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Nov 19 2021

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12:26 PM jepler[m]: https://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/876288/4e9b6812770f5f91/
11:01 PM silopolis: hello friends :)
11:03 PM silopolis: Insomnia finaly got me time for the translation work !
11:04 PM silopolis: First have to say all these documentation, translation and debianisation work is aaaaabsolutely amazing !
11:09 PM silopolis: Current discussions with MK project about a possible merge are also a dream come true ! Really hope this will happen...
11:13 PM silopolis: But back to docs...
11:16 PM silopolis: side question: is this channel bridged with Matrix ?
11:44 PM pere: silopolis: hi.
11:53 PM pere: silopolis: what is the MK project?
11:53 PM silopolis: MachineKit