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May 24 2020

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09:33 AM jepler: finally kicking off that kernel package build
11:43 AM jepler: sigh, brokenness
11:43 AM jepler: each kernel build generates a different "orig.tar.gz" with the same filename but different content
11:44 AM jepler: a5ed7bf0b8130513bfcc5047a7e09d19 linux-4.19.71-rt24-v7l+_4.19.71-rt24-v7l+.orig.tar.gz
11:44 AM jepler: 491715f541d0c3f696365cb640f7f301 linux-4.19.71-rt24-v7l+_4.19.71-rt24-v7l+.orig.tar.gz
11:44 AM jepler: now what am I supposed to do.
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12:08 PM cradek: what's different in them?
12:13 PM jepler: the content of some files
12:17 PM jepler: to fix the "raspberr" problem I edited a script which regenerated the debian/control file. With "make deb-pkg" this regenerated everything, including a different orig.tar.gz file; that's where my change (from -4 to -5) went, instead of in the diff.gz.
12:18 PM jepler: fool me # times for using kernel scripts that pretend to be debian packaging but not quite are
03:46 PM skunkworks: cradek: I just put your battery in. Last one lasted a couple months agian.
03:46 PM skunkworks: if this only last a couple months - I have some work for you ;)
03:46 PM skunkworks: I will send the acutron that dad found too
03:46 PM skunkworks: accutron
10:03 PM cradek: skunkworks: if you are feeling engineery about it you might want to measure the current consumption. it should be 5-7 uA.