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Feb 12 2020

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07:30 AM pcw_home: Hey, the "start-up minimized" issue is fixed!
07:52 AM jepler: yay. I think it turns out 75% of what I wrote on that issue was wrong. :( but that means that I actually think the fix is right :)
07:58 AM pcw_home: Works on Mint19.3 Cinnamon at least
01:04 PM skunkworks: jepler: Thanks! I have that minimize problem on the matsuura..
01:24 PM CMorley: Any reason not to put it in 2.8?
02:14 PM jepler: Sounds good to me
04:56 PM CMorley: done.
05:15 PM andypugh: skunkworks: You might be able to persuade me. I have done it before on the PCL720 driver
05:15 PM andypugh: I have just noticed that the PCL720 driver manpage does not show up in the HTML docs list.
05:15 PM jthornton: 2.8?
05:16 PM andypugh: man pcl720 works, so it is generated
05:16 PM jthornton: what version are you looking at?
05:17 PM andypugh: All of them
05:17 PM andypugh: It may never have shown up.
05:17 PM andypugh: I think there was only ever one user.
05:17 PM jthornton: ok, I'll look into that
05:17 PM jthornton: grep -irl 'PCL72' *
05:17 PM jthornton: man/.gitignore
05:18 PM andypugh: I wrote it for Todd Zeurcher. He was so impressed he stuck aroiund :-)
05:18 PM jthornton: nice
05:19 PM andypugh: I think it was him, anyway. He popped up on the forum with an old router using an ISA card and could not get any support. I was bored and he had a driver the next day :-) (it was well documented and an easy memory map device)
05:22 PM skunkworks: andypugh: that would be awesome.. I think the pi could to 20khz soft stepping if reset was added
05:23 PM andypugh: I did mean to mention “not for a few weeks”
05:23 PM andypugh: I am away skiing the next two weekends
05:26 PM andypugh: Have you thought about doing it yourself? It’s fairly easy in principle.
05:27 PM andypugh: here is the pcl720 reset function: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/blob/master/src/hal/drivers/pcl720.comp#L92
05:30 PM jthornton: interesting the html man pages are built in the submakefile
05:31 PM andypugh: And it probably doesn’t search for .comp files.
05:32 PM jthornton: hmm there are 5 .comp files in that directory... building now to see what gets added and what does not
05:44 PM skunkworks: I was thinking of looking at he printer port driver - and extrapolate.. But have not gotten around to it
05:46 PM jthornton: none of the drivers show up in the html man pages each one has a .txt file in the regular docs
05:47 PM jepler: Have fun skiing