#linuxcnc | Logs for 2012-02-03

[00:03:28] <MattyMatt> wow I actually sympathised with the PHB there
[00:22:09] <KimK> pfred1: Thanks for mentioning bootchart, I had not heard of it before. The tutorial (I just Googled "bootchart tutorial") and install were easy. I'll look forward to seeing the result on my next reboot. Thanks again.
[01:39:38] <mrsun> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB167ufW_p4&feature=related <--- 126kw?!
[01:40:18] <mrsun> 170hp spindle ... right :P
[02:49:29] <mrsun> heh with the proper "technique" i got the spindle trammed in 10 minutes compared to the two hours i sat tinkering last night and still didnt get it right :P
[02:49:41] <mrsun> tho its not perfect but its close, 0.01mm over the whole table
[02:51:05] <mrsun> (table is about aparently 240mm
[04:32:47] <automata> hi
[04:33:43] <automata> I am trying to use the hal component knob2float to take input from a MPG pendant into an float value
[04:33:59] <automata> However I am not able to find a way to set the initial value of the output...
[04:47:36] <mazafaka> this night I had been workeen - see-sawing in cold shop. then gone home on bicycle. At 5:00 AM it was probably -35 Celsius. Dead cold which can freeze you up. There also was some train standing on the road and I had to walk through the snow which height was about a meter. Such an adventure at a regular day...
[04:52:45] <automata> Any help on knob2float?
[04:53:55] <psha[work]> automata: it's always 0?
[04:54:15] <automata> it is always 0...
[04:54:30] <psha[work]> why not to add value to knob2float output?
[04:54:56] <automata> That would be much simpler!!!
[04:55:14] <automata> I made a new component with a new pin for setting the knob2float output!!
[04:55:29] <automata> and I am nearly done with it!!!
[04:55:35] <psha[work]> i guess there is something like 'add'
[04:55:50] <automata> I am sure there is an add component!!
[04:56:07] <psha[work]> use sum2
[04:56:31] <psha[work]> it has offset parameter as you want (i guess)
[04:57:21] <psha[work]> also you may try to adjust 'min' value of knob2float
[04:57:34] <psha[work]> and max accordinglyu
[04:58:17] <automata> I would not need the offset parameter from sum2. I could just write to the sum2.in1 parameter
[04:58:45] <automata> But there should be an offset parameter in knob2float also!!!
[04:59:40] <psha[work]> why?
[04:59:49] <psha[work]> first - you may adjust min/max
[04:59:59] <psha[work]> and also you may use sum2
[05:00:08] <mazafaka> psha[work]: how much is it cold there?
[05:00:32] <psha[work]> ~20
[05:00:34] <psha[work]> i guess
[05:00:49] <psha[work]> but with strong wind
[05:01:15] <psha[work]> was replacing wheel yesterday - not nice :(
[05:01:45] <automata> is that -20 C or approximately 20 C
[05:02:03] <automata> cause it is a balmy 20 C here!!
[05:05:14] <psha[work]> -
[05:05:29] <psha[work]> it's winter :)
[05:09:13] <automata> I added an offset parameter to the knob2float
[05:11:02] <automata> Also is there a reason I can initialize only 16 instances of knob2float ??
[05:11:48] <automata> I need 18 instances of knob2float but anything above 16 and i get insmod errors for module knob2float
[05:14:00] <psha[work]> probably it's limitation in emc2 module loading code
[05:15:29] <automata> is there a way around it?
[05:17:03] <psha[work]> it's hardcoded in 'comp' utility
[05:18:03] <psha[work]> one way is to take comp, fix it and recompile module
[05:18:29] <psha[work]> see lines 458-467
[05:18:40] <psha[work]> based on git master
[05:18:51] <automata> what file would comp be in?
[05:18:53] <psha[work]> and probably 492
[05:19:05] <psha[work]> you should fix 'comp' tool
[05:19:12] <psha[work]> not component
[05:20:25] <automata> I am trying to find the source for the 'comp' utility
[05:20:48] <psha[work]> it's python script
[05:21:06] <automata> is it comp.g??
[05:22:07] <psha[work]> yes
[05:22:12] <automata> so only 16 named entities... but numbered entities can be many more right??
[05:22:28] <psha[work]> then it's processed by parser generator and you've get 'comp' utility
[05:22:36] <psha[work]> dunno
[05:23:16] <automata> lemme try!!
[05:23:25] <automata> brb with answer...
[10:22:01] <mikegg> ugh, I need a bigger machine
[11:27:30] <Loetmichel_> re @ home
[12:14:45] <Jymmm> Loetmichel_: Just curious, what is that all about? the whole @ home thing?
[12:16:07] <Loetmichel_> i am IRcing via VNC auf my home machine @ work so i amsg taht i am back at home
[12:16:27] <Loetmichel_> retuned at home
[12:16:59] <Jymmm> Loetmichel_: Ok, but is there a diff?
[12:17:42] <Jymmm> Loetmichel_: Do you have scripts running?
[12:18:16] <Loetmichel_> no, why?
[12:18:31] <Jymmm> Loetmichel_: I was just being nosey is all =)
[12:18:57] <Jymmm> Loetmichel_: some have phrase trigger scripts in irc
[12:19:22] <Jymmm> Not saying you, but they use them to control their botnet
[12:19:40] <Loetmichel_> i have some local channesl open whre someone may be interested where i am 'cause they tend to show up at my door sometimes
[12:19:52] <Loetmichel_> ah, i see
[12:19:53] <Jymmm> hahahaha
[12:20:15] <Jymmm> Ok, that I can understand =)
[12:21:11] <Jymmm> Loetmichel_: you should mess with them and say: re @ jail, re @ mars, etc
[12:21:17] <Loetmichel_> harhar
[12:22:41] * Loetmichel_ had done a conversion of a webcam today... its nice whalt one can do with some brass and aluminum sheet and a scroll saw...
