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May 14 2022

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05:28 AM pere: smoe: hi. :)
05:33 AM smoe: pere Hi!
05:33 AM smoe: Our po4a effort seems like stalling a bit and I do not know why.
05:34 AM smoe: My hunch is that we are all too friendly and do not want to disturb, holding back :)
05:36 AM smoe: Who is the one administering weblate? Not me, don't have the privileges. But is it a requirement that start from master at day one? For the weblate contributors this should not make a difference. My only concern would be that a later change from docs-devel to master would be complicated.
05:37 AM smoe: ... would possibly be complicated I should have said.
05:37 AM pere: smoe: I am one of them. believe smoe and at least one other is admin there. do not remember the list.
05:38 AM pere: as far as I can tell, the branch used by weblate is set for the project as a whole, and components can select files from this branch.
05:39 AM pere: I believe we should stop polishing docs-devel and get started in master, ie merge into master after a rebase and fix any issues there.
05:39 AM smoe: Let us check that. If that is the case then obviously we are fixed to master since weblate is used already.
05:39 AM pere: smoe: I do not know what more to do to check it. I visited weblate before my last email, and found only file paths to set for components.
05:39 AM smoe: I am fine with anything that is not completely unreasonable and brings us forward, so, yes. I'll check weblate anyway.
05:40 AM smoe: Ah. sorry, parallel editing, fine then.
05:40 AM pere: could of course be some magic way to write paths to specify branches, I am not that skilled in weblate, but it was not obvious from the web interface.
05:41 AM smoe: We can possibly ask here, too: @all, any opinions about what percentage of a translation must be accomplished before LinuxCNC starts redistributing it?
05:44 AM smoe: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/1713#issuecomment-1126687243 is out.
05:45 AM smoe: Any progress on the actual reading of the LinuxCNC docs on your front?
05:46 AM smoe: I made it through most of HAL by now - and am not sure if I should work on the documentation or start fiddling around with what I have read:)
05:48 AM silopolis[m]: hi guys !
05:49 AM pere: smoe: the question is just a waste of time. a more interesting question is who are willing to commit to getting their language up to a given percentage.
05:50 AM silopolis[m]: I'm also wondering why the docs-devel merge is stalled for so long and assuming Hans doesn't have time to finish it...
05:52 AM silopolis[m]: about paths on weblate, I have explanied what can and can't be done in PR comments and thought we agreed that single path was OK for the time being and I added folders restructuration/syncing with docs ToC to my backlog
05:53 AM silopolis[m]: about the branches, my understanding is that we created the docs-devel as a staging branch for, well, docs development
05:55 AM silopolis[m]: BTW, I'd like this branch to be renamed "docs/devel" so we stop lengthening the much too long flat list of branches in the repo
05:58 AM silopolis[m]: Also, maybe a similar "docs/weblate" translation staging branch could help us build a clean process by separating pot/po files generation and syncing, as well as translated docs generation
05:59 AM pere: I want it to be merged into master and us to focus on getting the translations up to speed instead of bikeshedding more on the setup.
06:00 AM silopolis[m]: nothing I just said stops us from merging right away
06:02 AM silopolis[m]: and to finish, I agree on the 0% threshold to motivate translators
06:44 AM smoe: I am running "make -C src docs" on docs-devel at the very moment.  The msgmerge seems to take ages, but it works.  Is there a flag to avoid the many "    This file contains the line '.\" This file was generated with halcompile.g.'. You should translate the source file, but continuing anyway."  warnings?
06:46 AM smoe: Is it required to rerun the template updates with every change to the documentation now? If so, then we need to document this somewhere
06:50 AM smoe: The _es and _fr .po files were updated after the many nice changes by silopolis[m], I presume. And with it also the .pot, right? Was this already performed with the "make profiles" target? If that is the case then we already had our test run, right?
07:25 AM silopolis[m]: Don't know of such flag
07:28 AM silopolis[m]: Like just said in mail, my best idea is git pre-rebase|merge|push hook for pot update
07:30 AM silopolis[m]: Thanks, yes @hansu regenerated all pot/po files after the last PR he merged. And I believe he must have done it using make target
02:12 PM silopolis[m]: smoe pere I'm also admin on WebLate BTW
02:40 PM smoe: It seems rather straight-forward in docs/src/Submakefile to have a "docs" target that compiles the English docs and a docs-lang-all that does what docs does today. So, I suggest to build only the architecture-dependent Debian packages and build the English docs during the auto-build tests.
02:51 PM pere: the reason I did it the way I did was to keep targets the same as before, where the translated docs were built alongside the english ones.
02:51 PM pere: I do not care much either way, but had so much struggle getting the build working I do not plan to revisit the makefiles any time soon.
02:53 PM smoe: ;)
02:53 PM smoe: I confirm that it works.
02:54 PM smoe: But this effectively means that we have solved all the tasks from https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/1713, right?
02:57 PM smoe: I just browsed a bit through the French version and it looks good.
02:59 PM pere: yeah
04:02 PM smoe: c-morley misses newlines that he had intentionally placed (https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/1717). I had a look and have two ideas how we can likely combine his desire for sentences on single lines with an easy readability. The first one is to have the documentation in two columns. That is a bit tricky with our many images, but this
04:02 PM smoe: should work. Somehow. The other is to have closer look at those many lines. Sometimes it is just an enumeration. And there are other cases in which there is a single main sentence followed by not so important ones. So we could have the important sentence in bold or in italic as a representation of the whole paragraph.
04:10 PM silopolis[m]: My brain cabling prefers the docs target as a "make all"... Or maybe docs to make english and add docsall /docs_all. Actually these last being explicit are my favs
04:15 PM silopolis[m]: Have to have a look at chris issue... But I think all edits I've done were to remove useless + signs and align formating with the rest of the docs
04:21 PM silopolis[m]: About the one sentence per line, this is a decision that should be taken at the style guide level and all docs should comform to it
04:26 PM silopolis[m]: About the msgmerge point, after briefly investigating, it appears that Weblate could handle this for us.