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Sep 13 2022

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02:04 AM pere: pcw-home: perhaps you can have a look at <URL: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/2031 >?
02:20 AM mrec: pere: I told him yesterday about that
02:33 AM pere: mrec: ah, good. I added him as a potential reviewer too.
02:37 AM mrec: I'm just working on an IO extender, I'd like to use my DE2-115 with it.
02:37 AM mrec: so I'm just going through some of the mesa code
02:52 AM pere: good
08:05 AM pere: there is a problem with po4a parsing adoc tables. It has been reported, and we got feedback that we are using the wrong asciidoc formatting. <URL: https://github.com/mquinson/po4a/issues/386#issuecomment-1243040597 > claim space is required.
08:36 AM JT-Cave: Tom_L, I got rid of the +6416494651196 in the version
08:42 AM pcw-home: pere: Looks OK
08:44 AM pere: pcw-home: so you an merge it?
08:48 AM pcw-home: Let me try it first
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12:30 PM Tom_L: JT-Cave, new debs uploaded
04:53 PM pere: are the machinekit components not already in linuxcnc useful to "backport"? So far I created #2030, #2034 and #2035 with three components. if it is worth doing, is it better to do several at once or is it better to do one at the time?
04:54 PM pere: I went with one at the time in case some of them are not wanted.