[12:22:56] <Loetmichel_> http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=12754
[12:23:56] <Loetmichel_> ... i hope its now low EMI, 'cause it will sit in a EMI lab looking at the Exuipment under test.
[12:24:46] <JT-Shop> Jymmm: @ the bar
[12:24:56] <Loetmichel_> (we are testing a new series of laserpirnters, and the are SO quiet that noone knows if they are still printing when measuring EMI)
[12:24:59] <Jymmm> JT-Shop: LOL, pretty good
[12:25:57] <Loetmichel_> ... this WAS a MSI starcam racer some time ago ;-)
[12:39:59] <Jymmm> SWPadnos: 4TB hdd $300
[15:00:48] <Jymmm> Does anyone use a planer? Does it create a *LOT* of swarf?
[15:05:58] <skunkworks> thickness planer?
[15:06:11] <Jymmm> Yeah http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/for/2830014357.html
[15:06:23] <skunkworks> yes - lots of swarf
[15:06:34] <cradek> the output is for hooking to a dust collection system
[15:06:34] <skunkworks> best to have a vaccum setup
[15:06:49] <Jymmm> I have a dust collector.
[15:07:31] <Jymmm> If you consider 55gal drums, how often would I need to empty it?
[15:08:26] <skunkworks> heh - really depends on how much you are taking off and how big the stock.
[15:08:45] <Jymmm> 1x4 plane both sides
[15:08:57] <Jymmm> rough cut 1x4's
[15:12:11] <Jymmm> http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/tls/2820995713.html
[15:12:20] <skunkworks> that is really hard to tell.. when I was making 1X4ish tong and grooved boards that started rough cut - I could fill a trash can a couple times a day. but we are talking pretty high production.
[15:12:41] <Jymmm> skunkworks: could you guestimate the BF ?
[15:12:49] <Jymmm> per 55gal drum?
[15:13:04] <skunkworks> not reallly - quite a while ago
[15:13:32] <Jymmm> k
[15:41:56] <gene__> Hi guys. I about done with the top side of one of these boards, looking great, but because I am using a G92 Z0.0009 offset axis is drawing the backplot about 2.5" up in the air.
[15:42:08] <gene__> Is that normal or a bug?
[15:42:41] <cradek> you can probably hit reload and it'll draw in the right place
[15:42:55] <cradek> it's not really a bug
[15:43:20] <cradek> it's easy to use g92 to make the preview not line up
[15:43:29] <gene__> I did that already Chris
[15:44:13] <gene__> before I restarted this n46 minute job with another .0002 depth because it wasn't deep enough on one edge
[15:44:29] <gene__> For an offset of 0.0009" ???
[15:45:00] <cradek> g92 z0.0009 does not give you an offset of .0009, it gives you whatever offset that makes Z become .0009 with the tool at the current position
[15:45:43] <gene__> It was homed at 0,0,0 before the job was started.
[15:46:39] <gene__> where 0.00000 was the surface of the board
[15:47:05] <cradek> brb
[15:55:57] <gene__> cradek: ItlLooks like it will do the same with the top drill file too.
[15:58:32] <gene__> empty coffee cup, brb myself
[16:01:11] <gene__> back, coffe and a piece of poison in hand, a cookie
[16:02:14] <pfred1> gene__ refined processed sugar has made our modern world possible
[16:02:53] <pfred1> it is one of the cornerstones our civilization rests on!
[16:02:59] <Jymmm> So has nuclear weapons, but...
[16:03:13] <gene__> maybe, butr as a type 2, its essentially poison to me :)
[16:03:17] <pfred1> Jymmm hey have we had a big war since we've dropped some?
[16:03:49] <Jymmm> pfred1: See, first time effective. Can't get much better than that.
[16:03:52] <gene__> if you define big by cost, hell yes!
[16:04:11] <pfred1> gene__ the only cost war can be measured in is human lives
[16:04:27] * Jymmm smacks the cookie from Gene and hands him a nice stalk of celery... Mmmmmm tasty!!!
[16:04:58] <gene__> only if your arm is long enough will that work :)
[16:05:04] * pfred1 hates celery...
[16:05:18] <gene__> Thats your problem
[16:05:34] <gene__> ;-)
[16:05:37] <pfred1> I don't know which way I hate it worse either cooked or raw
[16:06:11] * Jymmm hands pfred1 24 lbs of blanched celery
[16:06:19] <Jymmm> per day
[16:06:25] <gene__> heh heh, OMG
[16:06:41] <pfred1> just makes me make an extra trip out to my mulch pile is all
[16:06:54] <Jymmm> pfred1: EAT IT!!!
[16:07:11] <pfred1> I seriously can't stand celery
[16:07:18] <pfred1> I don't like sour kraut either
[16:07:22] * Jymmm duct tapes pfred1 to the high chair and makes him a nice blanched celery smoothie!
[16:07:33] <pfred1> or relish
[16:07:50] <gene__> Then you would have someseriousd addition to the effectiveness of the mulching process
[16:07:57] * Jymmm reaches for the 5ft hose to shove down pfred1's throat
[16:07:59] <pfred1> not a big fan of cillantro for that matter either
[16:08:15] <pfred1> and avacados
[16:08:28] <Jymmm> pfred1: You would starve in my house
[16:08:29] <gene__> darn its hard to type standing up at a keyboard 4.5 feet up in the air.
