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Dec 13 2021

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01:26 AM hansu: @pere because I ran 'make pofiles' and committed also the other language files. But maybe not a good idea.
01:34 AM hansu: But maybe I should say goodbye to my changes as they make too much conflicts now. Was just a bad point in time.
01:35 AM silopolis[m]: hansu: very sorry for that 😔
01:46 AM pere: me too
01:46 AM pere: I hope they can make it to weblate somehow.
01:57 AM pere: hansu: I suspect a easier process than asking to lock the german translation on weblate, is for you to get in touch with the other german translators, and agree to postpone updates on weblate while you fix the merge...
02:16 AM hansu: Maybe we can just rename 'German' to 'German[please to not make any changes until xx/xx]'. Would that work without problem?e
02:17 AM pere: I doubt it. Believe the language names are part of the weblate project translation, so you would again depend on the update frequency of the weblate system admins. :P
02:18 AM hansu: :/
02:25 AM hansu: Or maybe we can give it a try at a time where hopefully not so many german translators are doing translations and then merge it instantly.
02:51 AM pere: hansu: I suspect the quickest route is to add your translations directly into weblate.
02:56 AM pere: hansu: also, check out <URL: https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/madewithcc/ >. its german edition could use some work. See <URL: https://gunnarwolf.gitlab.io/madewithcc-es/MadewithCreativeCommonsmostup-to-dateversion.de.html > for the current status.
02:59 AM hansu: What's that?
03:00 AM pere: it is a book on free culture, creative commons.
03:01 AM pere: a motivation and instruction book to get more people to release work without usage restrictions, like linuxcnc is doing. :)
03:03 AM hansu: Jaså
03:04 AM pere: sådaså. :)
08:38 AM smoe: I just did a bit on weblate and came across a series of "BUG: ..." messages. The user should know what's going on, but should also report the English error messages so the problem can be addressed. My instant solution was to perform a regular translation, leaving the "BUG:" prefix and ask to report the original message. That is a bit long but
08:38 AM smoe: without the original there is no point to send a report, right?
09:52 AM pere: smoe: hi. :)
09:52 AM smoe: Hi Pere!
07:35 PM seb_kuzminsky: jepler[m]: the integration between weblate and github seems to be working really well, thank you!
07:36 PM seb_kuzminsky: hansu: i'm sorry your work on the translations are running into so much hassle because of the work happening in weblate :-(
07:37 PM seb_kuzminsky: hansu pere : we're currently in an uncomfortable situation where some bugfix changes hansu made to de.po in 2.8 can't be merged into master because of merge conflicts
07:38 PM seb_kuzminsky: i'm inclined to drop leave those changes in 2.8 (ie merge 2.8 into master with "--ours"), unless someone has a better suggestion