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Apr 02 2022

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12:31 AM pere: I've found the bug. The po4a 0.57 version do not handle utf-8 properly.
02:08 AM pere: cleaning up the po4a migration branch. not sure I will manage to complete it today. is it ok to download random debs from the internet to get the github build working? Fetching a newer po4a version from snapshot.debian.org
05:25 AM silopolis[m]: <pere> "I've found the bug. The po4a 0...." <- 😱
05:29 AM silopolis[m]: So much time and energy spent... But you did it 💪
05:31 AM silopolis[m]: <pere> "cleaning up the po4a migration..." <- 20 years later Debian still impresses me with all that she provides! 😍🥰
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12:44 PM wellsindex: i'm having trouble getting jogwheel to work in 2.9pre when adding tags like <text>"My Text"</text> i get expected int but got 20.0 is this a python 3 problem it ran in 2.7
12:48 PM wellsindex: the 20. seems to come from the size tag
02:23 PM wellsindex: pyvcp_widgets.py line 523 self.txtroom=size/10 needs to be changed to self.txtroom=int(size/10)
02:31 PM pere: is rounding going the right way when you do that?
02:38 PM wellsindex: i dont think it matters its used for sizing text on the jogwheel
03:41 PM pere: what happen if it is rounded down? not enough room for the text, or the text just get smaller?
03:50 PM wellsindex: probably smaller, but size gets divided by 10 do you a see bettter solution? just scales the size of the text from the whole jogwheel size
03:58 PM wellsindex: pere, should i pastebin this patch or email someone
04:05 PM pere: wellsindex: I do not know the code in question, so not really. I am not deep in the code, so do not use my comments as anything but a clue to check rounding direction.
04:07 PM wellsindex: ok
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