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Apr 11 2022

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12:52 AM hansu: >pere: I notice from the last message from Hans that he already merged my branch into docs-devel, so I'll drop the rebase. already noticed a po4a.cfg update is needed to cope with a file rename.
12:59 AM hansu: but not as a final step. Just to look how it would look. Your github PR is still open to merge to the final branch
12:59 AM hansu: > silopolis[m]: <hansu> "Ok let's do that" <- That was too 5 minutes too early !
12:59 AM hansu: Why that?
12:59 AM pere: hansu: I thought you merged translate-po4a-close already, but notice that is wrong, so I can still do the rebase.
01:00 AM hansu: And the output from the test branch you can see onΒ  http://linuxcnc.org/docs/scratch/html/ is there already should be sth.
01:00 AM pere: sth?
01:03 AM pere: sadly linuxcnc.org block access via tor, so my try to read it failed. :(
01:05 AM hansu: sth = something
01:06 AM hansu: why via tor?
01:06 AM pere: hansu: I have now rebased translate-po4a-close on top of docs-devel.
01:06 AM pere: hansu: for privacy
01:12 AM hansu: sure, but if that blocks important things to you...
01:14 AM pere: it is not important to me to help those that do not respect users privacy. :)
01:14 AM hansu: pere: >hansu: I have now rebased translate-po4a-close on top of docs-devel.
01:14 AM hansu: Ok but if we keep docs-devel as our new working branch - shouldn't I merge the Github PR of translate-po4a-close to this branch for tracking purposes?
01:15 AM hansu: I need to step out for some hours
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03:14 AM pere: hansu: look like my updated <URL: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/1686 > still build when rebased on docs-devel.
03:29 AM hansu: Yes sure because docs-devel is just master minus Chris' doc change plus translate-po4a-close before the mentioned rebase
04:14 AM pere: hansu: translate-po4a-close, not po4a-migration-scripts?
04:26 AM hansu: Ah shit I got confused
04:27 AM pere: I'll be offline for a while
04:27 AM hansu: ok see you
06:54 AM silopolis[m]: hello friends
06:55 AM silopolis[m]: Damn it that COVID makes me have hard times
06:55 AM silopolis[m]: but getting out of it !...
07:07 AM silopolis[m]: <hansu> "Why that?" <- Because I had fixes made while rebasing not yet pushed πŸ˜•
08:29 AM hansu: silopolis[m] what fixes? Maybe better to fix them separately and not while a rebase. But I am not sure what kind of fixes...
08:29 AM hansu: You got Covid?
08:42 AM silopolis[m]: hansu: Started last wednesday ☹️
08:47 AM hansu: >Seen my Master_* fixes PR ?
08:47 AM hansu: no. Where?
08:48 AM hansu: Yeah that's a bit why I want to have this asap in master to avoid breaking something again
08:49 AM hansu: We should be carefully with force pushes if we are deriving from each other's branches
08:50 AM hansu: But your fixes can be applied now, I see there no problems
08:50 AM silopolis[m]: So I'm now working in my docs/fr_migration branch, branched from master at 447c6c, to pull my _fr.adoc edits from pere 's translate-po4a-migration branch and resync
08:52 AM silopolis[m]: hansu: This I have now well understood ! And makes me believe we shouldn't be working simultaneously on branches deriving from each other
08:55 AM silopolis[m]: Shouldn't we all have feature branches and sync rebasing on our staging docs master branch ?
08:56 AM hansu: in general, yes
08:56 AM silopolis[m]: <hansu> "But your fixes can be applied..." <- Makes me happy ! Do you want me to create a PR from it ?
08:57 AM hansu: but we had the special situation where we had several PRs to branch of a PR...
08:58 AM silopolis[m]: hansu: I see nothing particular here provided we communicate upfront and step on each other work, in turn
08:59 AM hansu: The question is if we want to continue from now on docs-devel branch or not. And if you agree with the commits I made so far to this branch...
09:02 AM silopolis[m]: You are the MC that merges everything in, which now is: pere 's tooling and plumbing, @smoe 's _es sync and my _fr sync. If any of us finds other important fixes to English source, he does this in an ad hoc fix branch to be merged ASAP in staging one
09:05 AM silopolis[m]: <hansu> "The question is if we want to..." <- For the sake of stoping to have the list of branches getting longer and longer and for OCD, I'd better had something like docs/devel so we can all also adopt that docs directory... all nice and tiddy.
09:06 AM silopolis[m]: For the content, gimme a sec, but I don't see why I'd have a blocking point...
09:12 AM silopolis[m]: hansu: no, no problem for me ! Just branched a commit later from master, and missing the revert commit.
09:13 AM silopolis[m]: s/a/two/, s/commit/commits/
10:25 AM silopolis[m]: @hansu collecting few more small fixes to English in my docs/fr_sync_en_fixes branch created from your docs-devel
12:01 PM hansu: Hi smoe
12:11 PM silopolis[m]: hansu could you please have a look at this https://github.com/silopolis/linuxcnc/runs/5965858291?check_suite_focus=true
12:11 PM smoe: Hello.
12:12 PM silopolis[m]: ```make: *** No rule to make target 'depends/Master_Developer_fr.d', needed by 'Makefile'. Stop.```
12:12 PM silopolis[m]: hey smoe !
12:13 PM silopolis[m]: very nice to have you both here πŸ™‚
12:13 PM smoe: Heya, I am in the gui subfolder with my synchronisations.
12:15 PM silopolis[m]: Last night ruined my day, will try to get back on pace after diner...
12:18 PM hansu: Yeah if pere would join it would be perfect! Then we could make some decisions
12:19 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: stumbled on my first big sync weirdness just before house kitchen and laundry time...
