20:23:00] <pfred1> although $7,000 of engine work probably wasn't the wisest investment choice I've ever made
[20:23:44] <pfred1> that got me everything but a supercharger
[20:24:20] <pfred1> when your car can break both tires loose in 4th at 100 MPH do you really need more power?
[20:24:35] <andypugh> Yes
[20:24:40] <pfred1> really?
[20:24:50] <jdhNC> is there more to be had?
[20:24:58] <pfred1> in second I can spin it around like it is on ice
[20:25:22] <andypugh> When your bike can flip at 130 when you hit 12000rpm, it's time to back off
[20:25:28] <pfred1> jdhNC well like i said it isn't supercharged or on laughing gas
[20:25:43] <pfred1> I've tached it to 8 grand I hear the motor is good to 10 grand
[20:25:54] <pfred1> it ain't no bike either
[20:26:05] <jymmm> pfred1: Cobra =)
[20:26:06] <andypugh> That's not a diesel then?
[20:26:12] <pfred1> I bored it .122 over stock
[20:26:22] <pfred1> jymmm which?
[20:26:45] <Tom_itx> andy talledega has pretty high banks
[20:26:50] <Tom_itx> lots of g force
[20:26:56] <jymmm> pfred1: wasnt mine, just one we serviced
[20:27:03] <pfred1> pfft they shut the race down at the 5th lap
[20:27:21] <pfred1> talladega you can run up to maybe 220
[20:27:31] <pfred1> past that it is beyond human endurance
[20:27:41] <jymmm> isn't tallidega a short track?
[20:27:42] <andypugh> Pointless fact: My bike (stock from the factory) is geared for 105mph in 1st and 210mph in 6th. (it won't pul 6th above 186 though)
[20:27:46] <pfred1> heh no
[20:27:48] <Tom_itx> just give em flight suits
[20:27:51] <pfred1> fastest track on the planet
[20:28:08] <pfred1> that is what it'd take g suits
[20:28:18] <jymmm> Nuh uh, Napa is =)
[20:28:30] <andypugh> I have driven at Nardo...
[20:28:39] <jymmm> sonoma, wtf ever that POS is called
[20:28:58] <Tom_itx> they've changed it's name a couple times haven't they?
[20:29:07] <andypugh> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nardò_Ring
[20:29:19] <pfred1> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talladega_Superspeedway
[20:29:25] <jymmm> Hell, I live here and won't go to sonoma
[20:29:26] <pfred1> super speedway
[20:30:21] <andypugh> I think Nardo might win with a 150mph neutral speed?
[20:30:38] <pfred1> Speeds well in excess of 200 mph (320 km/h) are commonplace at Talladega.
[20:30:47] <Tom_itx> andypugh i think they've done bike races at talladega as well
[20:30:56] <Tom_itx> not sure about the reported speeds
[20:31:22] <andypugh> _neutral_ speed, above that you need to steer...
[20:31:36] <Tom_itx> not sure what it is there
[20:31:56] <Tom_itx> 33 deg banking
[20:32:03] <andypugh> it's not a race track, it's a _really_ boring test track.
[20:32:56] <joe9> i have a 10" x 5" fixture, that I want to find the edges for (touch off). This is how I did it. http://codepad.org/UIbbQL5E wondering if anyone has any thoughts, please?
[20:32:57] <pfred1> throw 50 yahoos on it we'll see how boring it is
[20:33:08] <jymmm> one will do
[20:33:19] <andypugh> And it's bakingly hot (which is the point) I hate the place. I'll be back there in September.
[20:33:22] <Tom_itx> of late it is rather boreing
[20:34:13] <pfred1> well for all out speed we have the salt flats
[20:34:23] <pfred1> I seen the blue flame in person
[20:34:37] <pfred1> it holds the record for the longest skid out 12 miles
[20:34:46] <andypugh> joe9: Well, that all looks correct, but you don't need to do sums,
[20:34:57] <pfred1> I saw the tires that did it too
[20:35:19] <joe9> andypugh: ok, thanks. just take one edge you mean.