[16:08:49] <pfred1> was never a fan of guacamole
[16:09:25] <pfred1> split pea soup grosses me out too
[16:09:31] <gene__> its edible, in reasonable quantities only
[16:11:06] <pfred1> I had something today I hadn't eaten in 30 years
[16:11:35] <pfred1> just the other week i was like what ever happened to sloppy joe sandwiches?
[16:11:42] <pfred1> so today i had some
[16:12:00] <gene__> started drill file w/o <cradek> response, running at about 1% till i know its working.
[16:13:30] <pfred1> I used some bad epoxy on my phenolic pillars so I'm at a standstill with my project here until i get some new glue
[16:13:53] <pfred1> bit annoyed because i'm out like $20 in materials over this whole deal
[16:14:03] <gene__> what are you making?
[16:14:06] <pfred1> and all the time I wasted up til now too
[16:14:10] <pfred1> a CNC machine
[16:14:31] <gene__> from scratch... neat!
[16:14:49] <pfred1> not yet it hasn't been
[16:14:58] <pfred1> but I'm still hoping
[16:19:07] <pfred1> does anyone here know why LinuxCNC uses Ubuntu?
[16:19:34] <alex4nder-> why wouldn't it?
[16:19:46] <pfred1> it isn't exactly the first distribution that comes to my mind when i think industrial controls
[16:19:51] <alex4nder-> what is?
[16:19:59] <gene__> Long term support
[16:20:01] <pfred1> Debian
[16:20:27] <alex4nder-> I don't think the difference between Debian and Ubuntu is enough to be material.
[16:20:39] <Jymmm> pfred1: cradek, alex_joni, and jepler choosed ubuntu iirc, I thought debian woul dbe better too.
[16:20:56] <Jymmm> alex4nder-: OH YES THERE IS, LOTS of dependancies in ubuntu
[16:21:04] <pfred1> alex4nder-: I've run them both and I find a large difference
[16:21:29] <pfred1> I have EMC going on a Debian build and i can run it with 40 total processes
[16:21:35] <alex4nder-> I'm running them both right now, and I don't care.
[16:21:40] <pfred1> and i still could trim some more fat
[16:21:54] <Jymmm> alex4nder-: Well, you're speacial.
[16:21:58] <alex4nder-> I am.
[16:22:02] <alex4nder-> I ride the short bus.
[16:22:07] <Jymmm> special olympics that is
[16:22:19] <pfred1> most Ubuntu users do
[16:22:24] <alex4nder-> Jymmm: beat you to your lame joke.
[16:22:35] <gene__> Now, I have a show stopper, its used the first tool up, and getting ready to ask for tool #2, but the move to tool change at z=8 from .1 over the board is too much and axis says it will be to 8+ inches this time.
[16:22:55] <skunkworks> I like to be able to surf and play videos while my 20 ton machine I am running
[16:23:02] <syyl> starts to get shape
[16:23:03] <syyl> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24396704/wzw_spindel5.jpg
[16:23:14] <alex4nder-> pfred1: why don't you make your full Debian EMC setup available as another Debian repository?
[16:23:35] <pfred1> alex4nder-: because I've other things to do
[16:23:58] <alex4nder-> pfred1: so if you don't even care enough to do it yourself, why is it at all an issue for you that it comes with Ubuntu by default?
[16:24:14] <gene__> there is clearly a # someplace that needs zero'ed out, question is which, and can I do it5 from an mdi screen
[16:24:15] <pfred1> alex4nder-: because it is a pain in the ass to setup
[16:24:32] <alex4nder-> pfred1: so it's a pain, and you have it working, and you still don't want to share your setup with others?
[16:24:33] <pfred1> as opposed to dropping in a CD and installing it
[16:24:40] <alex4nder-> that's not very friendly
[16:24:45] <alex4nder-> or true to the spirit
[16:24:53] <Jymmm> THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!
[16:24:55] <pfred1> me setitng it up and packaging it are not the same things
[16:24:58] <alex4nder-> exactly.
[16:25:31] <pfred1> I'm not saying my setup is optimal too I haven't had the time to dedicate to that
[16:25:43] <pfred1> but its a damn sight better than anything ubuntu can do
[16:26:08] <alex4nder-> look at it this way, anyone who cares enough to want to run it on Debian can do it themselves.
[16:26:14] <alex4nder-> it's not that hard.
[16:26:15] <skunkworks> gene__: are you probing each tool automagically then setting the g92 offset based on where the switch is and the surface of the circuit board?
[16:26:38] <pfred1> alex4nder-: who are you telling I've done it it is not drop it in and go
[16:27:15] <alex4nder-> pfred1: I'm using it right now on Debian, it was no big deal.
[16:27:24] <pfred1> it took me days to get it running
[16:27:25] <alex4nder-> I'm sorry.
[16:27:56] <alex4nder-> what was your biggest hangup?
[16:28:05] <pfred1> optimizing my kernel
[16:28:14] <alex4nder-> what do you mean by that?
[16:28:26] <pfred1> exactly what i said
[16:28:33] <alex4nder-> as a kernel developer, I have no idea what you mean.
[16:28:39] <alex4nder-> you mean turning off menu options? or what?
[16:28:42] <Jymmm> there's no need for you guys to be so belligerent
[16:28:55] <pfred1> alex4nder-: configuring would be another way of putting it
[16:29:18] <alex4nder-> Jymmm: can you be belligerent over IRC?
[16:29:20] <pfred1> but that would be less than descriptive
[16:30:09] <alex4nder-> yah, I applied patches, built with almost all the normal Debian process, and was done.
[16:30:14] * alex4nder- shrugs.
[16:30:44] <skunkworks> I want emc to run on windows xp. can someone help me?
