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Jan 02 2022

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02:34 AM pere: smoe: after testing your branch and editing docs/po/migrate-translation to only migrate 'fr', running docs/po/migrate-translation and then 'msgfmt --statistics -o /dev/null docs/po/Documentation-new_fr.po', I see 404 fuzzy translations. it stopped on src/drivers/pico-ppmc_fr.adoc. :)
02:43 AM pere: After adding src/drivers/pico-ppmc_fr.adoc src/getting-started/About-LinuxCNC_fr.adoc src/getting-started/Getting-LinuxCNC_fr.adoc src/getting-started/index_fr.adoc src/getting-started/Running-LinuxCNC_fr.adoc src/getting-started/system-requirements_fr.adoc src/gui/axis_fr.adoc src/gui/gmoccapy_fr.adoc src/gui/halui_fr.adoc src/gui/image-to-gcode_fr.adoc src/gui/panelui_fr.adoc src/gui/pyvcp-examples_fr.adoc src/gui/tklinuxcnc_fr.ad
02:43 AM pere: oc src/gui/tooledit_fr.adoc src/gui/touchy_fr.adoc src/gui/vismach_fr.adoc src/hal/basic-hal_fr.adoc to docs/po/ignore_fr.txt and repeating the process, I am up to 845 fuzzy translations.
02:49 AM pere: silopolis[m] smoe: should I merge the pull request into my branch, or do you want to continue on separate threads?
03:03 AM pere: can someone with commit access please review and merge <URL: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/1477 >, and after this do 'make -C src pofiles' and commit the result. the next step is to merge master into weblate to allow translators to work on the latest texts.
07:59 AM smoe: @pere I do not recall to have worked on drivers.
08:01 AM pere: smoe: do you use the migrate-translation to test?
08:02 AM smoe: @pere please merge as much as you can.
08:02 AM smoe: Yes, that is my workflow. I am running po/migrate and then every file that hangs gets up to half an hour or it gets to the ignore-list.
08:13 AM pere: right. then I guess you should have seen the driver file, so there must be something messed up in my end.
08:50 AM smoe: src/examples is where I started, i.e. just right after drivers. silopolis[m] did you craft anything manually?
09:40 AM silopolis[m]: Hi guys
09:40 AM silopolis[m]: smoe: what do you mean?
10:00 AM smoe: silopolis[m]ย  do not really know what I mean:) ย  I was just wondering that @pere was wondering :)
10:00 AM silopolis[m]: If I edited po file by hand?
10:01 AM smoe: The assignments in deeper theory should be exact, not fuzzy, since these would be autogenerated by po4a itself by comparing the .adoc with _fr.adoc .
10:23 AM silopolis[m]: Sadly have no idea why ๐Ÿค”
12:15 PM pere: silopolis[m]: anything I can do to clearify things, or should I leave you two to complete the task?
12:28 PM silopolis[m]: pere: juuust finished pncconf_fr.adoc! ๐ŸŽ‰
12:28 PM silopolis[m]: This one was a beast ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
12:29 PM silopolis[m]: Also tried to use GH to "review" smoe , actually to see how he was doing things at first
01:00 PM silopolis[m]: smoe's PR I mean
01:00 PM silopolis[m]: There are times where po4a seem either picky or buggy ๐Ÿค”
01:01 PM silopolis[m]: Looks like it doesn't like apostrophes in block titles
01:02 PM silopolis[m]: Also seem to often have issues around image tags ๐Ÿค”
01:05 PM pere: could be. just got a few issues with asciidoc support for tables in po4a fixed, not surprised if there are others too...
01:19 PM silopolis[m]: My eyes could be blurry but, as an example, I'm on an error I can't see:
01:22 PM * silopolis[m] uploaded an image: (4826KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/rlfPmbPxJMIMCkJTvaQynFng/IMG_20220102_200642.jpg >
01:23 PM silopolis[m]: Also don't understand the many unindented content errors
01:27 PM silopolis[m]: Gonna ignore these and push for yall jedis to review so I can keep on moving...
01:32 PM pere: I suspect the english and french editions have diverted so much it is a hard job to align them.
01:34 PM pere: silopolis[m]: the indentation warnings are about the asciidoc formating, and not an error as such.
02:09 PM smoe: po4a is buggy. It has difficulties with the same text appearing both as a title and as a caption (alt text) of an image.
