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Mar 16 2021

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12:38 AM mrec: linuxcnc is completely flawed when it comes to the boundary check :-(
12:43 AM mrec: the handwheel is not throwing any error, when pressing play in axis it says you would exceed the limit. I should get that issue on the handwheel
12:43 AM mrec: however entire linuxcnc is not doing anything anymore I can't jog anymore
12:43 AM mrec: aside of that I haven't figured out why I need to press multiple times stop/start on the remote in order to get it started (sometimes)
02:35 AM mrec: it recovered after some time..
02:35 AM mrec: still it's not good that it hangs so long and the user doesn't know what's going on
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05:40 AM rs[m]: * mrec: there is a bunch of toole like halmeter, halshow, the hal oscilloscope, halstatus that you could use to monitor what's going on.
06:38 AM * JT-Cave wonders what all this has to do with the development of linuxcnc?
10:04 AM burklefoo: <mrec>: are you using master? There were some changes in the GUI polling time interpretation that could cause long delays if you fetched the source about a week ago
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06:11 PM KimK: mrec (yesterday): Sometimes machine builders will install two probes, the usual one (removable) in the spindle, and another (different) one for tool length in the corner of the table. If they both have open collector outputs, they can both go to one input since they're never used at the same time. I don't think that's exactly what you want to do, but maybe it helps.