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Jan 10 2020

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10:10 AM skunkworks: jepler: umm... I thought the image had rtp on it.. It didn't and I actually got the oscolation with the dppl error us
10:13 AM skunkworks: so - now installed ntp and re-testing
10:13 AM skunkworks: dpll
10:19 AM jepler: ntp will be installed with my next image, but yeah it's not yet
10:29 AM skunkworks: I though 'oh no!'
10:29 AM skunkworks: then tried to manually assert ntp and it wasn't there ;)
10:29 AM skunkworks: whew
10:30 AM skunkworks: so - I think the above error was because of timesyncd
11:42 AM cradek: oh so the systemd folks reinvented ntp, but broken
12:56 PM skunkworks: cradek: I am sure it works just fine if you don't care about realtime.. ;)
01:53 PM cradek: it looks like it only does step adjustment, which can cause other problems since some times are missing and some happen twice (think cron scheduling for instance)
09:13 PM skunkworks: I get a max of .002" varience at 2" every 2ms.
09:14 PM jepler: this is after fixing the "float" problem, right?
09:16 PM jepler: building an image that has raspi-config stuff, ntp, and force_turbo, if nothing goes wrong. looks like it'll finish after I want to head to bed, though. first time building the image was <<40 minutes, but when I switched to using i386 qemu to work around the missing icons problem, it increased to >90
09:16 PM jepler: haha and then something went wrong Unable to connect to raspbian.raspberrypi.org:http: [IP: 80]
09:39 PM skunkworks: yes - fixing the float problem
09:39 PM skunkworks: Thanks for that!