[16:30:56] <Jymmm> skunkworks: download it.
[16:31:02] <pfred1> skunkworks virtualbox
[16:31:17] <alex4nder-> skunkworks: you need to spend two days optimizing your kernel.. and by optimize, I mean go to the control panel and click things.
[16:31:21] <Jymmm> skunkworks: EMC for XP DOES exist
[16:31:54] <gene__> Humm, I see a new linuxcnc is available, I'll check to see it that fixes this
[16:32:16] <syyl> emc on windowsxp?
[16:32:20] <syyl> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24396704/heeks.jpg
[16:32:21] <syyl> ;)
[16:32:22] <skunkworks> gene__: are you probing each tool automagically then setting the g92 offset based on where the switch is and the surface of the circuit board?
[16:32:37] <pfred1> alex4nder-: if ubuntu and Debian are no big deal ot you then why do you have EMC running on Debian?
[16:32:46] <alex4nder-> pfred1: because I like Debian more.
[16:33:09] <alex4nder-> but I'm not going to get into debates over whether or not it's the better choice for your retrofitted Sherline.
[16:33:21] <pfred1> 17:08 < alex4nder-> I don't think the difference between Debian and Ubuntu is enough to be material.
[16:33:38] <pfred1> alex4nder-: I can only assume that you are trolling
[16:33:39] <alex4nder-> thanks, I have problems with my short term memory.
[16:33:59] <alex4nder-> no, I just don't think the difference is that big of a deal.
[16:34:15] <Jymmm> alex4nder-: Ok, you've gone from being belligerent on irc to just being an ass now. CONGRATS!
[16:34:23] <alex4nder-> what?
[16:34:35] <alex4nder-> are you like his cheerleader?
[16:34:39] <pfred1> alex4nder-: but how can any statement you make have any veracity when everything you say is contradictory?
[16:34:53] <alex4nder-> sign. forget I said anything.
[16:35:03] <alex4nder-> let me know when you have your LinuxCNC-convert-to-Debian petition ready
[16:35:06] <jdhNC> it's the interwebbes, that won't happen.
[16:35:10] <alex4nder-> and I'll sign it as.
[16:35:14] <alex4nder-> -as
[16:37:23] <Jymmm> This is kinda cool... http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/tls/2833237030.html
[16:37:23] <pfred1> Jymmm I think alex4nder- may benefit studying this http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Don't_be_a_dick
[16:37:40] <jdhNC> I think it should be moved to gentoo
[16:37:51] <pfred1> jdhNC LFS!
[16:38:07] <Jymmm> jdhNC: you sadistic bastard! lol
[16:38:11] <jdhNC> USE-flags!
[16:38:14] <alex4nder-> pfred1: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Pfred_is_a_self_important_douche
[16:38:21] <pfred1> Jymmm at least they didn't say Arch
[16:38:33] <jdhNC> think of how much faster it would be if the kernelle was really optimized for my cpu!
[16:39:43] * pfred1 enjoys greater peace of mind through the use of selective hostmasking technologies .... 17:26 Ignoring ALL from alex4nder-
[16:39:50] <jdhNC> bah, that's lame.
[16:40:21] <syyl> ignore is like running away ;)
[16:40:24] <jdhNC> it's a big world, there is plenty of room for lots of opinions
[16:40:29] <pfred1> jdhNC http://lame.sourceforge.net/
[16:40:45] <jdhNC> mine are, of course, the best.
[16:41:00] <alex4nder-> the best part of any ignore attempt, is posting that you ignored someone.
[16:41:19] <jdhNC> it's kind of pointless without that.
[16:41:38] <Loetmichel_> hrhr
[16:41:39] <alex4nder-> yah, it's totally I'm-going-to-take-my-ball-and-go-home.
[16:41:48] <pfred1> well i just brought it up because obviously Ubuntu is steering in directions that may not be entirely conducive to CNC
[16:42:14] <alex4nder-> pfred1: the winning California lotto numbers are 9 - 17 - 18 - 28 - 43
[16:42:42] <pfred1> but Debian being Debian is much like a rock stare at it as hard as you like it is unlikely to change much over time
[16:43:09] <jdhNC> I tend to stereotype debian users
[16:43:35] <pfred1> jdhNC when you run Debian you are in no way obligated to open your doors to Debian users
[16:44:11] <pfred1> by all means please wear shoes the carpeting is new dammit!
[16:44:37] <alex4nder-> jdhNC: http://boingboing.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/images201109151206.jpg <- Debian's core development team
[16:45:03] <jdhNC> heh
[16:45:17] <pfred1> jdhNC BTW the best way to troll #debian is to ask them why they don't ship cdrecord
[16:45:59] <gene__> <skunkworks> I am probing the board with a G38.2 comnand, and since that supposedly is the homed position +- a thou, installing with G92 Z 0.0007 or so, trying to vary it to control for idea etch depth.
[16:46:59] <gene__> IOW, I am not adjusting the Z by more than the drill length as determined by the probe
[16:47:19] <pfred1> jdhNC my stereotype of debian users is aquaphobic freaks that suffer from aspergers RMS favors Debian I hear ...
[16:47:58] <gene__> well cdrecord is Schilling, thast explains it all
[16:48:30] <pfred1> gene__ actualy if you research the topic in depth you may find many conflicting facts surrounding the entire matter
[16:48:50] <pfred1> including Debian officially saying they've kissed and made up with Shilling
[16:49:32] <pfred1> but it still seems like a touchy topic when broached
[16:49:32] <iwoj> I've got a pci parallel port card I'm trying to set-up. This must be a common issue.
