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Dec 28 2019

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03:58 PM skunkworks: stupid question. I want to runn a stepgen and every servo cycle subtract the previous postion from the new postion.. I was just going to make a simple comp but halcompine isn't installed on the pi
04:01 PM skunkworks: is there a hal only way? or could I compile the comp on my laptop and copy it over?
04:01 PM skunkworks: or am I thinking about this all wrong?
04:01 PM skunkworks: (tring to halscope and see if the clock (or something ) is changing outside of linuxcnc)
04:01 PM skunkworks: if there was a large jump in the delta postion - with the servo thread period not changing...
04:53 PM skunkworks: heh - wrong elfclass64... duh
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