[20:35:35] <pfred1> they were burned down to the rim about 6 inches of solid rubber
[20:35:59] <andypugh> touch to X edge. press touch-off (after making sure you are in G54) type in -.1 Touch of Y edge, type in -.1 (or +.1 for far edge)
[20:37:14] <andypugh> then MDI G0 X[width/2] Y[height//2]
[20:37:28] <andypugh> then touch-off X to 0 and Y to 0
[20:37:47] <Tom_itx> oh andy, before you go i was gonna ask if this debounce line looks ok
[20:38:14] <Tom_itx> not that you must go but it seems near that time
[20:38:42] <andypugh> Yes it is 0230 now you mention it
[20:38:56] <pfred1> yeah you zombie vampire
[20:39:15] <atom1> ##net debounce.0.0.in deb-home-x <= hm2_[HOSTMOT2](BOARD).0.gpio.046.in
[20:39:15] <atom1> ##net debounce.0.0.out => axis.0.home-sw-in axis.0.pos-lim-sw-in
[20:39:29] <Tom_itx> i'm using the same switch for limit and home
[20:39:34] <pfred1> how come people don't use electronic switch debouncing?
[20:41:54] <pfred1> easy enough to do with a Schmitt trigger
[20:42:06] <Tom_itx> i'm aware of that
[20:43:17] <pfred1> what is the best thing to do measure your switch bounce then suppress it?
[20:43:34] <pfred1> I'd imagine every switch is different
[20:43:44] <Tom_itx> every press is
[20:44:05] <pfred1> I'd think the tension of the spring has some upper limiting effect
[20:45:01] <pfred1> do all switches even bounce like do hall effect sensors bounce?
[20:45:08] <pfred1> or optical switches
[20:46:06] <andypugh> software is free and adjustable, and you can debounce home and limit signals from the same switch differently if you choose
[20:46:19] <pfred1> how about mercury wetted contacts do they bounce?
[20:46:31] <Tom_itx> http://www.ikalogic.com/de-bouncing-circuits/
[20:46:44] <Tom_itx> http://www.all-electric.com/schematic/debounce.htm
[20:46:51] <jymmm> Bear Hunting with a .22
[20:46:53] <jymmm> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfsaWPJCkEc&feature=related
[20:46:58] <pfred1> andypugh nothing is free there is always some price to pay
[20:47:17] <andypugh> atom1: Your order is wrong. You need net signal pin pin pin pin
[20:48:00] <andypugh> net deb-home-x debounce.0.0.in <= hm2_[HOSTMOT2](BOARD).0.gpio.046.in
[20:48:05] <pfred1> Tom_itx I made one of these out of the TTL cookbook http://i.cmpnet.com/embedded/gifs/2004/0405/0405bpfig1.gif
[20:48:19] <pfred1> many long years ago!
[20:48:35] <atom1> andy, i've seen examples both ways :)
[20:48:45] <atom1> not sure if both work though
[20:49:01] <andypugh> Do bears need hunting? it seems to me they could just be ignored
[20:49:05] <pfred1> atom1 in life you'll learn there is the right way, the wrong way, and the navy way to do everything
[20:49:36] <jymmm> andypugh: If you spook one on a trail, or get between mama bear and baby bear
[20:49:43] <atom1> andypugh, , thanks for checking
[20:49:50] <pfred1> andypugh I saw the biggest bear in captivity and ah let me just say it wasn't something I'd idly ignore if there weren't 3 inch thick bears between me and it
[20:49:51] <andypugh> atom1: Only one way works. It doesn't matter which order the pins are in, but the Signal has to be the first thing after the net
[20:50:04] <pfred1> bars not bears
[20:50:05] <atom1> ok
[20:50:24] <pfred1> andypugh the saddest thing was a sign on the cage that said don't aggrivate the bear as it can break out of the cage
[20:50:25] <jymmm> andypugh: We went deer hunting once and saw cubs playing in a field, we drove the hhell out of there as fast as we could!
[20:51:02] <andypugh> jymmm: That would be the "ignoring" thing I advocated.
[20:51:22] <pfred1> I sen black bears running across a road in Maine they loked like fat dogs
[20:51:26] <jymmm> andypugh: ah
[20:51:41] <pfred1> they were smart bears they knew to run fast across the road in front of us
[20:51:50] <andypugh> Maybe I meant "leaving alone"
[20:52:07] <pfred1> the trick there is to get the bear to agree to leave you alone
[20:52:08] <atom1> andy, is the 'out' line ok?
[20:52:30] <andypugh> I achieve that mainly by living on a bear-free island.
[20:52:31] <jymmm> Once I was driving down a mountain road at night, curned a corner to see a big cub walking down the road. just layed into the horn to scare him off the road
[20:52:33] <pfred1> with brown bears shoot first ask questions later
[20:53:36] <jymmm> bear spray!
[20:53:48] <pfred1> andypugh your island is bear free today because people used the shoot first policy for centuries
[20:53:58] <andypugh> I live in the UK, my scariest wildlife moment was being looked at a bit crossly by a cow.
