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Aug 05 2022

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01:04 AM pere: hi
01:19 AM TurBoss: hello
02:30 AM silopolis[m]: Morning
05:31 AM pere: hansu: hi. :)
05:41 AM pere: hansu: do you plan to update the POT files any time soon?
06:08 AM hansu: Hi! Dow you want me to do that?
06:33 AM pere: hansu: I just guessed you had a plan for when you wanted to do it?
06:34 AM pere: github is a safe archive... <URL: https://developers.slashdot.org/story/22/08/04/1919231/gitlab-plans-to-delete-dormant-projects-in-free-accounts >
06:39 AM hansu: Oh that's bad. Lucky me that I use GitHub :)
06:39 AM hansu: >I just guessed you had a plan for when you wanted to do it?
06:39 AM hansu: Not really. Did I say this?
06:45 AM pere: hansu: left to myself, I would do it when the source strings change, ie when the code or doc change.
06:47 AM pere: this would make sure translation efforts on weblate, which need to be synced before and after POT files change, always work on the latest strings and no translation effort is wasted on no longer relevant strings.
06:55 AM hansu: Sure, but Andy did this last month, I don't know if there are many changes on the source strings.
07:03 AM pere: perhaps just me misunderstanding who is responsble for what, then.
07:06 AM pere: so far POT updates have caused git conflicts...
07:07 AM hansu: I think that one who made much changes should update the pot files, otherwise it should be done regularly. But what period would be good?
07:09 AM pere: every week?
07:10 AM hansu: No, so much isn't changed in the source stings I guess. I would tend to every month
07:12 AM silopolis[m]: <pere> "hansu: left to myself, I would..." <- I second that 100%
07:14 AM pere: hansu: sure, the frequence will depend on how much the strings change, but the frequency will affect how long the translators are working on old strings.
07:14 AM silopolis[m]: Desync between repo and weblate should be reduced to just processing time
07:15 AM hansu: Yeah, but how will you check that if source strings were changed if you wasn't the person who changed them?
07:17 AM silopolis[m]: hansu: Isn't make capable of detecting source changes and trigger pot rebuild?
07:19 AM pere: git log docs :)
07:19 AM pere: hansu: or just 'make -C src translateddocs && git diff docs/po/*.pot'
07:22 AM rmu: it sounds like a task that should be automated...
07:23 AM pere: just remember to lock weblate while the sync is done, to avoid git conflicts, or drop the automatic weblate rebase.
07:23 AM silopolis[m]: We only need to have the pot updated on merges, if necessary, right?
07:24 AM pere: merges?
07:25 AM silopolis[m]: Merge of PRs
07:25 AM silopolis[m]: * Merges of PRs
07:26 AM pere: yes, but can not be part of PRs, as the order is not fixed before the PRs are merged.
07:35 AM silopolis[m]: Would GH workflow/actions allow to plug into merge event to trigger this?
07:36 AM silopolis[m]: Already found that actions can be run only if some files are changed
07:36 AM hansu: Ah ok you are talking about doc changes. i am talking about changes in the source strings of the GUis as I only merged the "not-docs" changes from weblate
07:37 AM hansu: For detecting those, I have no better idea to run 'make' and then compare the pot files without taking the line changes into account...
07:38 AM hansu: Ok the documentation.pot should be updated more frequently as there are lots of changes ongoing, I totally agree!
07:43 AM silopolis[m]: Could we have actions:
07:43 AM silopolis[m]: * running make for the POTs after each PR is merged
07:43 AM silopolis[m]: * merge and squash the updates if any
07:45 AM silopolis[m]: * Could we have actions:
07:45 AM silopolis[m]: * pull from weblate
07:45 AM silopolis[m]: * run make for the POTs after each PR is merged
07:45 AM silopolis[m]: * merge and squash the updates if any
07:45 AM silopolis[m]: * Could we have actions:... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/60e41b81b58c345a41a4a76611d6d9a11d185a50)
09:27 AM pere: silopolis[m]: the process is not enough, you also need to lock weblate, commit and push on weblate, and pull on weblate before unlocking.
11:28 AM silopolis[m]: I believe there is a maintenance mode on weblate but dunno if it can be triggered remotely
11:31 AM pere: silopolis[m]: I talk about the 'lock' button on the admin page/
01:45 PM pere: silopolis[m]: any news on the next meeting? I've temporarily lost contact with my email and wonder if there is progress.
02:21 PM pere: hm, should the README files in configs/ also be translated? the profile selector then need to learn how to pick the correct translation.
02:27 PM rmu: pere: monday 8.8. at 20:00 cest
02:27 PM rmu: pere https://nuudel.digitalcourage.de/aNkDAtiHrtsA1RFB
02:27 PM pere: thanks. will put in my calendar. url?
02:27 PM rmu: that's all i know
02:29 PM rmu: guess some jitsi room or whatever is yet to be announced
02:29 PM pere: very good. hope I am online and my email is back.
05:19 PM silopolis[m]: <pere> "silopolis: I talk about the '..." <- Yeah, question is can it be toggled by a gh action?
05:24 PM silopolis[m]: <pere> "silopolis: any news on the..." <- Received rene-dev email but haven't finished answering
05:24 PM silopolis[m]: <pere> "hm, should the README files in..." <- Good one
05:25 PM pere: is there any formatting supported in the READMEs?
05:25 PM silopolis[m]: <rmu> "pere: monday 8.8. at 20:00 cest" <- Already planned?!
05:27 PM silopolis[m]: pere: Meaning, in config selector?
05:37 PM roguish[m]: silopolis: is there a link to the actual meeting?
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