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Jul 14 2019

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08:05 AM andypugh: Tom_L: Hmm, the error message is the same, perhaps the cause is?
08:08 AM andypugh: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TroubleShooting#LinuxCNC_doesn_t_run_missing_lapic
08:32 AM Tom_L: i fiddled with the bios and it works great
08:32 AM andypugh: Ah, that’s good to know.
08:32 AM Tom_L: http://tom-itx.no-ip.biz:81/~webpage/cnc/RTAI_TEST/
08:32 AM Tom_L: 3 different motherboards
08:32 AM Tom_L: unnamed one is a gigabyte i5
08:33 AM Tom_L: then a D525 and an ASROCK Q1900
08:33 AM Tom_L: you just left too soon :)
08:34 AM andypugh: It was 3am, the sun was coming up
08:34 AM Tom_L: i know
08:34 AM Tom_L: you just seemed a little dissapointed
08:34 AM andypugh: I think those Q1900 numbers are the lowest I have ever seen.
08:35 AM Tom_L: those were quick results, no real load
08:35 AM andypugh: But it does seem to indicate that it works.
08:35 AM Tom_L: absolutely
08:35 AM Tom_L: i ran a sim as well
08:38 AM Tom_L: appreciate what you did
08:39 AM Tom_L: the latency on the D525 might be ok with mesa hardware still
08:40 AM Tom_L: i don't remember what my wheezy latency was on it
08:44 AM Tom_L: is buster debian 10?
08:51 AM andypugh: Yes, but the same kernel should be OK with Buster too.
10:44 AM Tom_itx is now known as Tom_L
01:45 PM memleak: andypugh, you said the RTAI test suite never worked for you?
01:46 PM andypugh: Not in a way that convinced me
01:46 PM memleak: Was it stuck at 64?
01:47 PM andypugh: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8CXdFCSf4D/ (yes)
01:47 PM memleak: thats why
01:47 PM memleak: you're running display not run
01:47 PM andypugh: That or “FAILED TO INT MASTER TASK”
01:48 PM memleak: it's not even real-time
01:48 PM memleak: sudo /usr/realtime-4.14.132-rtai-amd64/testsuite/run -- is the right command
01:50 PM andypugh: But: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2njWYYnz3b/
01:50 PM memleak: insmod: ERROR: could not insert module /usr/local/modules/rtai_hal.ko: Invalid module format
01:50 PM memleak: that's the problem there
01:50 PM andypugh: Yes, but then it seems to worj with LinuxCNC…
01:51 PM memleak: linuxcnc's latency test also loads rtai_hal.ko
01:52 PM memleak: /usr/local/modules ?
01:53 PM memleak: that's the problem.. it's loading an rtai module, a different rtai_hal.ko that linuxcnc is using
01:53 PM memleak: the module should be in /usr/realtime-4.14.132-rtai-amd64/modules
01:54 PM andypugh: Hmm, yes. How odd
01:55 PM memleak: you're both using the same debs but the testsuite on your end is pointing to a different directory which means something is mismatched somehow on your system
01:56 PM memleak: probably some left over cruft from when you and i were trying to get it going
01:57 PM andypugh: Seems likely
01:57 PM memleak: i know at some point you installed rtai to /usr/local
01:58 PM memleak: that was before i strongly encouraged rtai to only install to /usr/realtime unless otherwise specified
01:59 PM memleak: it's trying to load the 4.14.131 module from before
02:01 PM andypugh: I deleted the stuff in usr/local/modules and then it complains that the module can’t be found.
02:01 PM andypugh: (Bear with me, I am reinstalling)
02:08 PM andypugh: OK, so a clean install from my deb still looks in usr/local/modules when running the testsuite
02:11 PM memleak: mystery to solve when i get back, what is broken and how
02:11 PM memleak: it works for tom so the deb is fine :/
03:49 PM memleak: andypugh, i figured it out
03:50 PM memleak: debian doesn't track config files, only libraries and such. text files are iffy with debian. reinstalling or removing a package doesn't take care of the config files, so your runinfo file isnt being updated
03:51 PM memleak: you should probably purge (not remove) rtai-modules, then delete /usr/realtime to be sure, then install it, then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure rtai-modules to be extra certain
03:52 PM andypugh: Well, I already apt-ger removed RTAI, deleted /usr/realtime and usr/local/modules, re-ran configure in RTAI and RTAI/debian and re-made the debs then reinstalled.
03:54 PM memleak: and the problem is still there??
03:54 PM andypugh: Yes :-)
03:55 PM andypugh: RTAI .configure line 581: ac_default_prefix=/usr/local
03:57 PM memleak: when you run make (or when debian runs make) the prefix gets appended to the makefile
03:58 PM memleak: what does .rtai_config say in rtai tree?
03:58 PM memleak: top source dir
03:59 PM memleak: I have to remember going through this process with you, that the debs are fine because it works for tom
04:00 PM memleak: actually, thats not needed, go into synaptic and view the installed files of the rtai-modules package
04:00 PM andypugh: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TmtWQZDkcs/
04:00 PM memleak: thats right
04:01 PM andypugh: Yes, I noticed.
04:01 PM memleak: wait, config files dont show up in synaptic?
04:02 PM memleak: it's really difficult to debug installed config files if debian doesn't track them, to me that's a broken distro
04:02 PM memleak: oh but for the bash package, /etc/bash.bashrc shows up
04:02 PM memleak: and /etc/skel/.profile and others
04:08 PM andypugh: It looks like linux is choosing the default path of /usr/local/modules.
04:08 PM andypugh: the rtai_load script is passed the bare file names (with no path) from .runinfo
04:10 PM andypugh: Sorry, no, ignroe that
04:10 PM memleak: run cat /usr/realtime-4.14.132-rtai-amd64/testsuite/.runinfo
04:12 PM memleak: and also: cat /usr/realtime-4.14.132-rtai-amd64/testsuite/run
04:12 PM andypugh: rtai_hal.ko
04:12 PM andypugh: rtai_sched.ko
04:12 PM andypugh: rtai_mbx.ko
04:12 PM andypugh: rtai_msg.ko
04:16 PM andypugh: Hmm, rtai-config —module-dir gives the right answer
04:16 PM andypugh: (which is what rtai-load seems to use)
04:19 PM memleak: right answer meaning /usr/realtime/stuff ?
04:22 PM andypugh: Aha!
04:23 PM andypugh: I fiund the likely answe with “which rtai-config”
04:23 PM andypugh: The answer? /usr/local/bin/rtai-config
04:25 PM andypugh: rm that folder, it all works.
04:25 PM andypugh: So it _was_ leftover crufrt from a previous install: A different rtai-config in the PATH
04:25 PM memleak: OH!
04:26 PM memleak: haha, nice, good find!
04:26 PM memleak: very good find
04:26 PM memleak: so debian by default has /usr/local in path?
04:26 PM memleak: /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games
04:26 PM memleak: oh...
04:28 PM andypugh: dinner time, back in a bit
04:52 PM Tom_L: yay!
05:03 PM memleak: I could go for Shepherd's Pie right now.
08:19 PM memleak: Hi KimK!