[16:49:45] <pfred1> iwoj lspci vv
[16:50:39] <Loetmichel_> me just downloaded the netistallt Debian stable amd64
[16:51:01] <Loetmichel_> starting a new Vmware machnine NOW...
[16:51:09] <iwoj> pfred1: lspci -v lists the card with four I/O ports (two are size=8 and two are size=4)
[16:51:16] <gene__> Can you change the spots on the Schilling leopard? I think not mfrom observing the hate & discontent he has caused over the last decade.
[16:51:30] <Loetmichel_> ... lets see if there is any better since debian 4.x ;-)
[16:51:50] <pfred1> Loetmichel_ I think 5 was a big step
[16:51:51] <iwoj> pfred1: "kernel modules: parport_pc"
[16:52:42] <pfred1> iwoj you take the port numbers you got with lspci and try them in stepconf or your ini file or however you are configuring EMC
[16:52:46] <gene__> Gotta run, back later, local dinner time.
[16:53:03] <pfred1> iwoj eventually you find the one that works
[16:54:14] <iwoj> pfred1: thanks. is there a reliable way to set a pci parallel port in isolation from external devices?
[16:54:39] <pfred1> iwoj i don't follow you
[16:54:59] <pfred1> you want ot move the port your card is on?
[16:56:36] <pfred1> or do you mean you want to physically isolate the port from your controller?
[16:57:55] <iwoj> pfred: I'm setting up the PCI parallel port while building my own CNC machine. I was to test the parallel port first, because my CNC may not be working. Any idea how I can test a parallel port without connecting it to something?
[16:58:24] <pfred1> well they do make loopback cables
[16:58:42] <pfred1> but i usually just stick a multimeter onto a pin
[16:59:14] <pfred1> iwoj I have made this too http://www.instructables.com/id/Parallel-Port-Break-Out-Board-BOB/
[16:59:23] <pfred1> but it isn't 100% optically isolated
[16:59:40] <pfred1> I have optoisolatorso n my drives
[16:59:48] <pfred1> optoisolators
[17:00:09] <pfred1> http://www.instructables.com/id/TB6560-Microstepping-Bipolar-Chopper-Stepper-Motor/
[17:00:25] <pfred1> it is just a buffer
[17:00:52] <pfred1> really optos are so slow I didn't want to get too crazy with them
[17:01:13] <pfred1> one is enough
[17:01:42] <iwoj> pfred1: Thanks. Do you think for now I could just pop an LED in one of the data pins and test that?
[17:01:50] <pfred1> nope
[17:02:01] <pfred1> LEDs draw too much current for some parallel ports
[17:02:32] <iwoj> pfred1: led + resistor?
[17:02:36] <pfred1> you are probably safe but no one can guarantee it
[17:02:57] <pfred1> some parallel ports have as little as 3ma output current capability
[17:03:05] <pfred1> which is pathetic
[17:03:19] <pfred1> there is no standard with them today
[17:03:32] <iwoj> That's not enough to drive more LEDs.
[17:03:43] <iwoj> most LEDs.
[17:04:02] <pfred1> well let me put it to you this way if you can put a resistor big enough onto your LED that you won't draw 3ma then you should be safe
[17:04:34] <pfred1> but still I think you'd be better off with a high impedence multimeter
[17:05:00] <pfred1> it is obvious when it is high or low with a meter
[17:05:12] <iwoj> good point
[17:05:14] <iwoj> i'll do that
[17:05:29] <pfred1> and even the junkiest meter isn't going to draw more than microamps
[17:06:35] <pfred1> iwoj I could be wrong but EMC may not use the regular parallel port kernel module
[17:06:45] <pfred1> I think it uses its own driver
[17:07:38] <pfred1> someone that knows more about EMC itself may be able to shed some more light on that
[17:08:55] <pfred1> all I rmember today is doing lspci and putting them ports into stepconf until it started working
[17:13:23] <iwoj> good to know. thanks. I'll test the port under a normal ubuntu 11.10 installation.
[17:14:03] <iwoj> and once I know it's working, I'll focus on stepconf and the .hal files
[17:14:32] <pfred1> iwoj you can just drop the numbers into step conf and if you choose wrong nothing happens
[17:14:58] <pfred1> you just go back and put another value into the port box
[17:15:35] <iwoj> good point. why do I always take the long route?
[17:16:27] <pfred1> we are programmed to think if we choose wrong we will suffer consequences but in some cases the only consequence is you must chose again
[17:17:45] <iwoj> true that.
[17:18:05] <pfred1> worst that will happen is you'll saw aww it doesn't work
[17:18:23] <pfred1> but one of them 4 numbers should work
[17:18:43] <pfred1> and the other 3 won't hurt you to try
[17:19:19] <pfred1> they will in fact work, just not on the port you want them to work on
[17:19:26] <iwoj> stepconf lets you put in up to three parport addresses.
[17:19:29] <iwoj> what up with that?
[17:19:38] <pfred1> you cna use more than one port
[17:20:01] <pfred1> you know for your 6th axis or your 3rd coolant mister
[17:20:28] <pfred1> go crazy!
[17:20:58] <pfred1> then when that isn't enough you have to get one of them IO boards
[17:21:00] <iwoj> awesome....
[17:21:00] <bill20r3> and the chip shields windshield-wiper-squirter motor.
[17:21:16] <pfred1> the mesa boards
[17:21:16] <iwoj> i've always wanted a 6-axis mill.
[17:21:24] <iwoj> (that's like a time machine, right?)
[17:22:19] <pfred1> http://www.mesanet.com/fpgacardinfo.html
[17:22:32] <pfred1> big big big barrier strip!
