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Sep 21 2022

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01:00 AM pere: silopolis[m]: <URL: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/1742 > builds.
06:49 AM andypugh: More LinuxCNC in the Wild: https://hackaday.com/2022/09/20/its-pi-all-the-way-down-with-this-pi-powered-pi-picking-robot/ <- seb_kuzminsky
06:50 AM pere: andypugh: yay. :)
08:31 AM pere: andypugh: do you know anything about hal_speaker?
08:49 AM andypugh: No.
08:51 AM pere: look like it was created by Jeff Epler in 2006.
08:58 AM pere: hm, this show several referred components not being included in the deb: for m in $(grep -r ^loadrt configs|awk '{print $2}'|sort -u|grep -v '\['|grep -v '::'); do if [ ! -f /usr/lib/linuxcnc/modules/$m.so ]; then echo $m; fi; done
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09:49 AM roguish[m]: andypugh: a daily column "adventures in Linuxcnc"
10:47 AM andypugh: pere: Sorry, I meant to say more but my (work) phone rang. I see the source file but no manpage.
10:48 AM andypugh: So I didn’t even know that it existed.
10:49 AM pere: I got it building with uspace, but no idea if it work.
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