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Nov 26 2019

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11:27 AM skunkworks: pcw_home: have to loo
11:30 AM skunkworks: look
11:30 AM skunkworks: what length can you get away with for the wires from the mesa -> line driver?
11:30 AM skunkworks: few inches?
11:30 AM skunkworks: inch?
11:30 AM * skunkworks got dupont crimp kit...
11:30 AM * skunkworks is excited..
11:54 AM pcw_home: a foot or so is probably OK
01:02 PM skunkworks: ok - It will be way shorter than that :)
01:02 PM skunkworks: Thanks!
01:39 PM pcw_home: is this for encoder or sserial?
02:36 PM skunkworks: pcw_home: sserial
02:36 PM skunkworks: going to put a line driver in series
07:37 PM skunkworks: re-aranging the control box..
07:37 PM skunkworks: it got a little tight
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