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May 30 2020

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05:39 AM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
03:17 PM jepler: I'm bored so I'm streaming the pi distro building process to https://www.twitch.tv/honestpangolin685 -- but walking away, so you'll probably just get to look at an error message
04:21 PM jepler: The following NEW packages will be installed:
04:21 PM jepler: linux-image-4.19.71-rt24-v7l+ raspberrypi-bootloader raspberrypi-kernel
04:21 PM jepler: that's not right
09:55 PM jepler: finally got an image, yay.
09:56 PM jepler: it's at http://zaphod.unpythonic.net/pi/ and I didn't test it
10:00 PM Tom_L: i'll try loading it tomorrow
10:10 PM jepler: argh the new external drive enclosure I ordered on $SUPA_REPUTABLE_WEBSITE is shipping internationally so I won't have it for awhile
10:25 PM Tom_L: booted
10:32 PM Tom_L: base thread 22k servo thread 42k 2 glxgears running
10:38 PM Tom_L: servo spiked to 69k running menu editor and 2 glxgears