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May 10 2020

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12:18 AM linuxcnc-build: build #4637 of 1401.rip-wheezy-rtai-i386 is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/1401.rip-wheezy-rtai-i386/builds/4637 blamelist: Damian Wrobel <dwrobel@ertelnet.rybnik.pl>, Peter Wallace <pcw@mesanet.com>, ALatSMT <63883285+ALatSMT@users.noreply.github.com>, Phillip Carter
12:23 AM linuxcnc-build: <phillcarter54@gmail.com>, Jeff Epler <jepler@gmail.com>, rpm-build <rpm-build>
12:43 AM linuxcnc-build: build #6825 of 0000.checkin is complete: Failure [4failed] Build details are at http://buildbot.linuxcnc.org/buildbot/builders/0000.checkin/builds/6825 blamelist: Damian Wrobel <dwrobel@ertelnet.rybnik.pl>, Peter Wallace <pcw@mesanet.com>, ALatSMT <63883285+ALatSMT@users.noreply.github.com>, Phillip Carter <phillcarter54@gmail.com>, Jeff Epler
12:43 AM linuxcnc-build: <jepler@gmail.com>, rpm-build <rpm-build>
07:24 AM jepler: I'll look at those failures soon
10:04 AM jepler: I reverted the problem patch, it affected andypugh on a modern rtai system too
10:46 AM rene_dev_: Jepler why didn the ci complain?
11:12 AM jepler: It doesn't build rtai anything
11:28 AM jepler: the good thing about github ci is, you can change the yml file that governs it and see the results in the actions tab on your own github fork, so if you think it's worth working on having the CI build say with buster+rtai, you can do it without disrupting or affecting anything
11:29 AM Tom_L: jepler, that last img you posted for the pi4 stable? chance i might get one and test it
11:41 AM jepler: Tom_L: I think skunkworks is using it. I have it on a pi4 but I don't do anything with it.
11:41 AM Tom_L: is it difficult to set up spi?
11:41 AM Tom_L: i've never messed with any arm chips
11:42 AM Tom_L: done lost of avr & pic
11:42 AM Tom_L: lots*
11:42 AM Tom_L: that would be one of the goals to test spi with mesaflash and lcnc both
11:50 AM rene_dev_: ah, its rtai related.
01:35 PM skunkworks: jepler latest image has been working great
01:38 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, got a pi4 coming. hope i can count on your assistance :)
01:38 PM Tom_L: plan to test spi if possible
01:49 PM pcw_home: Tom_L only slightly painful thing is that on a 7I90 you first have to flash the card with a SPI compatible bitfile (over EPP)
01:49 PM pcw_home: and you need a slightly funky cable
01:53 PM rmu|w: I think it may be possible to program the 7i90 via JTAG and openocd directly from raspberry pi GPIOs
02:03 PM rene_dev_: rmu can you test something on the pi?
02:04 PM rmu|w: yes
02:05 PM rene_dev_: Install gtk-3-deno
02:05 PM rmu|w: from source?
02:05 PM rene_dev_: gtk-3-examples
02:05 PM rene_dev_: No
02:06 PM rene_dev_: from the repo
02:06 PM rmu|w: ok, then?
02:06 PM rene_dev_: gtk3-demo --run=glarea
02:07 PM rene_dev_: And move the window, and sliders
02:07 PM rene_dev_: and see if everything works
02:08 PM rmu|w: no it does not work
02:08 PM rmu|w: window appears and seems to look ok, but moving window or changing size makes areas black
02:09 PM rmu|w: moving the sliders somewhat repairs the triangle
02:09 PM rmu|w: IIRC the behaviour is slightly different with the other openGL option in raspi-config, but also not working
02:13 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: more projects ;)
02:13 PM rene_dev_: Are you using the driver, or software rendering?
