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Mar 22 2022

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03:12 AM silopolis[m]: Hi
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03:32 AM andypugh: yeltrow: That Python interface is key to how most of the GUIs work. It’s a very important bit of LinuxCNC.
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04:38 PM pere: making progress on the po4a build system, but my round trip time is 40 minutes, so it take a while to test fixes...
05:01 PM silopolis[m]: 40 minutes 😲 that seems incredibly long πŸ€”
05:32 PM pere: it is painful. :)
05:50 PM silopolis[m]: For sure 😬
05:53 PM pere: time to sleep and look at the current build in the morning. good night. :)
06:01 PM silopolis[m]: Night mate
09:04 PM yeltrow: Does a Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) component sound new to linuxcnc and useful? That is probably the first component I would like to contribute.
09:10 PM yeltrow: It emulates a switch activated by a cam on a back-drivable screw connected to an axis. As the axis travels it pushes the screw and causes it to turn and pulse the switch at some on/off angles. I'm using it for testing my home-stepper-to-prox component to simulate the prox on the leadscrew.