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Aug 25 2022

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02:17 AM pere: hi
07:18 AM Tom_L: pere, https://www.mail-archive.com/debian-live@lists.debian.org/msg18104.html
07:19 AM silopolis[m]: ✌️
07:25 AM Tom_L: https://www.mail-archive.com/debian-live@lists.debian.org/msg18105.html
08:33 AM pere: Tom_L: look promising. suspect the rpi 4 backport stuff is no longer needed.
02:33 PM pere: silopolis[m]: around? what is your plan for <URL: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/1742 >?
03:00 PM silopolis[m]: pere: find a yoga coach and buy a 24 pack of beer before attempting a rebase!
03:04 PM silopolis[m]: pere: more seriously, have to make a diff to see in what shape it is with all commits that have gotten in since I had to put this on hold...
03:04 PM pere: it is only getting worse over time. :)
03:05 PM silopolis[m]: pere: but I still hope to finish and get it merged, then switch to style guide
03:05 PM silopolis[m]: pere: It surely is!
03:08 PM silopolis[m]: Let's see what I can get done in the next days.
03:08 PM silopolis[m]: Still have the kid at home, but maybe I can manage to push in a handful of days...
03:08 PM silopolis[m]: Remember that I have much more in my local branch... :/
03:09 PM pere: silopolis[m]: regarding the style guide, what about starting small and adding to int, instead of trying to make a huge complete patch? it would make it easier to get the decisions concluded.
03:23 PM silopolis[m]: pere: yep
04:09 PM unterhaus: I bought a really nice used office chair from and can't figure out how to tilt it back
04:12 PM unterhaus: eh, reclining doesn't lock, that's not great
04:15 PM unterhaus: $1200 chair, someone's boss must have liked them
04:20 PM Tom_L: pere, is there a way to add a bootloader to that repo?
04:23 PM pere: Tom_L: not quite sure what you mean. I would expect all the needed bootloaders are in debian already.
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04:24 PM Tom_L: one sec and i'll get you an error message
04:24 PM Tom_L: also i had to edit the auto/config file to get things this far along
04:24 PM Tom_L: instead of just the cmd line
04:25 PM Tom_L: the firmware.list may also need some reference to rpi
04:26 PM Tom_L: not sure what
04:26 PM pere: aha.
04:28 PM Tom_dev: W: You have specified no bootloaders; I predict that you will experience some problems!
04:28 PM Tom_dev: E: The following is not a valid bootloader: '/home/tom/live-build/config/bootloaders/isolinux'
04:29 PM pere: right. I got that too and added grub-efi to see if I could get it further.
04:29 PM Tom_L: from what i can tell grub-efi is easier to work with
04:29 PM Tom_L: but dunno how to point to it
04:30 PM Tom_L: the iso should create a separate boot partition
04:30 PM pere: I have no idea if it is useful on rpi4, it was just a guess.
04:31 PM Tom_L: which 'it'?
04:31 PM pere: grub-efi
04:31 PM Tom_L: i'm running out of ideas
04:31 PM Tom_L: but kinda know what the problem is
04:32 PM Tom_L: it's not finding a bootloader :)
04:35 PM Tom_dev: http://paste.debian.net/1251702/
04:35 PM Tom_dev: that is my config line and auto/config changes
04:39 PM Tom_dev: also:
04:39 PM Tom_dev: bash: --bootloaders: command not found
04:39 PM pere: "--bootloaders /home/tom/live-build/config/bootloaders/isolinux" should perhaps only be "--bootloaders isolinux"?
04:39 PM Tom_dev: maybe the command line is too long? is there a limit?
04:39 PM Tom_dev: pretty sure i tried that
04:40 PM pere: the limit is way past what you are using.
04:40 PM Tom_dev: i'll try again
04:41 PM pere: that is my only guess. no idea what is going wrong here.
04:42 PM Tom_dev: W: You have specified no bootloaders; I predict that you will experience some problems!
04:42 PM Tom_dev: E: The following is not a valid bootloader: 'isolinux'
04:42 PM pere: lb config --help should tell what is a valid bootloader.
04:42 PM Tom_dev:
04:42 PM Tom_dev: [--bootloaders grub-legacy|grub-pc|syslinux|grub-efi]
04:43 PM pere: perhaps syslinux is a better option?
04:43 PM Tom_dev: man page isn't very specific
04:44 PM Tom_dev: ok no error this time but: bash: --bootloaders: command not found
04:45 PM Tom_dev: i'll build with syslinux and see what happens
04:45 PM pere: that sound like you are missing \ and newline on the previous line where it is used.
04:46 PM Tom_dev: http://paste.debian.net/1251704/
04:46 PM Tom_dev: the config line and result
04:47 PM pere: are you sure there is no space behind some backslash somewhere?
04:47 PM Tom_dev: yeah i think i missed an \
04:47 PM Tom_dev: look at --bootstrap-qemu-static /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static
04:48 PM Tom_dev: E: Value for LB_APT_INDICES (--apt-indices) can only be 'true' or 'false'!
04:48 PM Tom_dev: changed to false
04:49 PM Tom_dev: W: The following is not a valid stage: 'false'
04:49 PM pere: what is \one and a few other stray backslash usages?
04:50 PM Tom_dev: where?
04:50 PM pere: in <URL: http://paste.debian.net/1251704/ >
04:51 PM Tom_dev: that's what it echos back
04:52 PM Tom_dev: i'd say ignore that post
04:52 PM Tom_dev: pretty much trying to follow this: https://www.mail-archive.com/debian-live@lists.debian.org/msg18104.html
04:53 PM Tom_dev: i'll build it and see
04:59 PM pere: I'll go to bed. :)
04:59 PM Tom_dev: i'll wake you up if it works :)
04:59 PM pere: :)
04:59 PM Tom_dev: appreciate the help
05:00 PM Tom_dev: easy way would be to ask the live build team for their config :)
05:00 PM Tom_dev: aside: i did get bookworm installed on rpi4 last evening
05:00 PM pere: they build a live rpi4 image? their git repo is most likely on salsa.debian.
05:00 PM Tom_dev: daily
05:02 PM Tom_dev: https://manpages.debian.org/testing/live-build/live-build.7.en.html
05:02 PM Tom_dev: just saw that
05:07 PM Tom_dev: https://salsa.debian.org/raspi-team/image-specs/-/blob/master/raspi_master.yaml
05:07 PM Tom_dev: also worth a hard look
05:09 PM Tom_dev: I: Unpacking the base system...
05:09 PM Tom_dev: E: An unexpected failure occurred, exiting...
05:09 PM Tom_dev: not helpful
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10:49 PM Tom_L: pere, made it thru the build to syslinux as the bootloader and it said not found so i tried isolinux and it said that's not a valid bootloader
10:50 PM Tom_L: that is the only one listed in the bootloader folder