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Apr 08 2022

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01:45 AM silopolis[m]: jepler: nope. Running Buster from iso install. And 'command' command is indeed available in the shell! 🤷
02:07 AM silopolis[m]: sorry, morning folks
02:08 AM silopolis[m]: does s/o know how to get the XML files generated while building the docs ? Have a pdf docs build error to fix
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04:25 AM pere: hi
04:36 AM silopolis[m]: pere: hello 🙂
04:40 AM * silopolis[m] uploaded an image: (16KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/jYivnwoilobVJqUOlJKNQkTX/image.png >
04:40 AM silopolis[m]: pere: Any idea why less looks unhappy
04:41 AM pere: wrong locale in the terminal? 'locale charmap' do not print UTF-8?
04:42 AM pere: It is not really unhappy, just trying its best to show what it believe is unprintable characters.
04:42 AM silopolis[m]: locale charmap is UTF-8
04:42 AM pere: besides, the byte order character is not really printable, so no wonder if show <U+FEFF>.
04:43 AM pere: Was there not a patch to remove the byte order character from all adoc files, as po4a did not like it?
04:43 AM silopolis[m]: ok means we have non utf-8 encoded files right ?
04:44 AM silopolis[m]: oh ok
04:44 AM pere: no, FEFF is just a UTF-8 control character to make it easy to guess byte order.
04:44 AM silopolis[m]: looks like some files slepped through
04:45 AM pere: is it a problem for you? believe newer po4a handle it.
04:45 AM silopolis[m]: can you tell me how to remove these ?
04:45 AM silopolis[m]: triggers OCD
04:46 AM pere: let me google that for you... <URL: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1068650/using-awk-to-remove-the-byte-order-mark >
04:50 AM silopolis[m]: thanks 🙏
04:56 AM silopolis[m]: pere: perfect 👌
04:58 AM silopolis[m]: pere: would that be hard and/or a lot of work to add individual build targets for each lang ? Question has been asked on the ML I think and seemed like a good idea.
05:02 AM pere: silopolis[m]: no idea, but I am not going to do it.
05:08 AM silopolis[m]: Note that I didn't ask !
05:09 AM pere: I guess for the individual pdfs it is already a simple target for it, but nothing for the html and adoc, I believe.
05:26 AM silopolis[m]: ok, may be a project to learn build infra and docs build system
06:35 AM pere: silopolis[m]: I get the same build error you got, when testing the silopolis/fr_backtranslation branch.
06:40 AM pere: silopolis[m]: I notice you have added [source,ini] and [source,man] to the adoc files. perhaps these formats are simply not supported and should not be used?
06:41 AM silopolis[m]: ini is was already in many places in think
06:41 AM silopolis[m]: all languages used are listed in the lang.map file
06:42 AM silopolis[m]: removed all language types specified between curly braces as it's not in the adoc documentation
07:04 AM silopolis[m]: so, only fails on ini, hal, ini and ngc languages...
07:37 AM pere: what did the curly braces mean?
08:20 AM silopolis[m]: removed the curly braces actually, not lang specs !
08:20 AM silopolis[m]: don't know but not mentionned in adoc documentation
09:06 AM silopolis[m]: well, docs PDFs build removing all ini|hal|ngc source lang specs 😕
09:21 AM pere: silopolis[m]: dare you guessing it exist, or did your grep show it to exist?
09:22 AM silopolis[m]: waddya mean ?
09:31 AM pere: you say you believe ini was already in use, but did you check in master or is it just guesswork?
09:32 AM silopolis[m]: sure enough I didn't add all those ini/hal/ngc "tags"
10:07 AM pere: weird.
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