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02:36 PM smoe: I just completedย  the work on src/gui - now on src/hal.ย  silopolis[m], src/gui/axis_fr.adoc I failed to bring in sync. Can you please have a look?
02:36 PM smoe: It is like 500 of 1500 lines that are missing.
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04:46 PM pere: smoe: luckily that po4a bug is only in the po4a-gettextize tool used to start using po4a. :)
05:06 PM sparafucile: /names
05:58 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: looks like you already did getting-started/*... Maybe we should better coordinate our efforts!
05:59 PM silopolis[m]: You closed some of my review comments. What does that mean?
05:59 PM smoe: I am in hal now ... alphabetically - I should keep you synced by email
06:00 PM silopolis[m]: Also, you say axis_fr.adoc has too much diffs for you... Means you leave it to me?
06:00 PM smoe: I have not closed any myself but committed a few changes, pulled from that branch, merged with my local changes and pushed back. I presume that at some point github has then closed them.
06:00 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: OK, I'll review all tomorrow...
06:01 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: OK, nice :)
06:01 PM smoe: Yes, please address the axis one.ย  If I got this right then the order is different and some other bits are missing.
06:01 PM silopolis[m]: Does that review workflow suits you?
06:02 PM smoe: Not necessarily missing in the French, I also have the impression that the English is often inferior.
06:02 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: OK will do it tomorrow
06:03 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: Very true!
06:03 PM smoe: For the big files you are helpingย  a lot. But anything that weblate could do at some later stage I wish you leave to weblate.
06:04 PM smoe: This is the current ignore_fr file on my end:
06:04 PM smoe: moeller@x230:~/Github/linuxcnc/docs$ cat po/ignore_fr.txt
06:04 PM smoe: # Breaks at line 143/144
06:04 PM smoe: src/config/integrator-concepts_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: # Chokes on line 4/5
06:04 PM smoe: #src/config/stepper-diagnostics_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: # Breaks on lines 87/88
06:04 PM smoe: src/drivers/gs2_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: # too many differences to make much fun
06:04 PM smoe: src/gcode/coordinates_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: src/getting-started/getting-linuxcnc_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: src/getting-started/running-linuxcnc_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: src/gui/axis_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: src/hal/basic-hal_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: src/hal/hal-examples_fr.adoc
06:04 PM smoe: # French superior
06:04 PM smoe: src/gcode/tool-compensation_fr.adoc
06:05 PM silopolis[m]: I wish I do too, but as this all new to me I'm having hard times to accurately know
06:05 PM smoe: Anything you can do on the ones have given up on would be great - but only towards getting the paragraphs in the same sequence for the matching or with a quick translation to English where the French version is better.
06:05 PM smoe: Whenever there is something missing in French just a quick "Fixme" is fine.
06:07 PM silopolis[m]: OK, think I'm not over doing it, if that's english lol
06:08 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: OK I take these for me ๐Ÿ‘
06:08 PM smoe: We should do a few together.
06:09 PM silopolis[m]: Should I rebase my local branch on yours to pull your work?
06:12 PM silopolis[m]: Should we create a gh issue with files as tasks to organize ourself for the rest of these or would it be superfluous
06:14 PM silopolis[m]: <smoe> "We should do a few together." <- You're already doing quite a lot! ๐Ÿ™
06:15 PM smoe: Well, if I would tell this my French teacher, she would not believe it.
06:15 PM smoe: I presume I am using the tools a bit differently.
06:15 PM smoe: And this is something I could show.
06:15 PM silopolis[m]: ๐Ÿ˜‚
06:16 PM silopolis[m]: Let me tell her so ๐Ÿ˜‰
06:16 PM silopolis[m]: smoe: I'd be glad to learn ๐Ÿ™‚
06:20 PM smoe: The chapter/section IDs - I think we should have them the same in all languages. At the moment these are translated or just happen independently, like [[cha:haltcl]] in _en and [[cha:hal-tcl]] in _fr. I presume this will happen automagically in weblate, but ... who knows :)
06:23 PM silopolis[m]: Glad you mention this. I was looking for the docs writer file because that is one of the points I think should appear in there
06:24 PM silopolis[m]: Wanted to read it again before proposing that we have a discussion about our standards and update it accordingly
06:27 PM silopolis[m]: Time to sleep for me ๐Ÿ˜”
06:27 PM silopolis[m]: If you wan't to drop me a message in some way or another to tell me what you'd prefer me to tackle next, please do ๐Ÿ™‚
06:29 PM smoe: Good night - just entered "install".
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