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Dec 16 2019

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08:20 AM jepler: real 46m54.293s
08:23 AM jepler: user 163m59.753s
08:23 AM jepler: sys 21m12.665s
08:23 AM jepler: I think I recorded that, when just using the SD for everything, the build took 180 elapsed minutes. external hdd (not even ssd) + putting temporary files in RAM made the kernel build a lot faster. not "fast" just "faster"
02:58 PM skunkworks: jepler: are you going to test ethernet through rpi4?
06:07 PM skunkworks: jepler: I have been running the pi with a ethernet connected 7i92. (following jt directions) and it isn't perfect. I get following errors on stepper machine - no realtime errors. We think that something is changing outside of linuxccnc - like processor clock. But have not had time to find the smoking gun.
06:08 PM skunkworks: it could run fine for days then bam.
06:09 PM skunkworks: (500hz servo thread - 1khz seems a bit too much for ethernet)