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Dec 21 2020

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07:02 PM Tom_L: the buildbot page could use an update for wheezy
07:04 PM Tom_L: the deb http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org wheezy 2.8-rt should be deb http://linuxcnc.org wheezy base 2.8-rt
07:04 PM Tom_L: for RTAI
07:04 PM Tom_L: and add an entry for buster for 2.8
07:05 PM Tom_L: i verified the buster link similar to stretch for pc and rpi4
07:38 PM Tom_L: nevermind on wheezy, my fault but buster could be added
08:15 PM Tom_L: on the same note as motion.spindle earlier, halui.spindle isn't updated
08:15 PM Tom_L: in the 2.7 to 2.8 conversion utility
08:17 PM Tom_L: also in motion, motion.axis.x. updates to an axis number and it requires a letter
08:19 PM Tom_L: i'm not using joints so i didn't test joint.x.xxx
08:22 PM Tom_L: it has likely been updated to use numbers