[17:25:51] <pfred1> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Mesa_Cards
[17:32:27] <iwoj> very cool
[17:32:51] <pfred1> iwoj that is the upgrade
[17:32:55] <iwoj> these are alternatives to parallel port cards?
[17:33:08] <iwoj> with way more IO channels...
[17:33:13] <pfred1> popular ones I htink there may be others lots of mesa headsi n here though
[17:34:32] <iwoj> i'm guessing that if i try one address in stepconf and the machine freezes, it's probably not the right number, huh?
[17:36:28] <pfred1> I never had that happen did you maybe use a wrong number?
[17:36:57] <iwoj> lspci indicates ec00 as one adress
[17:37:05] <iwoj> should ignore the "e"?
[17:37:23] <pfred1> no the e is one of the hex values
[17:37:52] <iwoj> that's what i thought
[17:37:55] <pfred1> I'm not at my CNC machine now but i think you have ot put 0x in front of the number to signify it is hexadecimal or soemthing
[17:38:02] <iwoj> I should enter 0xec00
[17:38:10] <pfred1> I think so
[17:38:40] <pfred1> I did mine a while ago haven't paid it much attention since it works
[17:38:53] <iwoj> it does this for the first three numbers
[17:39:06] <iwoj> i'm rebooting to try the fourth
[17:39:14] <iwoj> and then i'll try the default value
[17:39:27] <pfred1> the default i think is the motherboard port value
[17:39:36] <iwoj> it's crashing when I try to test the x-axis in the middle of the wizard process.
[17:39:49] <iwoj> the motherboard port?
[17:39:55] <pfred1> sure your latency is right?
[17:40:28] <pfred1> once the RT module is running if your latency is wrong bad things can happen
[17:40:29] <iwoj> i have no idea what that means
[17:40:50] <pfred1> OK first you need to setup your latency then
[17:40:56] <iwoj> i've never seen a latency setting
[17:41:02] <pfred1> well it is critical
[17:41:07] <iwoj> driver timing?
[17:41:37] <pfred1> no oh what is it called? there is a button early on in stepconf where it lets you test your latency
[17:42:06] <iwoj> test base period jitter?
[17:42:11] <pfred1> yes
[17:42:28] <pfred1> this is a fiddly part of it all
[17:42:52] <iwoj> what do i do with this data?
[17:42:55] <iwoj> max jitter ns
[17:43:00] <pfred1> oh you don't have it yet
[17:43:05] <pfred1> let it run for a while
[17:43:09] <iwoj> servo thread, base thread...
[17:43:15] <pfred1> some folks let it run overnight
[17:43:32] <iwoj> what is it doing?
[17:43:44] <pfred1> it is testing your system's latency speed
[17:44:11] <pfred1> if you try to make a call sooner than your system can then you can lock your box up
[17:44:14] <pfred1> this is real time
[17:44:35] <pfred1> this ain't watching no porno video where if you drop a frame no big deal
[17:45:12] <pfred1> real time doesn't look at it like that
[17:46:42] <pfred1> eventually you'll take your base hread value and use it as your base period maxinum jitter value
[17:46:45] <iwoj> that's probably what's happening then
[17:47:06] <iwoj> (*closes the porno video*)
[17:47:30] <pfred1> yeah if you run too low a value it affects system stability
[17:47:40] <pfred1> run dmesg in a terminal window
[17:48:00] <pfred1> and check the end of /var/log/syslog for what killed your system
[17:48:35] <pfred1> I think you need to be root to access /var/log/syslog
[17:49:32] <iwoj> good ideas
[17:49:40] <pfred1> oh I've been there
[17:50:09] <iwoj> and these jitter values… should I enter one of them in "Base period maximum jitter"
[17:50:15] <pfred1> picking your base period is a bit of inteperetation
[17:50:38] <pfred1> what are you getting?
[17:50:49] <iwoj> servo: 17575
[17:50:53] <pfred1> not bad
[17:50:55] <iwoj> base: 11770
[17:51:10] <pfred1> well what is the maximum spike?
[17:51:38] <pfred1> because your period has to be over whatever that is
[17:51:40] <iwoj> 1009419 and 32143
[17:51:49] <pfred1> oh yeah you have to fix your NMI I think it is
[17:52:10] <iwoj> sorry that's the max interval
[17:52:10] <pfred1> let me find the instructions for how to do that
[17:52:19] <iwoj> the first set was max jitter
[17:52:29] <pfred1> SMI
[17:52:56] <skunkworks> iwoj> sorry that's the max interval
[17:53:03] <pfred1> http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?FixingSMIIssues
[17:53:17] <skunkworks> he isn't having smi issues...
[17:53:23] <pfred1> skunkworks OK good
[17:53:33] <skunkworks> lets not confuse him ;)
[17:53:49] <pfred1> skunkworks well it is hard to tell someone what to pick as their base period
[17:54:06] <pfred1> because you should give yourself a little breathing room
[17:54:31] <iwoj> yeah, this looks risky
[17:54:50] <pfred1> iwoj oh the first dozen values you pick you will likely change
[17:54:54] <skunkworks> you want to work backwards. what maximum step generation do you need - then calculate the the base period
[17:54:56] <iwoj> i tried thr fourth pport address in stepconf and it didn't freeze the machine
[17:56:00] <pfred1> skunkworks I'd love to run in quarter step mode but on my machine I can't go more than 60 IPM
[17:56:17] <iwoj> but it did complain about a broken pipe
[17:56:26] <skunkworks> I think the stepconf utility does it for you...