02:13 PM rmu|w: backplot in axis works btw
02:14 PM rene_dev_: I know, but that’s legacy opengl
02:15 PM rmu|w: vc4-fkms-v3d overlay is disabled
02:16 PM rmu|w: trying again with the "fake KMS" driver
02:16 PM rene_dev_: can you try enabling the driver? and if you are really keen, compile my branch and try if that fixes the issue: https://gitlab.gnome.org/rene-dev/gtk/-/tree/gtk-3-24
02:17 PM rmu|w: compiling gtk?
02:18 PM rmu|w: so with the "fake KMS" experimental driver, behaviour is actually worse
02:18 PM rmu|w: areas of the window become black
02:19 PM rmu|w: and the triangle does not react to the sliders and has wrong color
02:20 PM rmu|w: terminal says "compile failure in vertex shader ... GLSL 3.3 not supported ... supported versions 1.10
02:20 PM rmu|w: 1.20, 1.0 ES and 3.00 ES
02:20 PM rmu|w: "
02:25 PM rmu|w: *cloning repo*
02:25 PM rene_dev_: yes, compile gtk
02:25 PM rene_dev_: meson --prefix /home/rene/gtklocal/ -Dwayland-backend=false _build .
02:26 PM rene_dev_: ninja && ninja install
02:26 PM rene_dev_: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/rene/gtklocal/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
02:26 PM rene_dev_: adjust the path obviously
02:26 PM rene_dev_: then test again
02:28 PM rmu|w: installing build deps
02:28 PM rmu|w: this will take a while...
02:30 PM rene_dev_: rmu|w is that on a rpi4?
02:30 PM rmu|w: yes
02:37 PM rene_dev_: gtk3 and gtk4 dont support legacy profiles anymore.
02:37 PM rene_dev_: https://www.bassi.io/articles/2015/02/17/using-opengl-with-gtk/
02:37 PM rene_dev_: which means, gtk4 cannot ever work on a raspberry pi, not even for non-gl stuff.
02:37 PM rmu|w: hmm. should have rebooted without isolcpus for building...
02:44 PM rmu|w: AAARGL what have i done. i see typelibs.
02:57 PM rene_dev_: Can you pastebin glxinfo with and without driver?
02:57 PM rene_dev_: its in mesa-utils
02:58 PM rmu|w: build is nearly finished
03:02 PM rmu|w: same behaviour with fake KMS driver
03:05 PM rmu|w: legacy seems to work
03:09 PM rmu|w: http://paste.debian.net/1146048/
03:09 PM rmu|w: http://paste.debian.net/1146049/
03:20 PM andypugh: jepler: I didn’t know how to make a PR to your linuxcnc repo (without actually cloning it, at least) so I put a patch in a comment for the hm2 pin state PR.
03:38 PM jepler: andypugh what are you working on?
03:39 PM andypugh: In general, trying to find out why RTAI crashes
03:39 PM andypugh: But the specific, as a displacement activity, was making runtests work with your hm2 PR
04:06 PM rene_dev_: rmu|w compiled?
04:11 PM rene_dev_: rmu|w so which configuearions work with the glarea demo?
04:14 PM rmu|w: 22:02 < rmu|w> same behaviour with fake KMS driver
04:14 PM rmu|w: 22:05 < rmu|w> legacy seems to work
04:14 PM rmu|w: 22:08 < rmu|w> http://paste.debian.net/1146048/
04:14 PM rmu|w: 22:09 < rmu|w> http://paste.debian.net/1146049/
04:14 PM rmu|w: rene_dev_:
04:14 PM rene_dev_: what is fake kms?
04:14 PM rene_dev_: and what do you mean by legacy?
04:15 PM rene_dev_: is that with or without my patch?
04:15 PM rmu|w: rene_dev_: options in raspi-config
04:15 PM rmu|w: rene_dev_: with your patch
04:29 PM Tom_L: pcw_home, shouldn't be too difficult but i'll ping ya when i get there
04:39 PM Tom_L: good excuse to get the latest ones then
04:41 PM Tom_L: pcw_home, i've got a webpack compatible jtag
04:41 PM Tom_L: the spi firmware needs downloaded via jtag?
