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Nov 21 2021

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05:07 AM silopolis[m]: <CaptHindsight[m]> "https://matrix.to/#/#linuxcnc-..." <- Thanks
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08:34 PM silopolis[m]: hey there 🙂
08:35 PM silopolis[m]: Someone to help me with git please ?
08:40 PM silopolis[m]: I have a fork of linuxcnc/linuxcnc in silopolis/linuxcnc. Using GH for desktop I managed to clone/pull petterreinholdtsen/linuxcnc translate-po4a branch into my repo, fine (I hope)... But now I can't find a way to create a PR for petterreinholdtsen/linuxcnc !? 🤔
09:07 PM silopolis[m]: pere: just sent you a PR for a first try at french documentation restructuration...