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Mar 23 2020

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05:50 PM skunkworks: andypugh: thank you! i wondered why AvE subscribed to my channel...
05:54 PM andypugh: Cool!
05:54 PM andypugh: (He’s been subscribed to mine for _years_ of course :-)
05:54 PM skunkworks: dad emded up sending me tje link
05:54 PM skunkworks: of course... :)
06:32 PM memfrob: andypugh, hey!
06:32 PM andypugh: Hi
06:33 PM memfrob: Do you actually have a /usr/src/headers directory?
06:35 PM memfrob: Just trying to fix the docs in README.INSTALL -- I need to update some of my own notes as well
06:36 PM andypugh: yes
06:37 PM andypugh: after installing the headers package
06:40 PM memfrob: What happens if you have let's say /usr/src/linux-headers-4.14.174-rtai-amd64 already present in /usr/src when you try building a package?
06:46 PM memfrob: whoops!
06:49 PM andypugh: The only issue seems to be with something in the rtai configuration stage. Having the headers there is required, but having a deb of the same name confuses the config script. (looks like a greedy regex grabs both directory and .deb file as one long string)
06:50 PM memfrob: function subst in debian/configure ?
06:50 PM andypugh: Maybe, I haven’t looked in detail.
06:50 PM memfrob: ok.
06:51 PM memfrob: oh god.
06:51 PM memfrob: DEB_VERSION=`git show HEAD:debian/changelog | head -1 | sed 's/.*(\(.*\)).*/\1/'`
06:52 PM andypugh: Elegant :-)
06:54 PM memfrob: I'm gunna try sorting out these debian files while the coronavirus wipes out the human race
06:55 PM andypugh: I have tried to recreate the problem, and have just failed
06:55 PM andypugh: But I definitely saw the issue described
06:57 PM memfrob: I believe you so don't worry!
07:07 PM memfrob: brb rebootin
07:17 PM memfrob: This is annoying: linux-headers-4.14.174-rtai+_4.14.174-rtai+-7_amd64.deb
07:17 PM memfrob: It sets itself twice..
07:18 PM memfrob: however linux-libc-dev looks just fine: linux-libc-dev_4.14.174-rtai+-7_amd64.deb
07:47 PM memfrob: debian/files:linux-headers-4.14.174-rtai_4.14.174-rtai-8_amd64.deb kernel optional
07:47 PM memfrob: debian/files:linux-image-4.14.174-rtai_4.14.174-rtai-8_amd64.deb kernel optional
07:47 PM memfrob: debian/files:linux-libc-dev_4.14.174-rtai-8_amd64.deb devel optional
07:54 PM andypugh: I have the libc.deb if it’s useful.
07:55 PM andypugh: What’s it for?
07:56 PM memfrob: I'm talking about this kernel version and everything being duplicated
07:57 PM memfrob: I want this: linux-image-4.14.174-rtai-8_amd64.deb
07:57 PM memfrob: Can't have dat!
07:57 PM andypugh: Oh, that. Well, I have just been renaming the debs
07:58 PM memfrob: That's not... right.
07:59 PM andypugh: No, but it doesn’t seem to matter, and the packages all install with the correct name, ie the packages that are installed don’t end up with the doubled name,
08:04 PM memfrob: dpkg-checkbuilddeps: error: Unmet build dependencies: linux-headers-4.14.174-rtai-amd64
08:06 PM memfrob: Preparing to unpack linux-headers-4.14.174-rtai_4.14.174-rtai-8_amd64.deb ...
08:06 PM memfrob: Unpacking linux-headers-4.14.174-rtai (4.14.174-rtai-8) ...
08:06 PM memfrob: Setting up linux-headers-4.14.174-rtai (4.14.174-rtai-8) ...
08:06 PM memfrob: oh, there's no "amd64" at the end!
08:08 PM memfrob: I ran: ./debian/configure 4.14.174 rtai instead of ./debian/configure 4.14.174 rtai amd64
08:08 PM memfrob: Now this: http://dpaste.com/2DF3DTP
08:09 PM memfrob: I don't know what will be faster, re-write everything in debian/ my way, or try and fix it.
08:11 PM andypugh: Why leave off the amd64 part?
08:11 PM andypugh: Was that a test, or a mistake?
08:13 PM memfrob: Because of this: dpkg-checkbuilddeps: error: Unmet build dependencies: linux-headers-4.14.174-rtai-amd64
08:13 PM andypugh: the headers .deb will install that specific package
08:13 PM andypugh: (even though the .deb name is different)
08:15 PM memfrob: I have the headers package installed, it couldn't find it, I take off the `amd64` part and it finds it, but then it errors out.
08:16 PM andypugh: I tried installing the headers without the kernel, and it auromatically installed the kernel.
08:17 PM andypugh: But that was using sudo apt-get install ./linix-headers……..
08:17 PM memfrob: I did dpkg -i *.deb in ~/
08:17 PM andypugh: Rather than dplg —install
08:17 PM memfrob: It shouldn't matter how it gets installed, everything shows up fine in synaptic
08:18 PM memfrob: There's also a lot of magic in `make deb-pkg` in kernel source directory.
08:18 PM andypugh: Anyway, I need to head in to work early tomorrow, while I still can.
08:18 PM andypugh: So, goodnight.
08:18 PM memfrob: Night, i'm taking a break myself.