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Apr 04 2022

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01:13 AM pere: the build rules seem to be working. I notice a minor glitch in that the translated help texts are not installed and used. simply a left over change I never wrote.
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01:45 AM silopolis[m]: Hi
01:59 AM pere: silopolis[m]: I've mostly used coverity before.
02:01 AM pere: silopolis[m]: please review the po4a build system. it seem to be working.
04:17 AM pere: seb_kuzminsky: ping?
10:28 AM silopolis[m]: <pere> "silopolis: please review the..." <- Let me finish preparing my english edits PR and I'll give it a try
10:29 AM silopolis[m]: pere: have a Buster install handy ATM, is that OK?
10:29 AM silopolis[m]: A partition for testing is waiting...
12:45 PM pere: silopolis[m]: ok for what and for whom? More testing is better, and I test on bullseye. :)
12:47 PM pere: I'm rewriting some of the files to get it working. Perhaps some of these changes should be separate pull requests? 488a22d6ef191987c1d4065037ed48613ae6c440 is standalone, 70aa27fd94da54c59e62ad5be501e63502d2d04a too.
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