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Aug 12 2022

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10:17 AM pere: <URL: https://github.com/petterreinholdtsen/linuxcnc/tree/test-gui > contain a GUI test using xnee, the resulting behaviour is recorded as a video file.
11:19 AM hansu: Does anybody have an idea why this is failing https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/commit/3977272f3e9355ad99e4719bdfefb2d021ec7b92 ? Of whether it's just one of those random build fails we have some times?
11:21 AM pere: looking
11:21 AM pere: hi
11:23 AM pere: hansu: as far as I can tell, the build succeeded. no idea where the error code come from. lintian?
11:23 AM pere: hansu: perhaps two d/changelog entries with the same timestamp is a fatal error?
11:26 AM hansu: Where do you see two changelog entries with the same timestamp?
12:19 PM pere: I just saw lintian messages complaining about it. did not check out the code.
12:19 PM pere: busy with kids. :)
12:20 PM pere: was the build succeeded, but lintian had lots of messages and the exit code was not zero, so I guess lintian returned an error code. not sure which message caused it.
12:24 PM pere: s/was/saw/
01:02 PM pere: hansu: after a closer look, the problem is the changelog time go backwards. fixing.
01:03 PM pere: not conviced it is a good idea to import the 2.8 changelog entries verbose. the history line get messed up.
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03:06 PM hansu: pere: Thanks a lot for your investigation. I wouldn't have thought that the changelog file is checked to pedanticly.
03:08 PM hansu: pere: >not conviced it is a good idea to import the 2.8 changelog entries verbose.
03:08 PM hansu: You would suggest having only the 2.9.x changes in the changelog of the 2.9 branch?
03:16 PM pere: yeah, and mention the import of the 2.8 changes in the 2.9 changelog. But if it just helped to update the timestamp, I do not plan to do so myself.
03:19 PM hansu: Yeah would be more clean, I agree. But I also didn't want to change the structure with this merge
04:04 PM pere: look like the only fatal issue is the latest changelog entry, so I'll ignore the other ideas for now. :)
04:15 PM pere: there are partial documentation build rules for vietnamese and hungarian. should these be completed or removed? the hungarian po file is empty and the vietnamese has very few translations.
04:23 PM pere: I lean towards removing them until the percentage is higher, but completing them might help ensure no typos are introduced into these translations without us noticing.
04:24 PM Tom_L: who would be sneaky like that??
04:24 PM pere: parse error