[17:56:32] <skunkworks> (I have not used it_
[17:56:58] <pfred1> I think it starte out with 20000 in the box for you
[17:57:03] <pfred1> has been a while
[17:57:30] <iwoj> 15000
[17:58:13] <pfred1> well if you maintain 11770 15000 shouldn't be a problem
[17:58:30] <pfred1> but if you spike over 15000
[17:58:54] <iwoj> so why is my machine freezing when it tries to access the parallel port?
[17:59:25] <pfred1> raise up your base period and see if it doesn't clear it up
[17:59:45] <pfred1> cna always set it back again
[18:00:09] <iwoj> thanks. i'll give that a go.
[18:00:19] <skunkworks> iwoj: do a sudo lspci -v from terminal
[18:01:06] <pfred1> which lspci /usr/bin/lspci
[18:01:19] <skunkworks> www.pastebin.org the results
[18:02:46] <skunkworks> 20000 might be too small - try 30000 first..
[18:03:20] <iwoj> http://pastebin.com/5b4CFT0E
[18:03:32] <pfred1> on the crusty machine I run EMC on I really had to narrow down what i could and couldn't do
[18:03:46] <iwoj> it's the last device
[18:03:46] <pfred1> I think I finally settled on 23500
[18:04:42] <iwoj> is there any drawback to choosing a high number?
[18:04:52] <pfred1> slow step speeds
[18:05:03] <pfred1> it is your machine's heartbeat
[18:05:28] <pfred1> the bigger the number the longer the time slices you are doling out
[18:05:37] <skunkworks> yes - so try 0xec00
[18:06:11] <pfred1> iwoj but if you cheat you lose
[18:06:13] <skunkworks> going by this example http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Hooking_Up_A_MPG_Pendant
[18:07:55] <iwoj> should I keep the old value in the stepconf pport address field then?
[18:07:57] <pfred1> EMC tests a PC's true performance
[18:09:04] <iwoj> freeeeeze
[18:09:06] * pfred1 runs EMC on a 1 GHz P3
[18:09:12] <iwoj> with 30000
[18:09:20] <iwoj> ns
[18:09:26] <gene__> Thats pushung that 1Ghz cpu
[18:09:31] <pfred1> you have ot look in syslog
[18:09:43] <pfred1> gene__ I know it limits what i can do
[18:10:09] <pfred1> gene__ but for a machine i literally picked out of a trash pile I think it does pretty good :)
[18:10:39] <pfred1> I been looking at atom systems i hear they're da bomb for latency
[18:10:53] <pfred1> like 5000ns
[18:13:58] <pfred1> hmm a game of mines or KMahjongg?
[18:15:18] <iwoj> there's a conf file in /etc/modprobe/emc2 with a parport_pc line
[18:16:02] <iwoj> it says something about uncommenting it so that other programs don't interfere with the parallel port
[18:16:42] <pfred1> iwoj have you looked in syslog to see if it says what might have crashed your system?
[18:17:53] <iwoj> BINGO!
[18:17:56] <iwoj> That was it.
[18:18:23] <iwoj> now I'm testing the x-axis and my multi meter is showing a voltage change from 0.02V to 0.2V
[18:18:27] <iwoj> great!
[18:18:50] <pfred1> try testing the direction pin
[18:18:51] <iwoj> I had installed some modprobe stuff that was using the pport
[18:18:54] <pfred1> it should be easier to see
[18:18:59] <iwoj> will do
[18:19:21] <pfred1> yeah I didn't think emc liked the regular port driver loaded
[18:19:47] <iwoj> awesome
[18:20:07] <iwoj> xdir goes from 0.02V to 5.0V
[18:20:10] <pfred1> now yo ucan crank your base period back up
[18:20:23] <iwoj> beuaty.
[18:20:25] <pfred1> or down rather
[18:20:26] <iwoj> beauty.
[18:20:35] <iwoj> thanks guys
[18:20:43] <pfred1> thank yourself you did it
[18:20:43] <iwoj> i've got to run, but you've been a huge help.
[18:21:06] * pfred1 wants to get on the leader board today in KMahjongg
[18:21:31] <pfred1> I have to beat 05:47
[18:21:33] <iwoj> it always helps to share the troubleshooting with others. i learned a lot in the procees.
[18:21:34] <iwoj> later.
[19:08:33] <gene__> <pfred1> Try 2900 ns
[19:15:26] <pfred1> gene__ what for?
[19:54:38] <jarray52> Does LinuxCNC work with machining centers
[19:54:40] <jarray52> ?
[20:45:18] <pfred1> gene76 what should I try 2900 ns for?
[20:45:28] <gene76> <cradek> The newest that I just installed 2 hours ago is crashing the machine on quit, about every third time.
[20:46:19] <gene76> <pfred1> that is what I am getting by using this script to run it.
[20:46:26] <pfred1> gene76 most clients won't highlight a user if you enclose their nick in brackets
[20:46:45] <jdhNC> and it looks like you are cut/pasteing
[20:47:21] <pfred1> jdhNC well if you know how to do it you can snag the nick easily without the brackets double click it nets the word in X
[20:47:49] <gene76> No, just copying. Anyway this script, if used to run latency-test instaed of linuxcnc, will get that figure
[20:47:55] <gene76> #!/bin/bash
[20:47:56] <gene76> taskset 0x00000002 /usr/bin/linuxcnc -l &
[20:47:58] <gene76> exit 0
[20:47:59] <gene76> gene@shop:~/linuxcnc/configs/my-mill-atom$
[20:48:10] <gene76> ignore last line
[20:48:38] <gene76> so how do i send a line to pfred1?
[20:48:54] <pfred1> /msg pfred1 would send a private message
[20:49:12] <pfred1> but to highlight in most clients in a channel just begin the line with the nickname
[20:49:15] <gene76> not private mode
[20:49:24] <pfred1> gene76 like this
[20:49:40] <gene76> so everyone see it, but pfred1 sees that it is addressed to him?
