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Oct 16 2019

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01:18 PM cerna: CMorley: Do you know why code waits 5 years in separate branch for merge into master? That seems excessive.
01:21 PM CMorley: Lack of developers, lack of practical policy / vision, and cause it's hard code to work with
01:24 PM cradek: also sometimes the code is a bad idea or not finished. the question is impossible to answer.
01:26 PM Tom_L: someone came along and decided to show interest in that piece of code
01:29 PM cerna: "the question is impossible to answer." -> That may be the case, but it functions as a deterrent example for developers.
01:30 PM cradek: are you talking about a certain branch? if so which is it? maybe it needs something and you can help.
01:30 PM Tom_L: probably the state tags that was brought in yesterday
01:31 PM cradek: iirc state tags has unsolved bugs in the bug tracker :-(
01:31 PM Tom_L: the guys working on qtpyvcp need more accurate active g & m codes to display
01:31 PM Tom_L: could be
01:32 PM Tom_L: i mentions something to you in the main channel yesterday but you must have been gone
01:32 PM cradek: ah
01:32 PM Tom_L: i never noticed the updates in axis until they brought it to my attention
01:32 PM cradek: yeah state-tags fixes that. wish we could merge it.
01:33 PM Tom_L: but you and jepler aparently never found a solution then
01:33 PM Tom_L: TurBoss is working on it
01:33 PM Tom_L: you may let him know what you know about it
01:33 PM TurBoss: hello
01:33 PM TurBoss: managed to compile a rebase
01:34 PM TurBoss: what i don't know is how tags are read
01:35 PM cradek: there's a lot to digest here: https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/issues/134
01:36 PM cerna: cradek: No, I am asking as a developer who was interested in doing some open-source development, but couldn't stomach the wait times on pull requests. So I was interested why it is.
01:36 PM cradek: cerna: have a look at that URL and the links from it for insight into this particular one
01:38 PM cradek: I think in this case the folks working on it didn't keep going to finish solving the problems the other folks who were helping test found
01:39 PM cradek: as someone who's been on both sides of that, it can take a long time and be frustrating
01:39 PM TurBoss: but I found some issues
01:41 PM Tom_L: there was a big active push to get 2.7 out and after that i think the guys may have gotten burned out a bit and developement tapered off after that
03:16 PM skunkworks: pcw_home: I saw this once.. (the ip tables thing)
03:17 PM skunkworks: https://pastebin.com/CzntPZks
03:22 PM skunkworks: TurBoss: if you ask questions in the github thread I bet all involved would respond
03:26 PM skunkworks: the rpi4 is better.. It is running pretty smooth currently but when it first booted today it had a worble homing and jogging the machine.
03:26 PM skunkworks: then it went away
03:31 PM skunkworks: couldn't reproduce it
03:35 PM jthornton: opps
03:35 PM jthornton: skunkworks, what did you adjust in hal for the rpi4. you mentioned something in the video
03:37 PM skunkworks: jthornton: from one of your threads... ;0
03:37 PM skunkworks: https://forum.linuxcnc.org/27-driver-boards/35145-7i96-joint-following-error
03:39 PM jthornton: thanks
04:04 PM skunkworks: pcw_home: seems you get the ip tables error the first time you boot
04:05 PM skunkworks: (first time you run linuxnc after boot)
04:15 PM JT-Shop: is that what caused your homing worble?
09:38 PM skunkworks: JT-Shop: I don't think so.. (it didn't do it after a re-boot)
09:43 PM skunkworks: running youtube full screen + glxgears and latency for the last couple hours.. So far at 600us
09:43 PM skunkworks: Don't think 1khz servo thread is possible
10:32 PM pcw_home: 1KHz might be possible with SPI as its a more lightweight interface (and its ok on the RPI3)
10:33 PM pcw_home: that IPtables thing looks like a race condition of some kind