[20:54:10] <jymmm> andypugh: lol
[20:54:41] <jymmm> andypugh: that was pretty good =)
[20:55:02] <jymmm> andypugh: You really do have to watch out for the goats though
[20:55:14] <andypugh> They are talking about importing wolves back, and we have some beavers now (300 years ago the last native beaver became a hat)
[20:55:20] <pfred1> I saw a bull moose up in Maine I didn't want to get too close to
[20:55:35] <pfred1> I swear a horse standing next to this thing would have looked like a dog
[20:55:41] <pfred1> it was huge!
[20:55:51] <jymmm> pfred1: and they have an attitude too
[20:55:52] <andypugh> Anyway, goodnight!
[20:56:03] <jymmm> andypugh: G'Night and thanks for the laugh
[20:56:16] <pfred1> jymmm you could have laid down in its rack with your arms over your head and still had feet to spare
[20:56:37] <pfred1> I mean I can't overstate the size of this thing
[20:56:52] <pfred1> IU seen other moose and this thing was a gigantic moose
[20:56:54] <jymmm> pfred1: Oh I know, I saw the videos
[20:57:16] <pfred1> it was big for a moose
[20:57:26] <pfred1> it was that big
[20:57:47] <djdelorie> "it was so big, you could drive under it and miss!"
[20:58:08] <pfred1> maybe not that big but 9 feet at the shoulder i donno I didn't jump out of my canoe wit ha tape measure
[20:58:30] <pfred1> I seen really gigantic deer in the woods up there too
[20:58:33] <pfred1> like red ones
[20:58:39] <pfred1> they'd bark at me
[20:59:22] <pfred1> I even saw giant redwoods up in upstate maine
[20:59:39] <pfred1> I didn't think they were on the east coast
[20:59:56] <pfred1> we found these trees back in the woods they were like 400 500 feet tall
[21:00:09] <pfred1> easy 12 foot diameter at the trunk
[21:00:29] <pfred1> I bet i could find them on google maps
[21:00:34] <pfred1> I know about where they are
[21:02:56] <pfred1> the detail is BS but they're around here someplace http://goo.gl/maps/Sc8e
[21:04:12] <pfred1> we told the ranger that day we were hiking out to lost pond he looked at us and said lost what? I still don't know if he was joking with us or not
[21:04:42] <pfred1> we kinda wanted to tell him you know in case we were never heard from again
[21:07:25] <pfred1> that logging road wasn't there when I was there
[21:26:25] <r00t4rd3d> http://i.imgur.com/2UU1t.jpg
[21:26:31] <r00t4rd3d> Im gonna need a bigger lens
[21:27:21] <ReadError_> did you machine that?
[21:30:04] <r00t4rd3d> ReadError_, my router is finally done
[21:31:40] <ReadError_> oh?
[21:31:43] <ReadError_> you cutting yet
[21:31:46] <r00t4rd3d> nope
[21:32:00] <ReadError_> y not?
[21:32:33] <r00t4rd3d> i just got the motor wiring done this morning before work
[21:33:09] <r00t4rd3d> i need to wire up my power supply and tb6560
[21:33:19] <jdhNC> I now have ACBs and ballscrews on all 3 axes. And some backlash.
[21:35:03] <Tom_itx> rewiring my limit switches this evening
[21:35:10] <r00t4rd3d> i want a porter cable router but if i do i have to change the size of my linear rails
[21:35:29] <jdhNC> r00t: bigger is better.
[21:35:35] <r00t4rd3d> not with girls
[21:35:37] <jdhNC> but, I'm sure you've seen that email
[21:35:53] <jdhNC> r00t: they are lying to you
[21:36:26] <ReadError_> http://p.twimg.com/AuRN9adCMAA-tGw.jpg:large
[21:36:30] <ReadError_> shes comin together
[21:36:50] <jdhNC> I have a bunch microswitches for limits but I have some prox switches coming that I want to try
[21:37:32] <r00t4rd3d> read are you cutting that stuff out or did you buy that frame?
[21:37:38] <ReadError_> i cut it all
[21:37:45] <ReadError_> besides the square tube
[21:37:46] <r00t4rd3d> well cut me one too then
[21:38:17] <ReadError_> lol
[21:38:21] <ReadError_> i can send you the gcode ;)
[21:38:39] <r00t4rd3d> i wouldnt even know what to do with it
[21:39:04] <r00t4rd3d> yet
[21:39:07] <ReadError_> thats what she said
[21:53:52] <pfred1> ReadError_ is that an electrical box in the middle?
