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Dec 01 2021

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03:29 PM pere: smoe: hi
03:34 PM smoe: Hi pere, I am just preparing an email to you.
03:34 PM pere: and here I hoped you were preparing an updated branch. :)
03:34 PM smoe: Well, yes.
03:34 PM smoe: I just pushed and have everything functional that I wanted to be functional.
03:36 PM smoe: It should look good.
03:36 PM smoe: in adoc I mean.
03:36 PM pere: I believe cleaning up the english text is best left to after the migration.
03:37 PM smoe: We agree that we do not care about the looks of the Spanish side, right?
03:37 PM pere: yes
03:37 PM pere: once into PO files, the formatting will follow the english original.
03:38 PM pere: did you try debuild in petter-po4a?
03:39 PM smoe: Then on the English side to fix are:
03:39 PM smoe:  * smallish corrections to adoc - and since these happens, we cannot just undo everything that wdiff finds
03:39 PM smoe:  * large paragraphs without linebreaks that I had introduced for the sake of symmetry while eliminating the non-breakable UTF-8 whitespace in the _es file
03:40 PM smoe: I suggest to submit to seb_kuzminsky some sets of batches of files that (preferably we both) have manually checked for looking reasonable in the English files.
03:41 PM smoe: And we see the diff to master to assess how much there is to check.
03:41 PM pere: the reason I want as minimal changes to the english text as possible is to make life easier for the other language migrations. every change introduced might increase the diversion
03:42 PM pere: when trying 'debuild', I get build errors because of references to now removed files.
03:42 PM smoe: Oh - no - that is of no concern whatsoever. The exact formatting within a paragraph is a compelte non-issue.
03:42 PM smoe: That is - if there are no weird characters.
03:42 PM smoe: So most work is about removing/introducing blanks before or after hyphens or << >> refs
03:43 PM smoe: The other issue is that a text is supposed to be translated equally when appearing multiple times.
03:44 PM smoe: But that is rare.
03:44 PM pere: well, lets try. if you can get 'debuild' working, I can merge petter-po4a into translate-po4a and do the rebase and squash
03:44 PM pere: I want to end up with two commits from you, one updating the english texts and one updating the spanish texts.
03:45 PM pere: then we can cherry-pick the one updating the english texts and send as a separate pull request.
03:47 PM smoe: po/migrate-translation works and I frankly have too many things to do to immediately jump on anything more. Of immediate concern is my doggy who had to wait for too long already (stormy outside, Spanish translations :o/ ).
03:48 PM smoe: May I postpone this work the weekend please?
03:49 PM pere: sure. I do not sit around waiting for something to do... :) But I would love to get this over with quickly, before we all run out of steam.
03:50 PM smoe: I presume my steam will not return before I have my mill - and that is still conventional when it arrives :o/
03:51 PM pere: btw, did you make sure the english man pages you copied in from man/es/ are not generated during the build?
03:53 PM smoe: I presume they are generated during the build but that occurred to me only afterwards, But this means something is broken elsewhere. The Spanish man pages should be generated, too.
03:59 PM pere: <URL: https://0bin.net/paste/Cp4M2czt#qDboIxqkPql4Pe8c-p279lh+Lypyo5zGpm7EYaZT0X6 > got debuild limping along, but the build of the english doc fail. but it got far enough to confirm that the english manuals we talk about were in fact generated. the spanish ones will be generated too once we are done.
03:59 PM smoe: How about we present Sebastian the files
03:59 PM smoe: ./src/Master_Getting_Started.adoc
03:59 PM smoe: ./src/getting-started/running-linuxcnc_es.adoc
03:59 PM smoe: ./src/getting-started/about-linuxcnc_es.adoc
03:59 PM smoe: ./src/getting-started/getting-linuxcnc_es.adoc
03:59 PM smoe: ./src/getting-started/system-requirements_es.adoc
03:59 PM smoe: ./src/getting-started/updating-linuxcnc_es.adoc
03:59 PM smoe: till Saturday and then get his feedback on how he would like the rest?
04:00 PM pere: I thought he only wanted a PR for the english changes?
04:01 PM smoe: Sorry, yes sed -e 's/_es//g', please.
04:01 PM pere: smoe: only if the changes passes debuild, I believe.
04:01 PM smoe: Something I am missing about debuild.
04:02 PM smoe: Ah - you mean as in "completeness"?
04:02 PM smoe: You are aware of
04:02 PM smoe: $ cat ./po/ignore_es.txt
04:02 PM smoe: # Files to skip since these have content that is not in the original
04:02 PM smoe: man/es/man1/iocontrol.1
04:02 PM smoe: src/common/linux-faq_es.adoc
04:02 PM smoe: src/hal/basic-hal_es.adoc
04:02 PM smoe: src/gui/qtdragon_es.adoc - completely divergent except for the beginning
04:02 PM smoe: #
04:02 PM smoe: # conceptual failure
04:02 PM smoe: #
04:02 PM smoe: src/common/glossary_es.adoc - the order is wrong
04:02 PM smoe: ?
04:05 PM smoe: Looked at your diff again. Cannot recall to have touched the Submakefile. Did you generate this? Anyway - I have to go, I am afraid.
04:06 PM pere: yes, I am aware of ignore_es.txt. My observation is that you have removed files but not their references, breaking the build.
04:07 PM pere: and yes, I ran debuild a few times to figure out where it was missing files, and just removed the references.
04:07 PM smoe: Interesting. Ok. Now I know what you mean.
04:07 PM smoe: I have remove files when these were plain English.
04:08 PM pere: right. then their references should either go, or be replaced with references to the english files.
04:10 PM smoe: How is this done in po4a - do you auto-translate references to other files?
04:11 PM pere: unsure how to best handle it. I suspect we will have to write a script to update reference.s
04:11 PM smoe: I suggest asking the po4a people.
04:12 PM pere: first we should give it a go. the strings might be translatable in the PO file.
04:16 PM smoe: Please try:
04:16 PM smoe: git diff --name-status 3dc3775e04ddebb2edbcb8268a34e7374893c426  | grep ^D
04:16 PM smoe: to retrieve quite a list of deleted files.
04:16 PM smoe: I then suggest to auto-create a link to a file only stating that this file is not existing.
04:20 PM pere: my plan is to look at this after the PO files are in place, to handle partial translations.
04:34 PM smoe: To cold and wet for the dog - back in. How should I communicate minimal changes for you?
04:36 PM smoe: For the English-only commit we could rebase from whatever master is.
04:42 PM smoe: I just looked at updating-linuxcnc.adoc and some diffs must look weird but I know that it was a trailing blank that is gone. And other changes must just have been to help matching the structure.
04:55 PM pere: smoe: I suggest you keep commiting to petter-po4a until it look good, then rebase/squash on translate-po4a if you want, and then I can merge into translate-po4a and to my rebase/squash based on master.
05:13 PM smoe: Ok. Weekend. But please allow that I do not address anything on the debuild front.