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Apr 05 2021

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12:05 PM Roguish: pcw_home, Peter, it's Noel in Walnut Creek. need a little help with a drive.
12:10 PM Roguish: and a 7I33....
12:19 PM pcw_home: Hi Roguish, hows it going?
12:38 PM Roguish: pcw, there you are. going good here. already got both shots. hope you and Cathrine have also.
12:39 PM Roguish: using a 7i33 to output to a AMC analog drive to a dc brushed motor.
12:40 PM Roguish: just spoke with AMC tech help. got a few questions answered. question was mainly current mode versus voltage mode. so, voltage mode is analagous to velocity mode, right?
12:42 PM Roguish: for the 7i33, what is the output voltage range for the command signal? is it +-5v or +-10v ???
12:43 PM Roguish: the 25A20 drive takes +-10v...........
02:15 PM pcw_home: Voltage mode is like velocity mode without tachometer feedback, and will be easier to tune than current mode
02:15 PM pcw_home: the 7I33 outputs +-10V
02:16 PM pcw_home: Yes Katharine and I both have our second shots
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