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May 11 2020

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04:38 AM NoGodDamnIdea: Hello everyone
04:42 AM NoGodDamnIdea: I have a question regarding using linux CNC with a mesa controller if this is the place to ask
04:44 AM rmu|w: rene_dev_: one could use enable pins ;)
04:45 AM NoGodDamnIdea: sorry for asking here! and thank you for answering :)
04:45 AM rmu|w: NoGodDamnIdea: #linuxcnc
04:45 AM NoGodDamnIdea: yep, joined it, but since my question was answered i shouldnt spam the channel again
05:02 AM rene_dev_: 7i77 has only 2 enable pins
05:03 AM rene_dev_: And they use low speed opamps
05:04 AM rmu|w: opamps to drive enables?
06:23 AM rene_dev_: sorry, optos
06:41 PM rene_dev_: jepler aaaha why are part of the gl calls in c code https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/commit/229fc7183d429e39644cb522326ac089c95d94a7
06:42 PM rene_dev_: I think Im beginning to understand how the rendering pipeline works
07:09 PM jepler: Speed I'm imagining
07:44 PM rene_dev_: Where exactly is the context for axis created? I would like to check if tk can create a 3.3 core profile
07:45 PM rene_dev_: I would like to keep one pipeline for all UIs
07:51 PM highoctane: According to the manual at http://linuxcnc.org/docs/2.7/html/config/python-interface.html#sec:the-axis-dictionary , If I am using the python interface to interact with linuxcnc, and I want to know if a particular axis is homed, I should be able to use linuxcnc.stat().axis[0] element and its 'homed' key to tell me if a particular axis has been homed. I'm getting: KeyError: 'homed'
07:52 PM highoctane: (FYI, I am testing in the simulator with sim axis.ini file, if that has any baring on the answer)
07:54 PM rene_dev_: Maybe its renamed to joints?
07:55 PM Tom_L: wasn't that added in 2.8?
07:55 PM highoctane: linuxcnc.stat().joints just returns an integer value
08:03 PM highoctane: And what is an NML channel?
08:29 PM jepler: nml is a remote shared memory / remote procedure call layer that the linuxcnc project inherited from its ancestor
08:30 PM jepler: >>> s.joint[1]['homed']
08:30 PM jepler: 0
08:30 PM jepler: it is joint[#]['homed']
08:31 PM jepler: in master and probably in 2.8
08:31 PM jepler: the doc link you shared is for 2.7, but if the 2.8 docs are not updated I encourage you to submit a PR on github to help others out
08:31 PM jepler: rene_dev_: the context creation for axis is a bit weird, it's in "togl" and it's sure to need a good reaming
08:32 PM jepler: `src/emc/usr_intf/axis/extensions/togl.c: togl->GlCtx = glXCreateContext(dpy, visinfo, shareCtx, directCtx);`
08:32 PM jepler: current debian has libtogl2 / libtogl-dev so maybe we can at least switch away from our in-tree frankencopy
09:05 PM highoctane: jepler: thanks for the tip. I was trying joints[0] instead of joint[0]... as far as the docs go, I'd be happy to help with that
10:46 PM highoctane: How does one get around this error when trying to run the linuxcnc in simulator configuration as root?
10:46 PM highoctane: Refusing to run as root without fallback UID specified
11:21 PM skunkworks: I don't think you are supposed to run linuxcnc as root.
11:21 PM skunkworks: that is what setuid is for.
11:21 PM skunkworks: (sudo make setuid)