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Jan 15 2020

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05:12 AM cerna: Hmm, I was looking up Time Stamp Counters and came upon it. I didn't realize you cannot sleep on it. My mistake.
07:29 AM burklefoo: Hmm master doesn't work for me anymore:
07:29 AM burklefoo: rtapi_shmem_new failed due to shmget(key=0x00000064): Invalid argument
07:33 AM burklefoo: NM fixed it with ipcrm
07:35 AM burklefoo: must be an artifact of changing from 2.8 to master, 2.8 left some droppings...
07:46 AM burklefoo: OK sserial bug fixed in master (10 starts, no issues)
07:49 AM jepler: cerna : happy to hear suggestions anyhow