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Jan 18 2022

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09:56 AM smoe: HI
10:07 AM smoe: Something else that came to mind while translating was that I would like to see images of a dialog box/tab so I would get an idea about how much screen estate may be available when the English original is abbreviating hard.  If we could somehow automate this then we could also generate localized images for the documentation. Would this not
10:07 AM smoe: possibly be a nice Google Summer of Code project?
10:14 AM pere: smoe: yeah, lots that could be done. :)
10:27 AM jasen: Hi all , I am trying to use some switchabe kinematic , but no mater the file , I am getting the folowing error motmod: dlopen: /home/cnc/linuxcnc-dev/rtlib/motmod.so: undefined symbol: kinematicsSwitch
10:28 AM jasen: looks like they are not updated from many years
11:19 AM silopolis[m]: <smoe> "In one my last PRs I removed..." <- Made a lot of these on my side too, and many others also
11:20 AM silopolis[m]: That's why I asked if I'd better push en edits to master or what
11:24 AM silopolis[m]: We also need to devise and settle on anchors and index blocks for titles, figures, tables etc..
11:24 AM silopolis[m]: Wether list entries should be separated by blank lines or not
11:25 AM silopolis[m]: Images and tables attibutes
12:12 PM silopolis[m]: Looots of cleaning and linting ahead
12:53 PM smoe: silopolis[m] Is there anything coming from your side on the _fr.adocs that pere needs to wait for?
01:42 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: IiUC,maybe en edits
01:43 PM silopolis[m]: 'cause if build works for es, it should work for fr... Or I misunderstood smthg
01:43 PM smoe: Does pere have everything he needs to generate the _fr.po files?
01:44 PM smoe: I am asking since last week pere was not sure if he needs to wait and I had understood that everything was ready :)
01:45 PM silopolis[m]: No, haven't pushed yet
01:46 PM smoe: ok, thanks!
01:50 PM silopolis[m]: I think I'll cherry pick your PR before pushing mine on pere 's branch
01:52 PM pere: silopolis[m]: note, I will not push any changes to the english text to master based on translate-po4a. You will have to do those in separate pull requests if you want them into master.
02:14 PM smoe: pere That explains why you were not too keen on my revisiting of the _es pages. I had reformatted those according to the changes that were necessary also on the originals to accomodate the _fr texts. I think you are wrong here.
02:36 PM silopolis[m]: I have to say, if that was not yet clear, that it's frustrating to align on a source in such state
02:42 PM silopolis[m]: Can't for how long that many eyes didn't went all over the docs and leaving behind such an amount of work we could have done along the way...
02:42 PM silopolis[m]: Can't tell...
02:48 PM silopolis[m]: Can't depart with the feeling we rushed into gettextization... But I'll follow the lead until it's complete.
02:48 PM silopolis[m]: Just hope next steps won't suffer this too much and will be a pinch funnier 😉
02:54 PM pere: The next steps is similar to the weblate experience for the program.
02:55 PM pere: smoe: po4a pull request will consist of build rules and PO files. changes to the text will have to be done by someone who understands linuxcnc better than me. I do not want such changes in this patch, as it would increase the cognitive strain on those deciding if the po4a pull request is acceptable.
02:56 PM pere: besides, deciding on changing the documentation is a different decision than changing the build system, and I do not want those decisions intermixed.
03:43 PM smoe: Ok, if you only work with the .po files then this should be fine, together with the fuzzy matching that weblate offers.
03:45 PM smoe: silopolis[m] Please continue however you want to continue and then rebase when po4a gets merged into master to get the pull requests out for the English files.
03:53 PM smoe: Concerning the next steps I think that we will all be a bit happy the the complexity of having all the languages synced is taken from us. This means that we can change every English text to the better and leave it to weblate to inform the world about it. Using weblate also means that we can rearrange paragraphs between files and I very much expect
03:53 PM smoe: that weblate will keep the translations. We then need a way to find out what parts of the documentation we are most proud of and what parts still need some help and then again what parts are missing and should be written.
03:56 PM pere: smoe: note, as we are disconnected from master, it is perfectly fine to submit improvements to the english text already.
03:56 PM smoe: Good point, I should actually do that.
04:23 PM silopolis[m]: OK so will push en edits to master first as my fr work is aligned on it
04:27 PM pere: silopolis[m]: not sure you understood me. the translate-po4a alignment work is not going to be affected by changes to master.
04:30 PM silopolis[m]: pere: understood that. But my fr work goes along with mods I did to source docs
04:30 PM pere: good
04:33 PM silopolis[m]: But you just said you wouldn't push mods to source docs!?
04:34 PM silopolis[m]: So I don't know what to do with the bunch of files I have 🤯
05:56 PM smoe: silopolis[m] Pere will see both the English and the French in the branch you commit to and generate a .po file from there. The .po will then be fed to weblate.
05:58 PM smoe: The change you now do on the English text need to be pushed to master independently. I can help with that.
06:05 PM smoe: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/1516/commits/10b2ce20930e32148490f8c1513498cbe9b7b522
06:08 PM smoe: The challenge is to only submit a patch for the English files. After having merged everything, my trick was git diff master -- $(find . -name "*.adoc"| grep -v _CN|grep -v _fr|grep -v _es) > p.patch - there may be an official git-trick for that - but this worked. I then branched from master and applied that patch.
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