[20:50:00] <pfred1> yeah it'd be yellow in my client as opposed to white on a black background
[20:50:06] <gene76> pfred1 like this?
[20:50:11] <pfred1> yes
[20:50:21] <gene76> ahh, thanks
[20:50:32] <pfred1> and if I'm in another window it'll show up as a red activity for the window
[20:51:01] <pfred1> I think that is how a lot of IRC clients work
[20:51:01] <gene76> pfred1 I've seen that, wondered where it came from
[20:51:16] <pfred1> now you know
[20:51:19] <gene76> pfred1 I dare say most
[20:51:57] * pfred1 has been IRCing in some form or another since 1995 so has picked up a thing or two ...
[20:52:20] <pfred1> that is a /me BTW
[20:52:22] <gene76> anyone, in eagle, how do I put text that isn't "isolated" just carved once
[20:53:01] <pfred1> as in cadsoft Eagle?
[20:53:27] <gene76> Its over carving it when I put it in the top or bottom layers, cadsoft eagle yes, followed by pcbgcode
[20:54:03] <gene76> I am getting a .txt file but its esswentially empty
[20:54:06] <pfred1> I keep hoping for an FOSS replacement for Eagle
[20:54:27] <gene76> so do I, & gEDA isn't it.
[20:54:36] <pfred1> not yet for me either
[20:54:47] <pfred1> though I've seen some folks do some impressive stuff with it
[20:54:56] <pfred1> it just crashes a lot for me
[20:55:58] <gene76> I'm about shot for the night, so I'll go in & check my email & ultra lite supply. :) Back at it tomorrow
[20:56:11] <pfred1> I have the freebie Eagle and once i thought I needed a bit more board real estate so I exported parts of my circuit to images and pasted them together in the gimp
[20:56:27] <pfred1> it is a bit of a pain but can be made to work :)
[20:56:45] <pfred1> I eventually redesigned the board so it fit in the limited space
[20:58:24] <pfred1> really eagle's 3x5 freebie limit just forces me to design better boards
[20:59:08] <pfred1> because i really don't want to make boards any bigger than that if I can help it anyways
[20:59:23] <jdhNC> you could join two with headers if you really needed the space.
[20:59:51] <pfred1> yes make a project with modules
[21:00:03] <pfred1> something i naturally do anyways
[21:01:15] <Tom_L> gene76, not sure what you're asking
[21:01:53] <Tom_L> maybe vector is your answer?
[21:02:01] <pfred1> this was the stitched together board I made with freebie eagle http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/6325/stitched.png
[21:02:37] <Tom_L> still got airwires too
[21:02:54] <pfred1> Tom_L I never planned on etching it
[21:03:11] <Tom_L> why not?
[21:03:27] <pfred1> no setup right now
[21:03:31] <pfred1> http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/8530/pict0787a.jpg
[21:04:00] <Tom_L> classic
[21:04:11] <pfred1> but i still print it out as a drill guide
[21:04:27] <pfred1> looks OK from the top http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/7711/pict0789w.jpg
[21:04:44] <Tom_L> yep
[21:05:04] <pfred1> believe me just having a drill guide is pretty handy for making a board
[21:06:14] <pfred1> that is this http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/646/hsoptos.png
[21:06:37] <pfred1> works good too ;)
[21:06:51] <Tom_L> i've been using eagle quite a while
[21:07:00] <pfred1> its what i use
[21:07:12] <pfred1> I keep trying the FOSS stuff but so far no luck with it
[21:07:15] <Tom_L> and etch once in a while but mostly just have em done anymore
[21:07:41] <pfred1> I was etching but PNP blue screwed up 2 toner cartriges on me
[21:07:50] <pfred1> be cheaper for me to have them done
[21:07:53] <Tom_L> i didn't like that stuff
[21:08:02] <Tom_L> i have a packet of it still
[21:08:12] <pfred1> well having messed up $300 in toner carts I'm not too thrilled with it myself
[21:08:30] <Tom_L> i use a laserjet that cost me $65 new
[21:08:42] <Tom_L> the replacement cartridge costs more than the printer
[21:08:53] <pfred1> yeah they come with half fills
[21:08:58] <Tom_L> i used a series II until it died
[21:09:16] <jdhNC> heh, I've never seen a II die
[21:09:27] <pfred1> I have a 4+
[21:09:50] <Tom_L> i forget what happened to it
[21:09:58] <Tom_L> i probably could have fixed it but meh
[21:10:23] <pfred1> I hate inkjets whenever i go to use one the ink is always clogged
[21:12:33] <jdhNC> or it's doing a cleaning cycle and dumping all the ink in a sponge
[21:12:47] <pfred1> Tom_L this has a lot of air wires http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/2833/tb6560ahqacr.png
[21:12:48] <Tom_L> yeah
[21:13:19] <Tom_L> i'm not used to making boards with lots of space between parts :)
[21:13:50] <pfred1> jdhNC ever seen the video about The Light Bulb Conspiracy?
[21:13:57] <Tom_L> http://tom-itx.dyndns.org:81/~webpage/boards/USBTiny_Mkii/USBTinyMkII_1-1c_top.jpg
[21:14:02] <Tom_L> i just got those back last week
[21:14:10] <Tom_L> and assembled a batch last night
[21:14:18] <jdhNC> nope
[21:14:27] <pfred1> jdhNC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5DCwN28y8o
[21:14:54] <pfred1> watch it to 1:01
[21:16:33] <pfred1> but if you watch the whole thing you find out how Juan really got screwed over