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Feb 08 2020

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03:25 PM skunkworks: I think the rpi4 might run a 50us base thread or better
03:37 PM skunkworks: this is another machine that has lower latency in the servo thread when there is a base thread.
03:37 PM skunkworks: currently <20us
03:39 PM pcw_home: Yeah, likely be caching issue
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09:10 PM skunkworks: ran for a few hours and nothing above 20us?
09:22 PM jepler: Wow
09:36 PM skunkworks: jepler: cool huh? I don't know what it does with linuxcnc running all.
09:37 PM skunkworks: That would be more than enough to bitbang the emco with 100 line encoder.
09:40 PM skunkworks: (it has been running with a rt_preempt at 50us base thread)
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