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Oct 22 2019

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12:44 AM luminize: Hi linuxcnc devs, Bas here. I'm maintaining for the Machinekit project for those who do not know me.
12:48 AM luminize: I'd like to get in touch, and get a feel of your opinions. I'd like to reach out regarding Linuxcnc and Machinekit.
12:48 AM luminize: I'd like to get in touch, and get a feel of your opinions.
12:48 AM luminize: (sorry, for the double line, getting the hang of irc)
02:22 AM andypugh: luminize: Hi. You might not get much response at that time of day.
02:23 AM andypugh: (I only saw this as I accidentally left IRC open overnight)
03:04 AM luminize: andypugh: of course, you're right, I'll have to wait a few hours or repost later until the US timezone wakes up
03:07 AM luminize: andypugh: If you don't mind me asking; what are developments going on for linuxcnc? I think I saw some work for RPi and a mesa ethernet card?
11:08 AM andypugh: <Back from work>
11:09 AM andypugh: luminize: There are a couple of SPI-interfaced Mesa cards that plug in to the Pi GPIO header. I suspect to an extent these have been overtaken by events with the Pi4 having ethernet on the PCI bus rather than USB bus, so that the Mesa ethernet cards are usable.
11:29 AM luminize: andypugh: sounds cool, so you run lcnc on the Pi4 with a mesacard. How's the feel on the UI? iirc the RPi has way better graphics than the beaglebone
11:41 AM andypugh: UI feel is absolutely fine, until the Pi overheats. (I have not tried it with a heatsing or fan. Youtube suggests that a passive heatsink is all that is needed. (the one I saw suggeste the “FLIRC” case). Though I don;t seem to be able to find that on Amazon (for the Pi4, that is)
11:43 AM jthornton: I have a case with fan for my Rpi4
11:46 AM jthornton: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VFCB192
11:48 AM luminize: I got something similat with the BeagleBone AI. It needs a fan, otherwise it just gets verrrrry hot and shuts down.
12:01 PM luminize: do people run lcnc on production machines other than PC's? Like production on the RPi?
12:03 PM JT-Shop: it's best to ask general questions on #linuxcnc
12:06 PM luminize: sorry, I guess I haven't made my intention clear. I'm maintaining for Machinekit, and since there has been some discussion in the past about the combination I'd like to get a bit in touch to. I hope there are more similarities in our crowds than differences. Hence my question about the hardware; to get a feel on things
12:07 PM luminize: If this is not the appropriate channel to "shake hands" then my apologies
12:21 PM JT-Shop2: usually this channel is for discussion on the development of LinuxCNC, I assumed you were just asking general questions and not a developer
12:22 PM JT-Shop2: and the #linuxcnc has way more people watching :)