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Apr 25 2020

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10:55 AM rene_dev_: hmm, Im getting failures in motion-logger/startup-gcode-abort
11:13 AM jepler: they are marked to 'skip' in 2.8 but not in master. I guess they were thought to be fixed in master. dewey believes they are due to race conditions and prepared a patch to make them not fail, but I did not understand the situation well enough to agree with his fix.
11:14 AM jepler: The test is checking that gcode, even stupid gcode, in the RS274NGC_STARTUP_CODE is executed completely and can't be aborted. It looked like to me that his change removed that, which if I understand properly defeats the purpose of the test.
11:15 AM jepler: but maybe the test is not a good one, because the test has dwells and moves in the startup code, which is nuts. no machine should have that, and if it did it should be abortable .. shouldn't it!?
11:29 AM rene_dev_: jepler ah, I see. who came up with the test?
11:29 AM rene_dev_: jepler https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/pull/758
11:29 AM rene_dev_: I can reproduct this fail, and understand the fix
11:29 AM rene_dev_: but I dont understand why it doesnt fail on other systems
11:30 AM rene_dev_: have you looked at damians remaining pull requests?
11:58 AM jepler: Haven't had the chance yet
12:28 PM rene_dev_: we really need a python3 roadmap
12:39 PM rene_dev_: all but 6 tests now pass with python3
12:39 PM rene_dev_: remap related, there is still a problem.
12:39 PM rene_dev_: now python3 is mostly a UI problem ;D
01:43 PM rmu|w: it would make sense to dedicate a release to migration of python
01:57 PM rene_dev_: rmu|w the problem is
01:57 PM rene_dev_: the diff is very large, and a lot of stuff will break
01:57 PM rene_dev_: Im now trying to get the stuff that still works on 2 into master, so they dont keep breaking
01:58 PM rene_dev_: my goal is to have a smaller diff, that is easier to rebase
01:58 PM rmu|w: makes sense
02:00 PM rmu|w: coexistance is not possible=
02:00 PM rmu|w: ?
02:56 PM rene_dev_: it is, but Im not sure how
03:27 PM andypugh: I don’t think that there is any platform that anyone is using that Python3 doesn’t exist for.
03:27 PM andypugh: Well, maybe 6.04 never got it.
03:30 PM rene_dev_: andypugh the problem is, the python3 version is too old almost everywhere
03:31 PM andypugh: Ah.
03:31 PM andypugh: In what way?
03:31 PM rene_dev_: and there is no gtk2 supported support
03:31 PM rene_dev_: andypugh turns out, you cant install wheezy.
03:31 PM andypugh: ie, what do we need Py3 to do that available versions of Py3 won’t do?
03:32 PM rene_dev_: https://imgur.com/a/joLOTP5
03:32 PM rene_dev_: I only get this far
03:32 PM andypugh: Is that with the LinuxCNC ISO?
03:33 PM rene_dev_: 3.3 and up is required
03:33 PM rene_dev_: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?MinimumSoftwareVersions
03:33 PM rene_dev_: no, the official one from the website.
03:33 PM andypugh: That probably hasn’t been updated to point at the archive repos. The LinuxCNC one should work
03:34 PM andypugh: But: What do we need that is in 3.3 and not in 3.1?
03:35 PM andypugh: FWIW the Ubuntu Precise stock ISO still works, I installed it last week.
03:35 PM rene_dev_: andypugh python binding stuff
03:35 PM rene_dev_: BTW, ububtu 20.04 was released a few days ago, and the next mint will be based on that
03:36 PM rene_dev_: and guess what, they completley dropped 32 bit support :)
03:37 PM rene_dev_: andypugh https://py3c.readthedocs.io/en/latest/guide.html
03:37 PM rene_dev_: where support for Python 3 is introduced, but Python 2 compatibility is kept. After this phase, the project will support Python 2.6+ and 3.3+.
03:38 PM andypugh: Why can’t computer guys leave well enough alone?
03:41 PM rene_dev_: the problem isnt the computer. the problem is the internet.
