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Jun 18 2020

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01:28 PM rene_dev_: rmu|w I have the same problem, there is an issue about that already. commenting out the check works, so the check is proably broken
01:32 PM rene_dev_: jepler ok
02:36 PM skunkworks: just built 2.8 on stretch with no suprises.
03:36 PM rmu|w: rene_dev_: exactly what i did ;)
03:37 PM rmu|w: and i have a very strange case where the probe_basic gui shows a very different preview than what G-code says (and actual motion is happening)
03:40 PM rene_dev_: rmu|w interesting, can you open an issue?
03:49 PM rmu|w: tomorrow. yes, will do
03:51 PM rmu|w: it is a rounded rectangle, preview shows the circles going in the other direction (covering 270°)