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Sep 02 2022

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12:36 AM pere: I notice src/po and src/po/gmoccapy do not list the same set of languages. what about adding the missing PO files in src/po/gmoccapy to bring them in sync and make it easier for translators to get started on those languages?
12:46 AM pere: it would mean adding fi.po ja.po pt_BR.po ro.po ru.po sv.po zh_HK.po zh_TW.po by copying the content of gmoccapy.pot.
03:29 AM pere: silopolis[m]: what about trying to sit down and wrap up a first draft of the adoc style guide this weekend?
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07:14 AM solarwind: pere no I was not aware
07:15 AM solarwind: I'm making a lot of modifications to it
07:40 AM JT-Cave: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/linuxcnc
07:40 AM JT-Cave: Marked for autoremoval on 01 October due to boost1.74, docbook-xsl, gcc-12, gobject-introspection, imagemagick, inkscape, libglu, libxslt, mesa, python-xlib, python3-stdlib-extensions, source-highlight, texlive-base, texlive-lang, vala, xorg-server, zlib:
07:45 AM pere: solarwind: welcome. :)
07:46 AM pere: JT-Cave: smell like something that would be handled using binary non-maintainer uploads.
07:47 AM pere: JT-Cave: but I suspect we will do a new upload before that in any case, to fix the autopkgtest issue.
07:51 AM JT-Cave: ok, just letting everyone know
07:54 AM JT-Cave: I just installed LinuxCNC via synaptic on debian 12 and no CNC menu shows up at all
08:21 AM pere: JT-Cave: what do you get from dpkg -l linuxcnc-uspace |grep desktop?
08:21 AM pere: s/-l/-L/
08:22 AM pere: I tested Debian 11 and 12 earlier, and both gave me the CNC menu.
08:22 AM pere: but it is week ago.
08:42 AM JT-Cave: nothing
08:43 AM JT-Cave: oh big L
08:45 AM JT-Cave: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/WYLv86zz
08:48 AM pere: and /etc/xdg/menus/applications-merged/CNC.menu is present?
08:53 AM JT-Cave: yes
09:06 AM pere: all I can say is that it work with kde when I test it. :)
09:31 AM JT-Shop: there are 3 other standard desktops in debian...
09:55 AM pere: JT-Shop: any of them failing to follow the XDG desktop specification?
09:55 AM pere: (there are way more than 3 standard desktops in Debian. :)
09:58 AM JT-Shop: well 4 desktops are offered on live builds...
09:58 AM JT-Shop: what is the XDG desktop specification?
10:00 AM JT-Shop: I would assume if Debian offers a desktop in a live build it follows all debian standards
10:36 AM pere: JT-Cave: <URL: https://specifications.freedesktop.org/ >
11:00 AM JT-Cave: however when I build a deb for debian 12 and installed that the CNC menu is there...
11:23 AM pere: weird.
07:46 PM TurBoss: Hello, something changed in the way bwidget is detected, ./configure cant detect bwidget 1.9.15 seems like its searching for 1.7
07:46 PM TurBoss: https://dpaste.com/8KU53Q627
07:50 PM TurBoss: same log without the rkhunter thing messing arroung
07:50 PM TurBoss: https://dpaste.com/336MHK7DB