[21:53:59] <ReadError_> nah
[21:54:07] <pfred1> they make electrical boxes that look just like that
[21:54:15] <ReadError_> quadcopter
[21:54:34] <pfred1> I have a milk crate of them here
[21:55:29] <ReadError_> oh i see
[21:55:32] <ReadError_> like for outlets
[21:55:41] <ReadError_> well thats 0.125" aluminum
[21:55:44] <ReadError_> 2 of them
[21:56:39] <pfred1> ReadError_ http://productimages.grainger.com/is/image/Grainger/5A047_AS01?$productdetail$
[21:56:53] <ReadError_> ya similar in shape
[21:56:57] <pfred1> I've seen them with more defined corners sometimes too
[21:57:13] <pfred1> that one was probably stamped out in china or something
[21:58:11] <pfred1> I hate aluminum
[21:58:31] <pfred1> stuff is a pain to weld and I never know how much I can trust it for strength
[21:58:52] <pfred1> I'm just a lot more familiar with steel I guess
[22:00:17] <pfred1> good old steel
[22:00:32] <ReadError_> well
[22:00:37] <ReadError_> weight is a concern here
[22:00:59] <pfred1> then go with carbon fiber
[22:01:29] <pfred1> I guess aluminum is nice if you have to hacksaw it
[22:01:40] <pfred1> by hand
[22:01:47] <ReadError_> CF is expensive
[22:01:52] <pfred1> I cut the stuff on my tablesaw
[22:01:56] <ReadError_> my next will be CF
[22:02:05] <pfred1> like half inch thick plate
[22:02:25] <pfred1> I've worked with harder woods than aluminum
[22:03:06] <pfred1> like hard rock maple
[22:03:38] <pfred1> they don't call it hard rock maple for nothing
[22:05:00] <pfred1> you can make stuff that flies out of spruce
[22:05:16] <pfred1> like the spruce goose!
[22:05:40] <pfred1> one of the coolest planes in WW2 was made out of plywood
[22:05:45] <pfred1> the british mosquito
[22:07:12] <pfred1> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Mosquito
[22:24:34] <jdhNC> did you ever see a ngcgui pocket routine?
[22:31:20] <pfred1> jdhNC which Star Trek series was that in?
[22:31:39] <jymmm> TNG
[22:31:55] <pfred1> oh gawd I could never watch that one
[22:32:02] <jymmm> lol
[22:32:06] <pfred1> TNG was like the worst!
[22:32:17] <jymmm> I liked DS9 personally
[22:32:25] <pfred1> OK maybe deeply spaced out to the nines was worse tough call to make
[22:32:25] <Connor> I'm watching the Star Trek Animated right now on netflix.
[22:32:38] <Connor> OMG, it's almost better than the real ones.. acting not as bad..
[22:33:34] <pfred1> I like how on TNG the ship would get attacked then ceiling hatches would open up and flexible duct work would pour out onto the cast crew members
[22:33:48] <pfred1> like they couldn't afford duct hangers or something
[22:34:17] <Connor> I always wondered why their consoles blew up in their faces.. Ever hear of a fuse folks ? :)
[22:34:45] <pfred1> yeah you'd think by then they'd use photonics or something not even waste time with electricity anymore
[22:35:16] <jymmm> It's not electricity, it's all fiber optic energy ducts =)
[22:35:27] <jymmm> They never say wire =)
[22:35:40] <pfred1> yeah wire too technical
[22:36:08] <pfred1> hey I was in a deli today and their phone is broken so the verizon guys comes out looks at it then leaves saying I don't work on copper!
[22:36:10] <jymmm> not geeky enough
[22:36:24] <pfred1> can you believe it?
[22:36:34] <jymmm> pfred1: lol, not my job
[22:36:49] <pfred1> yeah they should pink slip his ass and give the job to someone with some ethics
[22:37:13] <pfred1> shouldn't be his job at all
[22:37:40] <jymmm> isn't that all union now?
[22:37:59] <jymmm> so linemen cna't work mpoe stuff?
[22:38:13] <pfred1> bust the union
[22:46:55] <jymmm> LOL, I love it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIQJ_FJ8zsQ&feature=related
[23:00:07] <pfred1> chip shot: http://i.imgur.com/vvN0u.jpg
[23:03:45] <pfred1> this is one piece of "stock" I used on that project http://i.imgur.com/moivW.jpg more like scrap
[23:12:35] <ReadError_> wtf is that
[23:18:19] <pfred1> steel
[23:18:33] <pfred1> it is a tounge tab off a piece of angle iron
[23:22:43] <ReadError_> why you taking apart batteries ?
[23:22:55] <ReadError_> if they where lithium i would suspect you to be makin crank
[23:45:44] <pfred1> ReadError_ I wanted to see what was inside them