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Apr 06 2022

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04:54 AM pere: silopolis[m]: why do your fr_backtranslation branch contain changes to _xx files? (config/stepper-quickstart_es.adoc gcode/coordinates_fr.adoc hal/canonical-devices_es.adoc hal/general-ref_es.adoc install/latency-test_es.adoc motion/tweaking-steppers_es.adoc). I thought the point was updating the english texts from the spanish and french editions?
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09:22 AM silopolis[m]: pere: it was and still is, but looks like I introduced a bunch of those damned broken anchors so there will be other languages files modifieds too. Nevertheless, I reworked history to have these in a single commit...
09:30 AM silopolis[m]: guys how do you clean local repo after building (docs actually) please ?
09:32 AM pere: 'make -C src clean'?
09:33 AM silopolis[m]: forget it, works now 🤔
09:34 AM silopolis[m]: Any clue why I get "make: command: Command not found" messages ?
09:36 AM silopolis[m]: @smoe was right, those broken anchors are PITA to fix 🤯
09:37 AM pere: as in literally 'command'?
09:38 AM pere: 'command' is a shell builtin here.
09:38 AM silopolis[m]: copy and paste from make output !
09:38 AM * silopolis[m] sent a code block: https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/e9ab046c0cab27bbaf9a0abed6a11c0dc78b4678
09:38 AM pere: docs/src/Submakefile uses command to test for xetex. perhaps you do not have xetex installed?
09:39 AM pere: "ifneq (, $(shell command -v xetex))"
09:40 AM silopolis[m]: which xetex
09:40 AM silopolis[m]: /usr/bin/xetex
09:55 AM pere: no idea.
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