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Dec 30 2021

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06:47 PM pere: some seconds ago
07:16 PM pere: perhaps others can answer. should we wait for the migration of more documentation translations to PO files before merging the po4a build change, or should the build system changes go in early and the french and perhaps other languages be handled later?
07:17 PM smoe: pere and silopolis[m] - I hand control over the _fr files back - see PR against pere's branch.
07:18 PM pere: smoe: what do you expect to happen next with this migration?
07:19 PM smoe: You mean the _fr one - It is not difficult, just someone needs to do it. And I am afraid it cannot be me, not prior to Februar if I am any realistic.
07:21 PM smoe: Have no idea about how difficult it is to update weblate at a later point. It does not get any easier than now. Can we exclude _fr from weblate till March?
07:21 PM andypugh: I wish I had made the time to understand the changes made. But I would say that as long as LinuxCNC builds and the master docs online are still at least usable, then merging to Master is fine.
07:23 PM pere: smoe: well, to me it seem no-one have time to do it, which make me suspect it is no good waiting for it to happen. perhaps just use what we got so far and roll forward with it.
07:24 PM pere: smoe: I would not recommend excluding fr from weblate, I would instead just leave the old doc behind and start on weblate from scratch.
07:24 PM smoe: This https://github.com/petterreinholdtsen/linuxcnc/pull/6/commits/9806b8a1271979397faee23d4755bb28ff26c7fb is what I came up with.
07:24 PM smoe: And of course I did a few changes to the English again.
07:24 PM pere: I saw and assume it bring it a bit forward.
07:25 PM smoe: Likely that file did not have a Spanish version.
07:25 PM pere: andypugh: <URL: https://github.com/petterreinholdtsen/linuxcnc/tree/po4a-build > are the build changes.
07:26 PM smoe: I suggest to wait till mid January, hoping for some more work by silopolis[m], and maybe also me.
07:26 PM pere: suspect the build changes need more work, as my build times tripled, but have no idea what is wrong.
07:27 PM pere: smoe: well, I am running out of steam on this migration, just want it to be completed.
07:27 PM smoe: I sensed that.
07:27 PM smoe: Do something nice in the meantime.
07:28 PM pere: I'll probably move on and fill my head with something else, and no idea when I got time to fill it again with the po4a linuxcnc migration stuff. :)