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Mar 25 2022

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09:06 AM pere: silopolis[m]: I suspect my current po4a issues are really asciidoc formatting issues. Unable to reproduce locally, only see it in the github build failure.
09:16 AM pere: I do not understand what is failing, at least, nor why I can not replicate it.
09:17 AM silopolis[m]: If it has strict interpretation (which wouldn't be much surprising neither), the surprise would have been to not have issues considering we haven't really made actual linting work
09:18 AM pere: are you able to reproduce the build problem on your machine? what do you build on?
09:19 AM silopolis[m]: Wonder if there's something like an ``adoc-lint`` tool 🤔
09:22 AM pere: no idea
10:17 AM silopolis[m]: <pere> "are you able to reproduce the..." <- I don't build 🙂
10:17 AM silopolis[m]: 😅
10:18 AM silopolis[m]: But I can try on my lcnc VM installed from ISO and up to date