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Sep 23 2022

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12:04 AM mrec: yes I know however it would be nice if it could be done entirely with the pendant
12:12 AM mrec: so I'm studying the sourcecode
12:12 AM mrec: basically simulating the lathe compound via software
04:18 AM andypugh: mrec: Sounds like an easy HAL component, but you would probably need to make a component as it needs to latch the counts at the point that you change the angle (or unexpected motion would occur)
04:20 AM andypugh: But you just need to calculate a pair of pulse counts (assuming that you would ues the Y axis for the compound)
04:21 AM andypugh: X_jog_counts = xhc_X_counts + cos(angle) * xhc_Y_counts etc.
04:26 AM andypugh: Actually, you might not need to latch counts this way, as long as you are happy for the tool to wave about when you cange angle exactly as it does with a real compound slide.
04:34 AM mrec: I thought about using the position (float)
04:35 AM mrec: XZ .. regular jogging; AB could be used for a distance / angle combo
04:35 AM mrec: (I'm using that XHC pendant here)
04:29 PM roguish[m]: pere: check it out....... Dilbert: https://gizmodo.com/scott-adams-dilbert-environmental-social-governance-1849573888
05:06 PM pere: roguish[m]: oh, I did not know I was supposed to print it and slip it under the doors.
05:19 PM unterhaus: I have what seems to be a 1 1/4" mount for a boring head
05:19 PM unterhaus: but that doesn't seem to be a common size
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