04:44 PM rene_dev_: rmu|w ok, that means software rendering works with my patch?
04:59 PM rmu|w: rene_dev_: yes
04:59 PM rene_dev_: ok, good. can you write that in the gtk issue?
05:01 PM rmu|w: tomorrow
05:07 PM Tom_L: pcw_home, the 7i90 uses the same pin files, just need recompiled using TopPCIHostMot2 right?
05:37 PM pcw_home: TopGCSPIHostMot2
05:40 PM Tom_L: is that the actual spi firmware you were referring to?
05:41 PM Tom_L: or do i need something else in addition to
05:41 PM Tom_L: err yeah typo on my part...
05:44 PM Tom_L: and do i need to change the fallback bit file to match it?
06:41 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: sure! but it isn't much too it any more.. jepler took the last bit of fun out of it. ;)
06:42 PM Tom_L: skunkworks, did you use their config to set up the spi?
06:43 PM Tom_L: what baud cpol cpha etc?
06:43 PM Tom_L: oh, you didn't do spi...
06:44 PM Tom_L: i know you gotta get the phase and polarity right
06:55 PM skunkworks: Tom_L: well - I guess you get a little bit of fun :)
06:55 PM Tom_L: heh
06:55 PM Tom_L: i've configured spi before but not on an arm or mesa board
06:55 PM Tom_L: and it's been quite a while
07:23 PM pcw_home: Tom_L: the defaults of hm2_rpspi are workable (no detailed settings needed)
07:24 PM Tom_L: i was just looking that over a bit
07:24 PM Tom_L: good to know
07:24 PM Tom_L: i still need to disable the kernel spi driver on the pi?
07:24 PM pcw_home: if you have a EPP config, just replacing the driver name is probably sufficient
07:25 PM Tom_L: the TopGCSPIHostMot2 has all the spi interface i need then?
07:25 PM Tom_L: i noticed there was also a TopGCSPIHostMot2b
07:25 PM pcw_home: thats a leak
07:26 PM Tom_L: should get the pi thur or fri so we'll see what happens then
07:26 PM pcw_home: its used for my batch files that make multiple bitfiles
07:26 PM Tom_L: oh
07:27 PM Tom_L: so to get the 7i90 back to parallel port interface i need to flash it from the spi right?
07:27 PM Tom_L: and vise versa
07:27 PM Tom_L: do i need a jtag at all then?
07:27 PM pcw_home: The 7I90 has 2 flash chips so I would leave one EPP
07:28 PM Tom_L: how do i switch between them?
07:28 PM pcw_home: as a mnemonic I use P for parallel and S for SPI
07:28 PM pcw_home: there's a jumper
07:29 PM Tom_L: ahh ok. it's been a bit since i had to look at the 7i90
07:29 PM pcw_home: mesaflash works on both EPP and SPI
07:29 PM Tom_L: do i need the mesaflash3 ver?
07:29 PM Tom_L: pretty sure i have the latest but maybe not since jepler merged them
07:30 PM jepler: seb_kuzminsky did the heavy lifting for that one
07:30 PM Tom_L: i was in the cheering section
07:31 PM Tom_L: i may try the ethernet first since i've got a good config for it already
07:31 PM pcw_home: usually you only need JTAG if you make a mistake (or 2 mistakes on a 7I90)
07:31 PM Tom_L: good to know
07:32 PM Tom_L: it's not out of the question though
07:33 PM pcw_home: like programming the 7I90 with a Ethernet bitfile (on both flash chips)
07:36 PM jepler: Using a Raspberry Pi as a JTAG Dongle · synthetos/PiOCD Wiki
07:36 PM jepler: https://github.com/synthetos/PiOCD/wiki/Using-a-Raspberry-Pi-as-a-JTAG-Dongle
07:38 PM jepler: Not sure what you would do after the initial setup to program fpga bitstreams. Would be an interesting addition to Mesaflash though
07:40 PM jepler: What voltage standard are the jtag pins on the fpgas though
07:42 PM pcw_home: they vary...