03:41 PM rene_dev_: wait till ecus connect to the cloud ;D
03:44 PM rmu|w: THAT will sort iself verx quickly
03:44 PM andypugh: jepler: It seems that ./configure —prefix doesn’t work any more. I know it was never a good idea, but it’ Github Issue #695
03:59 PM rene_dev_: andypugh the image doesnt seem to ask for a root password
03:59 PM andypugh: The LinuxCNC ISO?
04:00 PM andypugh: I think root is disabled by default isn’t it? I don’t recall any ISO installers asking for it.
04:00 PM Tom_L: i think it was on the iso es
04:00 PM Tom_L: yes
04:00 PM rene_dev_: so how do I get root?
04:00 PM rene_dev_: I never used the linuxcnc official iso :D
04:00 PM Tom_L: sudo passwd root
04:00 PM andypugh: https://sathyasays.com/2008/05/27/enabling-and-disabling-root-account-in-debianubuntu/
04:00 PM Tom_L: (me thinks)
04:01 PM rene_dev_: sodo doesnt work
04:01 PM rene_dev_: sudo
04:01 PM Tom_L: then log out and log back in as root
04:01 PM rene_dev_: thats annoying
04:03 PM rene_dev_: andypugh is the iso 32 bit?
04:03 PM rene_dev_: my vm seems to hang
04:03 PM andypugh: Yes, that’s a 32 bit RTAI
04:04 PM rene_dev_: uff, rtai
04:04 PM rene_dev_: I thought rtai doesnt have 32 bit anymore
04:05 PM rene_dev_: I cant login as root
04:05 PM rene_dev_: the normal insaller asks for a root pw
04:06 PM rene_dev_: sudo does work now
04:07 PM rene_dev_: andypugh there isnt a py3c package for wheezy. https://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=sourcenames&keywords=py3c
04:10 PM andypugh: rene_dev_: Yes, RTAI is 64-bit only, which is partly why that ancient Wheezy installer still exists, with the last 32-bit version of RTAI.
04:12 PM rene_dev_: when was the last 32 bit cpu made? 12 years ago?
04:13 PM rene_dev_: uff, no way this is going to work with python3. just everything is too old.
04:13 PM rene_dev_: Stretch looks promising tho
04:13 PM andypugh: There are some 32-bit motherboards with 64-bit CPUs.
04:14 PM andypugh: (Or so I have been led to believe)
04:14 PM rene_dev_: but why cant they just keep using wheezy with 2.8?
04:15 PM andypugh: I found out yesterday that my Lathe is running with a DN2800MT. Launched in 2011.
04:16 PM andypugh: That’s probably easier to replace tham the Jetway in my mill, as the mill one is DC power and full-size PCI.
04:16 PM rene_dev_: Intel® 64 ‡
04:16 PM rene_dev_: Ja
04:16 PM rene_dev_: it does 64 bit
04:17 PM rene_dev_: I even buy you a new computer for all your machines ;D
04:24 PM andypugh: I actually got quite close to buying another couple of MBs today. The one in the Mill looks like it won’t boot any kernel after 4.09
04:26 PM rene_dev_: get something with nvme :)
04:30 PM Tom_L: rene_dev_, as to root login, i'm not sure how it works if you have edited the autologin in lightdm.conf
04:31 PM Tom_L: autologin-user=yourusername
04:31 PM Tom_L: autologin-user-timeout=0
04:32 PM rene_dev_: Tom_L working now, thanks!
04:32 PM Tom_L: good
04:32 PM rene_dev_: andypugh I try touchy next. axis seems to be working fine.
04:33 PM andypugh: If Axis works then I would expect Touchy to
04:40 PM rene_dev_: no
05:03 PM andypugh: No, I was correct. I did expect Touchy to.
05:03 PM andypugh: What fails?
06:04 PM jepler: touchy is gtk2
06:08 PM rene_dev_: many gtk2 things
06:09 PM rene_dev_: some russian guy started porting stuff to gtk3, but not sure how they can be mixed
06:11 PM rene_dev_: investigating how usable it is
06:24 PM andypugh: Touchy has quite a compliated set of attempts to import stuff at the start
06:36 PM rene_dev_: its getting more complicated now :D
06:40 PM andypugh: Well, it already used gobjet, which seems like a start.