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May 04 2021

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08:51 AM jepler: pcw_home: do you build & use the mesaflash from github.com/linuxcnc/mesaflash, on Windows? I worry that my latest changes may hurt compilability on windows platforms but I have none to check. I could set it up to at least _build_ on Windows systems using github's continuous integration system, if this is of importance to you.
08:56 AM pcw_home: I have not built on Windows for a long time
08:56 AM pcw_home: I personally don't care about windows compatibility
09:08 AM jepler: OK, we'll act accordingly. Thanks!
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10:26 AM jepler: well bleep, there's still some problem with mesaflash on ARM boards with PCI. It works, but only if you've loaded the HAL driver since rebooting. wild.
10:33 AM JT-Shop: weird
10:40 AM jepler: I bet there's a step of PCI device set-up that linuxcnc is doing and mesaflash isn't, which turns out to be unnecessary on x86
11:09 AM pcw_home: maybe something a normal BIOS does
11:26 AM jepler: there's an "enable" file for each PCI device under /sys. LinuxCNC writes "1" to it before configuring the device and "0" when it exits. Writing "1" to it does something that writing "0" doesn't undo