07:42 PM pcw_home: 3.3V,2,5V,1.8V
07:43 PM Tom_L: the jtag senses it doesn't it?
07:43 PM pcw_home: JTAG interfaces usually get their interface voltage from the DUT
07:44 PM Tom_L: jepler, hopefully i won't need that
07:44 PM jepler: For real JTAG adapters yes, for this "hook up gpios to jtag pins", no...
07:44 PM Tom_L: you _can_ however use a $5 board with that openocd software
07:45 PM jepler: They seem to be attaching it to a 3.3v mcu, so tears will not result in their case but might work mess stuff, I don't know
07:46 PM pcw_home: SP6 are all 3.3V so that's fine (not sure about newer Like Artix,SP7)
07:47 PM Tom_L: i won't need level shifters going from the parallel/spi 7i90 interface to it then?
07:48 PM jepler: Nope, not with pi. It was necessary with odroid as their is was 1.8v
07:48 PM Tom_L: i haven't looked at the actual hardware on the pi4 yet
07:48 PM jepler: Their IO
07:48 PM pcw_home: The 7I90 SPI interface is actually 5V tolerant (since it shares the EPP interface)
07:49 PM Tom_L: right, also good to know
07:49 PM Tom_L: what do you think max length on the spi cable to be?
07:49 PM Tom_L: short as possible i'm sure
07:50 PM pcw_home: not much maybe 2-3 inches is best
07:50 PM Tom_L: hunk of cat5 cat6?
07:50 PM pcw_home: (not so much for signal fidelity but for ground integrity)
07:51 PM pcw_home: you need to connect all the available grounds in the flat cable on both ends
07:51 PM Tom_L: ok
07:52 PM pcw_home: easier with a 7C81 or 7C80 since its just a 1-1 flat cable
07:55 PM jepler: derekmulcahy/xvcpi: Xilinx Virtual Cable Server for Raspberry Pi
07:55 PM jepler: https://github.com/derekmulcahy/xvcpi
08:20 PM Tom_L: if you want a cheap jtag for the spartan6 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33047435425.html
08:20 PM Tom_L: works with openocd on that series
08:21 PM Tom_L: if not, all you're out is a couple hamburgerless happy meals
09:19 PM jepler: huh this fancy segger j-link pro that work bought me doesn't seem to work with FPGAs, bummer. I'd assumed it did.
09:20 PM Tom_L: as standard is jtag is, it isn't
09:20 PM jepler: https://www.cyrozap.com/2015/05/31/programming-a-spartan-6-fpga-via-jtag/ might be possible but require some lifting
09:24 PM Tom_L: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Xilinx-Platform-USB-Download-Cable-Jtag-Programmer-FPGA-CPLD-C-Mod-XC2C64A/152863432227?epid=842871839&hash=item23975ede23:g:5WgAAOSwzbxaWMag
09:25 PM Tom_L: i've got one of those. extra cables are kinda handy
09:26 PM Tom_L: works with iMpact too
09:26 PM Tom_L: (webpack's downloader)
09:32 PM Tom_L: https://tomverbeure.github.io/2019/09/15/Loading-a-Spartan-6-bitstream-with-openocd.html
09:32 PM jepler: I'll keep it in mind, but so far I haven't had to resort to it
09:33 PM Tom_L: me either on mesa
09:33 PM jepler: it's good to know there are solutions, the last thing I JTAGged a mesa board with plugged into a parport..
09:33 PM Tom_L: i used to play with fpga a tiny bit years back
09:33 PM Tom_L: and got a newer board recently
09:34 PM jepler: I did fpga long enough to come up with the pluto firmware and driver for linuxcnc, bless my heart. washed my hands of it after that, pcw does more than enough for us
09:34 PM Tom_L: actually the older board was a CPLD which doesn't require an external flash chip
09:35 PM Tom_L: yeah