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Jan 11 2022

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12:46 AM pere: hi
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09:27 AM smoe: hi
09:53 AM norias: hi
09:53 AM norias: haha
09:54 AM norias: So, I'm looking for some stuff to do
09:54 AM norias: I was a machinist, now I'm going to school for CS
09:54 AM norias: and feel reasonably good with C and C++
09:55 AM norias: doing something with linuxcnc seems like a good idea
09:55 AM norias: but I'm not sure where the current work is
10:32 AM Tom_L: i'm sure they can put you to work here
11:05 AM norias: Tom_L: that's what I'm hoping
11:05 AM norias: I don't have a wish list and I don't mind doing grunt work
11:05 AM norias: coming from the position of a machinist, i feel like programming is also a trade
11:06 AM norias: and i just want to sweep the floors, get coffee and square some stuff up
11:07 AM norias: i should just poke and see if there's a bug list
11:07 AM norias: and hit the low hanging fruit
11:08 AM Tom_L: i know the xhc-whb04-6 driver is broke
11:08 AM Tom_L: wireless pendant
11:09 AM Tom_L: the 04 works but the newer ones take the 06 driver
11:10 AM Tom_L: but you'd likely have to have one to test
11:10 AM norias: yeah
11:13 AM Tom_L: i'm not sure what's broke about it. i don't have one either
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12:52 PM pere: norias: are you a native english speaker?
12:53 PM pere: if not, you could help out with the translation on <URL: https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/linuxcnc/ >. I find it to be a good way to help a project while getting to know it.
12:55 PM norias: i am a native english speaker
12:55 PM norias: good suggestion though, thanks
04:24 PM pere: silopolis[m]: did you succeed with the french migration?
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