12:19 PM smoe: Yup. This LinuxCNC thingy already has an effect on my body odeur.
12:20 PM hansu: And for me on my relation =#
12:20 PM silopolis[m]: 🀣
12:21 PM hansu: My girlfriend says I spent more time on linuxcnc than an her
12:21 PM hansu: *on
12:21 PM silopolis[m]: Ouch πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…
12:22 PM hansu: yeah so time to do some progress X-P
12:23 PM silopolis[m]: No need to explain why I'm folding clothes while hanging there πŸ˜‰
12:24 PM hansu: silopolis[m] what caused this?
12:24 PM silopolis[m]: And with covid chances to spend time on her are restricted 😜
12:25 PM hansu: I mean
12:25 PM hansu: ```make: *** No rule to make target 'depends/Master_Developer_fr.d', needed by 'Makefile'.Β  Stop.```
12:25 PM hansu: What were you working on
12:25 PM smoe: I would want to see you use my (very few but annoying) changes on the _en files. How do I pass them to you? A PR against silopolis' migrate branch?
12:25 PM hansu: smoe what are you sunching?
12:26 PM silopolis[m]: hansu: Build failure?
12:26 PM silopolis[m]: I think Master-Developer_fr.adoc didn't exist
12:26 PM pere: sorry, I am just sporadictly available. :)
12:27 PM silopolis[m]: pere: But always qualitatively πŸ˜‰
12:27 PM hansu: do you have a time slot today where you could pay 100% attention on this here?
12:27 PM silopolis[m]: Later this evening, say 21+
12:27 PM smoe: "sunching"? The fallouts of the syncing with _es likely also affect Silopolis. The po/migrate script does it language-wise and admittedly I do not want to complain about that. But this means that I have done changes to the English that the _fr files do not yet know about.
12:28 PM smoe: 21 should also be fine for me - I might join in a bit later - doggy-time.
12:28 PM smoe: I mean - a real dog.
12:28 PM smoe: And walking.
12:28 PM hansu: syncing, sorry
12:29 PM smoe: It is an alphabetical recursive traversion of the file tree. I am at gui/touchy(_es).adoc now.
12:29 PM smoe: Kind of half.
12:29 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: I myself created a branch from docs-devel for these so he can merge them easily and us two sync easily
12:29 PM hansu: 21 might be a bit late for me
12:30 PM hansu: but we can also switch to email communication
12:31 PM silopolis[m]: Can be now for me too, if short
12:31 PM smoe: silopolis[m] that is your fr_migrate one, right?
12:32 PM smoe: And that does not yet delete our _es and _fr files, yet, right?
12:32 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: no, docs/fr_sync_en_fixes
12:32 PM hansu: I am short away for ~half an hour
12:32 PM smoe: Ah, ok.
12:33 PM silopolis[m]: fr_migration only holds _fr files edits
12:37 PM silopolis[m]: Don't do anything from fr_migration. It has to be rebased on docs-devel and if it goes just a bit hairy I'll create another one from docs-devel proper and cherry pick
12:41 PM smoe: Ok. I think I'll then first rebase to docs and then rebase to your branch and then craft a PR against yours.
12:42 PM smoe: I typically edit the same conflicts every time. Maybe I just do this now.
12:49 PM silopolis[m]: Generally speaking, you'd better not branch from me 'cause first my git fu is far not reliable enough so this puts risks on your work (ask hansu! 😝) and additional constraints on me when I'm already struggling πŸ˜…
12:53 PM silopolis[m]: Second, hansu being the gatekeeper, we should defer to him for the merge of our respective work
12:54 PM silopolis[m]: Please, forgive me if I'm stating the obvious or stupid things... These are brain dumps submitted to yall validation
12:56 PM smoe: Git is not the nicest tool on earth to work with adoc files - there are too many =====s.
12:56 PM smoe: I'll ask hansu when he is back.
01:19 PM hansu: >there are too many =====s.
01:19 PM hansu: what's the problem with that?
01:29 PM smoe: It is tough to find the separator of our and their version in a conflict.
01:30 PM smoe: I just prepared a PR for a file that I have problems with - core-components. This somehow suffered from redundant paragraphs introduced - geneticists would call it a copy-number variation.
01:33 PM hansu: yes I currently try to get an overview of the PRs
01:34 PM smoe: Would you prefer to pull from smoe/fr_backtranslation?
01:34 PM hansu: me?
01:50 PM hansu: I sent you an email. Please comment ;-)
01:57 PM hansu: silopolis[m] the problem with your branch names e.g. 'docs/fr_migration' is that I can't check them out with the same name because I have a branch called 'docs'. That's why I prefer docs-devel instead of docs/devel ;-)
02:04 PM silopolis[m]: hansu: rename it docs/docs ! 😜
02:08 PM hansu: D:
02:11 PM hansu: >```make: *** No rule to make target 'depends/Master_Developer_fr.d', needed by 'Makefile'.Β  Stop.```
02:11 PM hansu: Hmm yeah you included lots of french docs that are not generated yet. I think they are only generated or shown or whatever if po4a thinks that at least xx% are translated. Depending on the setting in the po4a.conf file.
02:12 PM silopolis[m]: hansu: ok so let's carry on and see that later...
02:28 PM pere: the setting I have used is 0%.
02:37 PM hansu: Then maybe the contents ofΒ  translate-po4a-close are missing? I don't know.
02:48 PM pere: or perhaps the fr.po file is missing?
02:54 PM silopolis[m]: <pere> "or perhaps the fr.po file is..." <- missing indeed !
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09:35 PM pere: silopolis[m]: as I said earlier, I dropped fr.po and es.po from translate-po4a-close to let smoe and silopolis[m] provide updated ones instead of getting a merge conflict when it happened.
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